Wondershare Helper Compact is a video converter that you can install on your computer. The program assists your video conversions by creating windows for you throughout the process. But this program causes multiple errors and issues with your operating system. For this reason, you need to remove it to protect your system.

You can uninstall Wondershare Helper Compact with a few operations. This guide will review what this program is and how you can get rid of it. 

What is Wondershare Helper Compact?

Wondershare Helper Compact is a program that assists you when you are making a DVD by creating popup windows. It is a guide that tells you what to do at every stage of the video-making process. This program is legal, and you can download it at any time.  

But looking at user reports, I found out that many users had their operating systems slowed down. And this happens immediately after using Wondershare Helper Compact. The program slows down your system, making you unable to perform certain tasks.

Can Wondershare Helper Compact Be Infected With A Virus?

There are different tests or things to look out for to determine if a program is safe or not. One of these things that you can do to find out if a file is safe is to check the location of the executable. Normally, Wondershare Helper Compact.exe is expected to run from C:\Program Files\Wondershare\DVD Creator\DVDCreator.exe and not anywhere else.

If you are finding it difficult to remove the software from your system, you should try scanning your PC for potential viruses and malware. Sometimes, you may find out that malware disguised as applications are affecting your computer. This malware keeps running in the background, causing problems for you and making sure your computer slows down. 

When this happens, you should, first of all, scan your computer using Windows defender before trying third-party options such as Malwarebytes.

Scanning for malware using Malwarebytes

You can use many antivirus software to get rid of malware or virus on your computer. Once you are done with scanning and removing the malware, you should restart your computer and see if you removed the Wondershare Helper Compact successfully.

How to find out if Wondershare is legitimate

You can find out if Wondershare is legitimate by following these simple steps:

  • Step 1: – Access the Task Manager.
  • Step 2: – Navigate to view.
  • Step 3: – Click on Columns
  • Step 4: – Click on “Image Path Name” and add a location to the Task Manager.
  • Step 5: – If you found any directory here, take some of your time to investigate it.

Here are some facts about Wondershare Helper Compact.exe that will help know if it is legitimate:  

  • It is usually located in C: Program Files\Wondershare\DVD Creator\ subfolder;
  • It is published by Wondershare SoftwareFull Path: C:\Program Files\Wondershare\DVD Creator\DVDCreator.exe.
  • Help file: – cbs.wondeshare.com/go.php?pid=619&m=ds
  • The publisher URL: www.wondershare.com
  • Approximate size: – 79.52 MB for most Windows.

If you are encountering any issues with this executable, you can now find out if it is real without deleting Wondershare Helper Compact.exe. You can do that by Task Manager. Access its location, as I mentioned earlier, it should be; C:\Program Files\Wondershare\DVD Creator\. You should also compare specifications like size, etc.

If you are encountering a virus on your PC, you should install a full security application and scan for malware. If this solution did not work, you could now uninstall Wondershare. You need to bear in mind that no one tool can detect all malware types. You will have to try different tools until you succeed. 

Is Wondershare Helper Compact Useful?

Despite the fact that the software displays popups to help you in your process while converting videos, Wondershare Helper compact is more like adware. It will constantly annoy you and waste the resources of your computer. So, the answer is no. The software is not useful.

Once you are done using the Wondershare Video Converter, you should uninstall it from your PC. Or, you can try to uninstall Wondershare Helper Compact. But there have been many cases where the sole software could not be removed without uninstalling the entire thing. 

How to get rid of Wondershare Helper Compact from my computer?

There are many solutions through which you can try to get rid of the adware from your system. This section will discuss these solutions starting from the simplest ones to the more complex ones. To perform these solutions, you need to ensure that you are logged in as an administrator. 

Additionally, you will need a good internet connection. It is also advisable that you try to uninstall Wondershare Video Converter as this may be the solution you need. Therefore, to remove Wondershare Helper Compact from your computer, you need to follow the steps below.

Solution 1 – Using the Application Manager

You can find installed packages, information on the version and the installation dates as for every Windows copy in the application manager.

To remove Wondershare Helper Compact from your computer, try uninstalling Wondershare Helper Compact using the default application manager and see if this fix works. Before you start these steps below, ensure that you are logged in as an administrator.

Step 1: – Press Windows logo key + R simultaneously and then type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialog box that comes forth. Press the Enter button on your keyboard.

Step 2: – In the application manager, locate the entry of Wondershare. You can uninstall all Wondershare products. Right-click on the Wondershare entry and click on Uninstall.

Step 3: – Once you are done, you can uninstall all Wondershare products and then restart your PC to check if you have resolved the issue.

If you cannot find the application in the application manager, you can try uninstalling it from your settings. You will see the option to uninstall applications directly in the Settings application. You can follow the few steps below to do this.

  • Step 1: – Press the Windows logo key + I to open the Settings menu. Now, click the sub-category of Apps.
  • Step 2: – Search for Wondershare products and click on them once and choose Uninstall to remove Wondershare from Settings.
  • Step 3: – Restart your PC after performing the above actions and see if the application is uninstalled successfully.

If the issue is still not fixed after uninstalling the Wondershare Helper video converter, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 2 – Deleting File Leftovers

Sometimes, you may find out that uninstalling the software did not completely remove all the modules from your system. When you uninstall something, all leftover files are supposed to be deleted automatically.

But, in some cases, like that of Wondershare, it is not so. In this solution, you will access several different file locations and delete all the entries of Wondershare manually. 

Step 1: – Press the Windows logo key + E and go to the following file locations one after another:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Wondershare

C:\Program Files (x86)

C:\Program Data




C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\

  • Step 2: – You can now delete Wondershare’s folders or file one by one from the locations listed above. Also, ensure that you delete the file below if you see it.


  • Step 3: – Make sure that you do not delete any other package as this can render it unusable.
  • Step 4: – When you finish deleting all the entries, restart your PC and check if you have resolved the issue.

Solution 3 – Delete Registry Entries

When you install an application, registry entries are created as well. Registry entries help the computer in operating the software package. They provide additional information to the operating system when necessary. Sometimes, uninstalling Wondershare will not delete the registry entries, and Wondershare Helper Compact will still cause inconvenience to many users. 

In this solution, you will install a third-party application and, with it, search for Wondershare and delete all the entries manually.

  • Step 1: – Go to the Registry Scanner’s download site and download the newest version of the software to a conveyable location.
  • Step 2: – Once the download is complete, extract all the contents and run the executable.
  • Step 3:  – You will be prompted to enter the string that you want to search, enter Wondershare in the dialog box. Click on Scan.
  • Step 4: – Delete any entry that comes forward. 
  • Step 5 – Once you have deleted all the entries of Wondershare, restart your PC and check if you have the software completely from your system.

It is important for you to know that deleting wrong registry keys can cause harm to your computer. Therefore, you should only delete unnecessarily registries that are not related to Wondershare from your computer.

Solution 4 – Uninstall using IObit Uninstaller

If you after trying the solutions above and they did not work, you should try uninstalling Wondershare applications using a third-party application like IObit Uninstaller. IObit is popular for its effectiveness and can quickly uninstall the entire application’s files.

You do not have to worry about registry entries because IObit also takes care of that with a click of a button.

All applications are listed here solely for the information of the user.

  • Step 1: – Go to IObit’s official website and download the free version to your PC.
  • Step 2: – Now, run the executable to install the software on your PC and run it.
  • Step 3: – Look through the entries and find Wondershare. When you see it, click on the Uninstall button.
  • Step 4: – IObit will now uninstall the IObit Uninstaller package. When the uninstallation is complete, restart your PC and see if you have resolved the issue.

Solution 5 – Restoring your operating system

If you have tried all the solutions above and it did not work, you should perform a system restore. But before doing this, you need to make sure that you back up your data safely. A system will rollback your Windows to when it was working properly. 

The restoring mechanism will automatically create backups in-time or periodically whenever you install an application or a new update. An entry may automatically be created when you install Wondershare, or you can restore it from a point that was made before the installation of the software.

Step 1: – Press Windows log key + S to open the start menu’s search bar. Now, type “restore” in the dialog box and choose the first program that comes in the result.

Step 2: – In the restore settings, click on System Restore. You will see it at the beginning of the window.

Step 3: – Now, you can either choose the recommended restore point or a different restore point. Click on Next and continue with all the further instructions.

Step 4: – Click on the restore point from the list of available options. If you have multiple systems restore points, you will see all of them here.

Step 5: – Windows will now confirm your actions finally before starting the system restore process. Make sure you backup important files and save all your work just in case before you proceed with the process.

Hopefully, after performing any of these solutions, Wondershare Helper Compact will no longer be an issue for you anymore.


Wondershare Helper Compact is a video converter that you can install on your computer. But, this program causes multiple errors and issues with your Windows operating system.

You can uninstall it to protect your system from malicious attacks. In this guide, I have provided you with different solutions to help you get rid of the program. Now it is your turn to perform these solutions and free your system from it.