Why Won’t TikTok Let Me Post? (What To Do)

If you’re new to TikTok or a seasoned veteran, there may come a time when you’re unable to post a video. You don’t want to keep your mass of followers waiting but you don’t know why TikTok won’t let you post. Don’t stress because we have you covered. 

From faulty internet connections to watermarks to being shadowbanned, there could be one of several reasons your video won’t post. You could be working on an outdated version of the app and you need to update it. If you’re on TikTok often, the problem could be a large cache that needs to be cleared out before you post. 

All your fans are hungry for more content but TikTok won’t let your video post. Stay calm because we have you covered. In this article, we will go over the reasons your video may not be posted, and how to fix the problem, so keep reading. 

Why Is TikTok Not Allowing Me to Post? 

TikTok debuted in 2018 and quickly became a massive contender in the world of social media. It started the short video trend and has gained millions of users that are active daily. For many people, TikTok has started their influencer careers. 

Reasons your video won’t post could be because of copyright issues with the sound, the content goes against their regulations, or your phone has dropped the internet connection. It could be an issue with TikTok servers. Such a big app with so many users is bound to have a few bugs in the system. 

Some apps use a cache system to collect data on the app and then load it faster. The problem is too much information ends up getting stored and slows it down. This could be the issue with your post and all you need to do is clean the cache in your app, here’s how to do that.

Clear TikTok’s Cache

The cache on TikTok is supposed to help the app work better. It does this by saving data related to your searches, and what you watch on the app so the information can be retrieved more quickly. This helps you find what you are looking for faster, but if you are a creator that posts several videos a day, or you are on the app often, it can slow your phone down.

This sluggish performance can cause the app to slow down, and cause your videos to freeze up while uploading. So it’s good to clear the cache on occasion. Don’t worry because it won’t erase your data or anything important, it’s just like light housekeeping for the app. 

First, open up the TikTok app and head over to your PROFILE. Click on that, then tap on the icon in the top right corner. It looks like three horizontal lines. 

Once that is open, go down to SETTINGS AND PRIVACY. Open that menu and then scroll down to FREE UP SPACE. Here you have the option to clear your CACHE, DOWNLOADS, and DRAFTS if you have some waiting. 

Only clear out the CACHE right now. Downloads are your favorite sounds, filters, or stickers. If you’re holding onto those for videos you want to do later, you can still download them again later, but they may be hard to find. I try to clear out my cache about once a week.

Check Your Network Connection

Most of the time when you’re unable to post videos to TikTok, the problem is a spotty or weak internet connection. If you’re out moving around or traveling, your connection could be too weak to upload your video. 

Check to see if you have a strong connection or a WiFi connection by looking at the top corner of your phone. Ideally, you need one or two bars of WiFi or a 3 or 4G connection to upload a video. 

If you’re having connection issues, just save the video to drafts and upload it later. You can also turn off the internet on your phone if you have a good phone signal, and upload your post via cell service. 

Check TikTok Servers

If you have service but you’re still having trouble uploading your video, check on the TikTok servers themselves. Because the app has so many users every day, it’s understandable that it has server issues on occasion. 

You can use a third-party app called DownDetector.com. This app lets you know if TikTok is suffering any issues or server problems within the last 24 hours. They also have a live map that will let you know where big issues are happening.

By checking on the servers you can see if you need to wait before uploading your post. If the TikTok servers are down, all you can do is be patient. The company usually gets the outages fixed very quickly. 

Restart TikTok

Maybe the app is stuck and needs to get restarted. Sometimes the app freezes up and needs a little restart. Close out of the app on your phone by clearing out the RECENT APPS, and open TikTok up again. 

If you still can’t upload your video after restarting the app, you may need to restart your phone. 

Another trick you can try is to make sure you’re operating on the latest version, and the app is completely updated. Zip over to your App Store, or the Play Store, open the TikTok page and see if any updates need to be uploaded. Older versions can get “buggy” and even prevent you from posting. 

One last consideration is to make sure you are staying on the app until your video has been uploaded. Sometimes people hit UPLOAD, then immediately open another app. If you didn’t get confirmation that your video has been uploaded, it won’t post.

Turn Off VPN or download a VPN

For safe and private internet browsing you may have downloaded a VPN (Virtual Private Network) but sometimes they can cause issues with apps. Your VPN may be the culprit in preventing your TikTok post from going through. 

To turn off your VPN on either your iPhone or Android phone, go into SETTINGS. Now you want to tap on either GENERAL (iPhone) or NETWORK & INTERNET (Android). Next, locate and tap on VPN for either phone and either toggle it OFF or to NOT CONNECTED. 

Then again, maybe you need to download a VPN to work on a private connection. To do this you need to go to your App Store and find a reliable VPN. Once you have one, download it and open it up whenever you need a private, secure network. 

Check Your Video

There are tons of apps out now that allow you to edit videos, add music, insert images, and more. Because of this, there could be an issue with copyrights. Tiktok takes this issue seriously. 

They will block and refuse to post a video that is considered in copyright violation. You may get a message telling you why the video wasn’t uploaded or you could get a generic message, “Failed To Upload.” If this has happened to you, check the sound, and see if there are any watermarks or images that aren’t allowed. 

Another issue could be inappropriate content. This can be anything from hate language, violence, or sexual content. So make sure there isn’t anything potentially offensive in your post. 

Of course, there have been times when videos get falsely flagged as inappropriate by the algorithm. It’s electronic and will make mistakes on occasion. Be sure to check over the community guidelines to make sure.

Your Account Could Be Shadowbanned

Unfortunately, if you have uploaded something that violated the community guidelines, your account could be shadowbanned. The problem is, you won’t get a notification if you get shadowbanned. You may notice a significant drop in views, likes, and engagement, but that isn’t the only way to tell. 

You can search for your content, if it doesn’t show up, you’re likely shadowbanned. Also, if you try to upload a video and you get a message stating “Under Review,” then it’s likely you’re looking at a temporary block. This leads us to the next subject:

How Long Am I Blocked From Posting On TikTok?

If you’re shadowbanned, no one knows how long it lasts for sure. Some say it lasts two weeks, while others swear you get banned for an entire month. Unfortunately, there is no real way to remove a ban, you have to wait it out. 

If you are officially banned you will get a notification, and your followers will be replaced by a “–” symbol. A temporary ban usually lasts only 24 to 48 hours, while a permanent ban is…well permanent. 

If you suspect a shadowban or get an official ban from the app, you can contact them to find out more, or to protest the ban if you haven’t done anything wrong. Sometimes this happens, the app isn’t infallible. 

Report The Problem To TikTok

If you have been wrongfully blocked, or you have followed all the above directions and you still can’t post, you should contact TikTok Support for help. To do so, follow the directions below. 

Step 1. Open up TikTok and go into SETTINGS.

Step 2. Scroll down until you see SUPPORT & ABOUT then tap on REPORT A PROBLEM.

Step 3. Here you will tap on VIDEOS AND SOUNDS.

Step 4. In this menu, you can choose either BLOCKED FROM POSTING or UNABLE TO POST VIDEOS. Choose the one that you’re having a problem with. 

Step 5. You may have to tap on NEED MORE HELP. Here you can add screenshots that may provide more help in solving the issue. 

If you don’t get contacted back soon or you still need more help, we suggest you go to TikTok’s support center


When you have trouble uploading videos to TikTok, check the simplest things first. These include checking the internet connection, making sure all the updates are downloaded, clearing the cache, and making sure you don’t exit the app too soon. 

In the case of a shadowban, you can try deleting the app and downloading it again, but most times you will have to wait it out. Finally, you can contact the support team for more help so you can get back to influencing and downloading the next viral videos. 

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