If you’re like me, chances are you have kids or nieces and nephews who are into online games. While visiting family, I was surprised to see that my nephew had gotten into playing Neopets, which is a game I played back when we only had dial-up! 

I sat down with him to see what had changed in the last decade or so since I had played the game myself. He explained that one of his Neopets was sick with something called “Ugga-Ugga,” the cure for which consisted of a very expensive syrup called Sporkle Syrup. Keep reading to see what Sporkle Syrup is, and why it is so expensive in the world of Neopets! 

Sporkle Syrup is an extremely rare remedy found in the world of Neopets for 120,000 neopoints (NP). Usually it can be found at a Trading Post or pharmacy within the game. There isn’t a way to know when it will be available, which is why dedicated gamers hold onto it for so long. 

In the Neopets universe, virtual pets can get sick with Ugga-Ugga due to eating certain foods or random events. Even though there are other ways to cure your pet of Ugga-Ugga, Sporkle Syrup is the only guarantee to heal your pet right away. 

Why It’s So Expensive?

As mentioned above, Sporkle Syrup is an extremely rare remedy in the Neopets universe. And because of its rarity, it will cost players more NP. Anyone’s pet can get sick with the Ugga-Ugga at any time, and the quickest way to heal them is by giving them Sporkle Syrup. 

While players are able to collect their NP quickly throughout the game, collecting enough NP to cover the cost of Sporkle Syrup takes a lot of time and effort. A player may need to spend their entire collection of NP just on a single dose of Sporkle Syrup if they are lucky enough to come across it.

If you’re lucky enough to come across Sporkle Syrup at the pharmacy, you may not have enough NP to purchase it. Once you collect enough NP, it may no longer be at the pharmacy. Some players keep a stock of this in their inventory to trade at the Trading Post, but it will be a much higher price. 

Where To Find Sporkle Syrup?

When a Neopet is sick with Ugga-Ugga, it’s important for its owner to get its medicine as quickly as possible. Sporkle syrup is very hard to find and rarely pops up in the Neopian Pharmacy, so players can search for it at a Trading Post or Auctions for a hefty price. 

If you happen to come across another player who is in possession of Sporkle Syrup, chances are a trade will be difficult to pull off. Because of its rarity, players will hold onto it if they happen to come across it.  Some players have stated that when they come across Sporkle Syrup at a Trading Post it can cost up to 250,000 NP, more than twice the amount it would cost at the pharmacy!

Is It Real Money?

Don’t worry, none of the transactions that take place in Neopets uses real money! Neopoints are a currency that exists only in the world of Neopets. 

If you, or your family, are playing Neopets you don’t have to worry about spending real cash to get what you need. Neopoints exist so you can give your pets a great life!

How To Collect Neopoints?

Collecting Neopoints can be very easy for players, but it will take some time to collect enough NP to cover the cost of Sporkle Syrup. Every time you log in, you can collect 300 points, and from there you can play little games to earn more. 

Players can partake in daily games to collect more points, or they can open their own shop within the universe to sell some of their overstock of items. You get what you put into a game like Neopets, so the more time spent will result in more NP. Even though collecting NP is very easy in the game, collecting a lot is extremely time-consuming which is why most players want to find an alternative to the 120,000 NP Sporkle Syrup. 

What Makes An Item So Rare?

In Neopets, every item is assigned a rarity level when it is released in the game. An item’s rarity provides insight to the item, including what it can be used for, where it came from, and just how rare it is. Items that have a higher level of rarity will be stocked in the Neopian shops less often, and for a higher price.

Because Sporkle Syrup is so rare, it is hardly stocked in the pharmacy or shops in the Neopian universe. Other players may take advantage of this when they try to resell Sporkle Syrup for a much higher price at the Trading Post or certain auctions. 

What Is Ugga-Ugga?

Ugga-Ugga is described to be the worst illness your Neopet can contract within the game. Your pet’s throat will become very sore and they will only be able to say “Ugga” until they are healed. 

No one would want to see their pet in pain or discomfort, which is why it’s important to start searching for Sporkle Syrup right away. Other cures will work to heal your pet eventually, but it may not work the first time. 

How To Avoid Ugga-Ugga

There are quite a few ways that your pet can get sick with Ugga-Ugga, some of which may be unavoidable. Hopefully, you can avoid your pets getting sick if you know what can cause your pet to get sick. 

1. Random Event

In Neopets, you may get a random notification that “Something Has Happened.” This is considered a random event, which most of the time can be a very good thing.

However, the random event can result in the loss of inventory or NP, or they could make your pet sick with Ugga-Ugga. Because they are random, it’s impossible to know what the outcome will be.

2. Rotten Omelette

A rotten omelette is a type of food that your Neopet can eat in the game. It may not make your pet sick the first time they eat it, but if they eat more than one rotten omelette in a day, they could get sick with Ugga-Ugga.

3. Poison Muffin

A poison muffin can be found in the wild, or it can be thrown at an opponent during battle. It is extremely poisonous, so it’s important that your pet doesn’t touch or eat it because it could make them very sick with Ugga-Ugga.

4. Wheel of Excitement

The Wheel of Excitement is a special wheel located in Faerieland. For 500 NP, you can spin the wheel and take a chance at winning a number of prizes, however you can also lose NP or cause your pet to get sick. It’s purely a luck and chance game. 

Top 4 Alternatives To Sporkle Syrup

The problem with your pets getting sick with Ugga-Ugga is that more than one of your pets can get sick with it at a time, so this may lead players to desperately search for a cure. Sporkle Syrup is so rare that a player may only be able to use it to cure one of their pets while the others have to use some alternatives. Luckily, there are many alternatives out there which may also help heal your pet.

5. Peppermint Stomach Medicine
5,000 NP

Peppermint Stomach Medicine is still a little expensive, but it works. It is known for tasting much better than Sporkle Syrup and actually heals Ugga Ugga. If you come across this medicine while playing Neopets, you should definitely hang onto it just in case.

6. Gwontek Syrup
2,400 NP

Gwontek Syrup is one of the more common medicines found in the Neopets universe. While it can heal Ugga Ugga, it isn’t very potent and doesn’t always work. Players should make sure their pets aren’t too sick before trying this medicine, just in case it doesn’t work.

7. Shrimp Powder
900 NP

According to some players, Shrimp Powder doesn’t always work for curing Ugga Ugga. You will need to mix this ingredient with a glass of milk so your pet can start to feel better, but it isn’t guaranteed to work every time.

8. Healing Springs

The Healing Springs are the cheapest option to cure your sick pet of Ugga-Ugga. You will need to visit with your sick pet every 30 minutes in order to have the faerie heal them, and it will take a few attempts, but it’s worth it since it’s completely free. If none of these alternatives work for you, some players suggest giving your pets Poisonous Jelly, which will also make them sick but the cure for it will retroactively cure your pet’s Ugga-Ugga.  

Sporkle SyrupRare120,000 NP
Peppermint Stomach MedicineSpecial5,000 NP
Gwontek SyrupUncommon2,400 NP
Shrimp PowderUncommon900 NP
Healing SpringsUncommonFree

Final Thoughts

Overall, if you’re lucky enough to have enough NP to justify buying Sporkle Syrup, it is definitely worth it to quickly heal your Neopets. But if you find yourself spending a lot of time building up your collection of NP, you may want to find some alternatives. 

I was surprised to see that Neopets is still such a popular online gaming option after all these years. There are so many things that make it fun and interesting for new and old players alike, and it’s so important to keep your Neopets healthy throughout your gameplay.