Why is my TikTok showing 0 Followers?

In May 2021 when a lot of TikTok users experienced 0 followers glitch. While this episode was the first for many TikTok users, it is the second time for many other users of the platform. When followers began seeing 0 followers, it was discovered that a glitch had taken place, which made many users experience 0 followers on their accounts.

Although we may never know why the zero-follower glitch occurred, we can be sure that we can prevent it from actually happening. When you are able to keep your followers protected, you will not need to be concerned about experiencing any type of glitch affecting your followers.

Reason for the 0 Follower Glitch

Because of the popularity of TikTok, many users have made the platform their favorite app to make connections, trends, and entertaining videos. So, whenever there is a problem with its app, users make their voices heard. This is true when the hashtag #TikTokDown became a trend, due to the inability to access their TikTok feeds.

This inability to access the account was met with a requirement to enter verifying information such as their birthday. Users even expressed that they had made several attempts to log in, but were still unable to. Eventually, when a user regained access, it was noticed that their number of followers showed zero.

Due to the fact that many users work hard on growing their followership and platform, this created an obvious concern online and many began to believe that their content had been deleted. However, TikTok’s Twitter, they made it official by saying the platform was experiencing a glitch and that the issue would be fixed with a full restoration of followers.

Many Users Continue to Experience Problems Following the Glitch

While many had continued to express their frustrations over the glitch, the official support for TikTok announced that they are working on the problem and that they appreciate everyone’s patience as the issue was being worked on.

Shortly after the announcement from TikTok support, they again announced that the glitch was fixed and that all followers should be restored.

However, many users have continued to experience problems following the glitch and the section for replies became full of screenshots that showed current problems. Besides that, many users had made it known that the birthdays they entered were not correct, which led to their account inaccessibility. This inaccessibility was due to users wanting to access TikTok at a younger age than the minimum of 13.

Many users had reported that their account got deactivated and that their account was due to be deleted permanently, while other users stated that they experienced the video’s being deleted.

Using Analytics To Monitor TikTok Followers and Views

A user can utilize TikTok analytics to monitor their followers and video viewership. For access to be gained to analytics, you need to ensure that you have the Pro Account.

To set this up, you access the Manage My Account and select the option for Pro Account. Once switched, you will have your analytics available, which are made up of a section for Overview, the Content, and the Followers.

The section for Overview displays the performance of your account. The Content concentrates on video performance and the Follower section allows you to see how your followers are interacting, whether it is through content sharing or liking the content.

Once you have the information, you can utilize it to concentrate on topics that your followers are interested in and are interacting with.

By comparing the results of how different topics are covered, you are able to identify the methods that work the best and which do not. Having this tool allows the user to build an account capable of becoming popular. Also, creating a fun and creative experience for followers can also create more followers.

How You Can Prevent Losing Followers on TikTok

While the TikTok follower glitch was a big deal for many users, there are several ways that you can prevent losing followers on TikTok. Below, we listed a few ways that you can prevent losing followers in case losing followers becomes a reality for you in the future.

Adhere to the Guidelines Set by TikTok

When you adhere to the guidelines set by TikTok, you will not have any risk of being unfollowed. Having the guidelines in place ensures that the community remains safe and keeps the community protected from inappropriate content. When you help keep your followers safe and protected at all times, they will continue to follow you.

Show Consistency

When you have TikTok followers, it is due to the content that you are creating and sharing with them and they obviously like what they see and hear. By continuing to show consistency, they will continue to follow you.

This can be done by keeping your followers engaged and not having them feel you are boring.

The times that you post content should be at the times your audience views you the most. Not only that, but by posting daily you are providing fresh content that your followers will be able to check out after logging in.

Provide Follower Interaction

When you create a TikTok community full of loyal followers it can provide many advantages. One advantage is retaining your followers. This can be done by providing engaging content and interactions.

When you interact with them, they will have a place that allows them to always enjoy visiting. Besides responding to follower comments, you can provide a live stream to reply to all of the comments.

Make Creator Connections

You should make creator connections with other creators in order for more followers to be obtained from you.

You can get in touch with other creators that have the same niche as you or that will enhance your content. The followers can then be presented with fresh content that you and the other creator create.

Remain Trendy

Because TikTok is constantly evolving, your followers are also. You need to remain trendy and relevant and provide content with the current trends. When the trends appear, they will become fresh in your follower’s minds. You can also create a trend by being creative and providing original content.

The support through TikTok provides plenty of ideas to have an audience grow. It is recommended that your audience be engaged through commenting and liking. You also need to ensure that you work together with others whose videos are very similar. In order for a video to be created with another user is through a duet.

There can also be challenges made so that the videos can be seen by a higher viewership. However, the best idea is to simply have videos made and uploaded. TikTok suggests having at least three posts on a weekly basis. Besides TikTok, posting on other video and photo-sharing platforms, like Instagram is also helpful.

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