Why Don’t I have the Repost Button on TikTok? (Get It Back!)

The repost button on TikTok is my favorite way to share videos that I love with the people who follow me. Of course, it also doesn’t hurt that it helps boost the video for the creator when I repost it. 

When I first started hearing about the repost button, I couldn’t find it. I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t have this new feature. Little did I know that I did have it; I just couldn’t see it on the Following tab, which is where I watched most of my videos. 

If you don’t have the repost button on TikTok, ensure that you have the feature enabled in your settings, your TikTok app is updated to the most recent version, and the video you are attempting to repost is located on your For You page. You should also try clearing the cache and restarting your device. 

The repost button may not be available for your location. If it is available, the steps I’ll walk you through are guaranteed to get the repost button for TikTok. 

How Does Reposting on TikTok Work?

The new repost button on TikTok allows you to share content from other creators with your following. When you find a video you like on your For You page, you can hit share and select repost to pass the video along to your followers. 

Reposting a video will not make the video appear on your profile. Instead, it will only appear on the For You pages of those who follow your account. 

Where is Repost on TikTok?

To find the repost button on TikTok:

  1. Open the TikTok app.
  2. Navigate to the For You tab.
  3. Find a video you like and tap Share. 
  4. The repost button will be located at the top left-hand side of the sharing options.

Remember that you will only find this button on the For You page. 

Why Don’t I Have the Repost Button on TikTok? 

There are a few different reasons users do not see the new repost button when they try to share a video on TikTok. Let’s look at some common reasons TikTok users don’t have the repost button. 

1. You’re Not on the For You Page

The repost button will only appear on videos you watch on the For You page. If you are not on the For You page, the video you watch will not have the repost button. 

You will not be able to share videos you find on the Following stream while visiting a specific user’s profile or a video that someone has shared with you through private messaging on TikTok. 

2. Your App Needs to be Updated

To experience new features added to an app, you must install the update that includes the new features.

 If you don’t have the repost button, you may have missed the app’s update that introduced the new feature. If the app isn’t up to date, you’ll need to force the app to update before you have the repost button. 

3. The Creator Turned Off Repost

To give its users more control over their privacy, TikTok allows the person who uploaded the video to choose whether or not it can be shared. 

If you are watching the video on the For You page and you still don’t see the repost button, it means that the video’s creator has disabled the repost feature. If the creator has disabled the repost option, you will not be able to repost the video. 

4. TikTok Has Placed Restrictions on Your Account

Like other social media sites, if TikTok notices suspicious or spam-like activity that your account has performed, it will temporarily limit the things you can do on the platform. 

For example, if you posted spammy content, excessively commented on content, or followed a lot of people within a short timeframe, TikTok will assume that it is spam. If this happens, they are likely to limit your ability to interact on the platform, including reposting videos, for a short period of time. 

5. TikTok Hasn’t Given You the Repost Button Yet

While TikTok is testing the new repost button feature, they will not give the feature to everyone until after they have tested it and the test has proven that it will be a successful new feature.

 If you don’t see the repost button on your account, you may not have been one of the accounts included in the trial phase of this feature. 

How Do I Get the Repost Button on TikTok?

Now that we know what could prevent you from having the repost button, we can look at how you can get the button. 

1. Make Sure You’re on the For You Page

As I mentioned above, the repost button will only be available for videos you watch on the For You page. So, if you don’t see the repost button on the video you wish to share, the first thing you do is ensure that you are in the For You tab. 

The For You tab can easily be confused with the Following tab. The For You tab will show content from users similar to other content you’ve interacted with, while the Following tab only shows content from people you have followed. 

With any luck, TikTok will improve the new feature so that it can be used no matter where you find the video. But for now, you’ll have to find videos to repost in the “For You” section

2. Enable Repost on TikTok

The repost feature should automatically be enabled on your account. However, the feature may have failed to turn on automatically, or it was accidentally disabled in your settings. For the repost button to appear, you must have repost enabled in your settings. 

To enable reposting on TikTok:

  1. Go to the profile tab in your TikTok app.
  2. Tap the three lines in the top right corner. (Some versions may have three dots instead.) 
  3. Tap Settings and Privacy. 
  4. Under the Safety section, you will find Reposts. Swipe the toggle to enable the feature. If the feature is enabled, the toggle will be green. 

Once you’ve enabled this option, go back to the For You page and see if you now have the repost button. 

3. Update the App

If you have an outdated version of the TikTok app, it is the most likely reason you do not have the repost button. You will need to update the app before you have the button. 

To update your TikTok app:

  1. If you are updating the app on an iPhone, open the app store. If you are updating the app on an Android, open the Google Play Store.
  2. Locate the search bar and search for TikTok.
  3. When the results appear, select TikTok.
  4. A button will be next to the app’s name; if it says Update, tap Update and allow the update to install. If the button says open, it means you have the latest version of the app. 

Once the update has finished installing, open the TikTok app and see if you have the Repost button. 

4. Clear the Cache

Clearing the app’s cache will remove minor bugs that could be stored in the app’s data. You’ll want to clear the cache in the app’s settings first, then clear the cache in your phone’s settings. 

To clear the cache in the app’s settings:

  1. Go to your profile tab and tap the menu in the top right corner. 
  2. Select Settings and Privacy.
  3. Tap Free up Space.
  4. Tap clear cache.
  5. Make sure the number changes to zero.

Once you’ve completed the steps above, go to the settings on your phone and locate your App Settings. Locate and tap the TikTok app, then tap Clear Cache/Offload app to clear anything that may have been left behind. 

5. Reboot your Device

Many issues can be cleared by rebooting your device. For example, if the RAM on your device is overloaded or holds corrupt data, it could cause glitches that cause your apps to function incorrectly. Rebooting your device will clear the RAM and any insufficient data it’s storing.

To reboot your device in a way that will clear this data:

  1. Power your device off.
  2. Leave it off for 60 seconds.
  3. Power the device back on. 

Once your device has powered back up, you should notice better functioning and may be able to find the repost button in your TikTok app. 

6. Wait for TikTok to Give You the Repost Button

If TikTok has not yet extended the repost button to your region, there isn’t much you can do other than wait for TikTok to give you the feature. 

Once TikTok is done with the testing phase of the feature, it will likely be available to you as long as the trial phase is successful. 


What is Restricted Mode on TikTok? 

Restricted Mode on TikTok is a setting you can enable in the Digital Wellbeing section of your TikTok settings that filters content that may not be appropriate for some users. 

How do I let people share my TikToks?

To let others share your TikToks, you must allow your videos to be reposted. To enable repost for your videos, go to settings and privacy, locate Repost under the Safety section, and slide the toggle switch to enable the feature. 

How can I see who shared my TikTok?

TikTok will not show you the names of those who have shared your TikTok. You can see how many shares it has gotten by going to your profile and tapping the video, but it will not disclose the names of those who shared.

Final Thoughts

The repost button on TikTok provides an easy way to share must-see content with your followers. Not having this button can be frustrating and make you feel like you’re missing out on the newest thing. 

Hopefully, by now, I’ve helped you gain your repost button for TikTok. However, if the steps above haven’t resolved your issue, consider reporting the problem to TikTok to see if they can provide additional support. 

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