Why Can’t I Copy And Paste On TikTok? + Alternatives

TikTok has spawned too many viral challenges to count. When you see something you’d love to share with your friends, family, and other social media accounts, you need to know how. How and where can you copy and paste links and more on TikTok?

To copy and paste a video on TikTok, all you have to do is tap the arrow icon on the lower right-hand side of the screen. Once you do that, a menu should pop up giving you the option to share, copy, duet the video, send it to other connected social media apps, and more. 

Creators often want you to copy and share their videos to help their content out. This is because sharing, even just copying the link, causes the TikTok algorithm to promote the content. Whether you’re on TikTok, or you’re using a third-party app, we will show you how to copy and paste on TikTok. 

How To Copy Link On TikTok

If you like to help promote your favorite followers, or you are a creator that wants more exposure and views, you can use the Share Copy Link hack to help. Just follow these simple steps here:

Step 1. While browsing through TikTok, when you see a video you want to share, click on the Arrow Icon.

Step 2. A SEND TO menu will appear. Now just tap the Copy Link Icon. It looks like a piece of chain.

Step 3. When you see a message that pops up, Copied, you’re done.

Apparently, TikTok counts this as a share. So the more this hack is completed, the more TikTok thinks the video is shared, which increases views. More views can lead to more likes, comments, and keep the video showing up on more FYPs. 

What Does Share Copy Link Do On TikTok?

The TikTok algorithm rewards videos that get a lot of attention longer times across the viewing platform. Attention includes likes, comments, and sharing of the video. 

It’s believed that simply copying the link—even if it’s not pasted or shared anywhere—counts toward the share count. This increases the ranking and performance of the video, meaning more TikTok users see the videos. 

Video engagement is everything to the TikTok algorithm. That’s how viral videos get started. People comment, like, and share videos, and TikTok keeps the videos going, which attracts more attention.

How To Copy A Link In TikTok Bio

Whether you’re a creator or you simply enjoy perusing millions of videos every day, you have probably seen links in users’ bios. Unfortunately, unless you have a business account, or at least 1,000 followers, the links are unclickable. 

If you’re a creator, this makes it difficult to get traffic to your website. Most people don’t want to try and remember a long website name and then type it into their browser. This is the only way to do this unless you have a business account or over 1K followers.

To visit a website that isn’t clickable yet, you need to either remember the link and type it in manually, or you can save a screenshot of the link and then type it in. That way you don’t have to lose the video when you exit the TikTok app. 

On the other hand, if you’re using an internet browser to watch TikTok videos, instead of the app, you are able to copy and paste. Simply go to the bio, highlight the website link, hit COPY, then PASTE it into your search engine bar. 

How To Copy Link On TikTok Video

You see an amazing video of astounding animal tricks or a life hack that has changed your life and you have to share it. But, most of your friends haven’t signed up for TikTok yet. What can you do?

That’s easy because you can share TikTok videos to messaging apps, through email, and other social media apps. Here’s how you do it:

Step 1. Tap the Arrow (Share) Icon.

Step 2. Tap the chain-looking icon, Copy Link.

Step 3. Paste the link to your Facebook account, Instagram, Twitter, Messenger, Email, or whatever app you use, and then send it. A clickable link will appear for others to watch.  

Recently TikTok has added a Repost button on videos. Now you can share videos with all your TikTok friends and followers by simply tapping one button. 

How To Copy A TikTok Comment

Whether you want to use the comment yourself in a video, or for another reason, it’s pretty easy to copy comments in TikTok. Simply open up the TikTok app, go to comments on the video, and then hold your finger over the comment. 

This is called a long hold, but it only takes a few seconds. Soon a menu will pop up under your finger and from there, just tap Copy. Then you can Paste the copied comment wherever you like. 

You can also screenshot the comment. Most phones have different methods of doing screenshots, but you’ve probably already figured that out. After you have the Screenshot, tap the Crop button. Now just cut out the extra space and save the comment.

Use A Third Party App?

TikTok makes it easy to share videos just about anywhere. Unless the user has made the video private, you can usually just copy the link and share it where you like. 

There are third-party apps that bypass this or remove the TikTok watermarks, but you may end up breaking copyright laws this way, so be wary of using such apps. 

Be Careful What You Copy and Paste on Your iPhone

Sometimes it’s easy to copy and paste difficult-to-remember passwords, but be careful if you’re using TikTok and Apple’s new iOS 14. Some reports have come out stating that TikTok checks content stored on the clipboard every second. 

The Universal Clipboard Apple employs, makes copied data accessible to devices that share the same Apple ID. This includes iPads, iPhones, Macs, and user apps like TikTok.

Not only was TikTok accessing this clipboard information, but so were 53 other apps, including mobile games, social media, and e-commerce sites. It’s unclear whether Android users have to worry about the same thing. But it seems that Android is a little more lenient when it comes to apps reading what’s stored on the clipboard. 

This information came out in July of 2022, and TikTok and Apple are supposedly working on fixing the problem, but in the meantime, be careful what you copy. Other apps could be reading that private information.


For the most part, TikTok makes it easy to copy and paste video links. If you’re a creator looking to get more views, you can certainly use the Share Copy Link hack to get more engagement.

Unfortunately, the app makes it a little harder to copy website links unless you have a business account and/or 1,000 followers.

In these cases, you’ll have to screenshot the image, or remember the website URL and do a manual search. Just be careful what you are copying onto your clipboard, as it seems other apps have access to that information. 

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