Why Can’t I Add A Link To My TikTok Bio?

You’re gaining a following on the super-popular social media app TikTok. With that increased exposure you’re looking at ways to turn those followers into clicks and visits to your website but you don’t know how. You see other creators with links on their bios, but why can you add a link to your TikTok bio?

It may be that you don’t have enough followers yet. Maybe you need to switch from a personal account to a business account to add a link to your TikTok bio. In order to add a link to your website, TikTok wants you to have 1,000 followers and open a business account, but there are other ways around this. 

TikTok has millions of subscribers that are active on the app every day. To tap into this growing resource and turn those people into visitors to your sites you need a bio link. Keep reading as we explain why you’re unable to add your link, and how to go about adding it. 

Why Can’t I Add a Link to My TikTok Bio?

1. You Don’t Have a Business Account

Personal accounts in TikTok are simply for making entertaining content. Whether you have tons of funny videos of your pets, or you’re offering advice about toddlers, you can’t add a website link on personal accounts. You will have to switch to a business account to add your link.

2. You Have Fewer Than 1,000 Followers

TikTok puts a lot of stock in having followers and the 1,000 follower mark seems to be a very big milestone.

You need 1K followers to do live videos, and to add links in your bio. If you don’t have this many followers, either start creating content more consistently or follow more people to get them to follow you. 

3. The Website Link Feature Isn’t Available in Your Country Yet 

The final reason you may not be able to add your website link in your TikTok bio is that it’s simply not available in your country yet.

All you can do here is contact TikTok support and ask them to allow it where you live. Eventually, they should take heed and enable a web link in your country.

How to See If You Can Add a Website to Your TikTok Bio

Go into your TikTok account and tap on your PROFILE icon. Next tap the middle of your screen where it says EDIT PROFILE. 

If you’re able to add a website link, you will see WEBSITE as you scroll down. If you don’t see this icon you will probably have to switch to a business account, instead of a personal account.

Switching from a personal to a business account in TikTok is easy and painless. Here’s how you do it:

  • Open your TikTok app on your phone. 
  • Click on the profile icon. It should be located on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Next click on the three lines at the top right corner. This opens up the menu. 
  • Now, tap MANAGE ACCOUNT.
  • From here you should see SWITCH TO BUSINESS ACCOUNT. Simply tap that text, then hit the NEXT icon.
  • Finally, you have to pick what category best suits your business account. 
  • After you have finished that, tap NEXT. 

Congratulations, you have switched your Personal TikTok account to a Business account.

What Can I Use a Link in My Bio For?

You can use this link to direct people to your website if you have one. If you have products or services for hire you can direct plenty of traffic to your website through TikTok. 

Other uses include adding your other social media presences. If you have a Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook, or even a Pinterest site, you can use your Bio link to direct potential clients and purchasers to these sites. 

What Links Can Already Be Included in the Bio for a Personal TikTok Account?

For personal TikTok accounts, you can use only a limited kind of link in your bio. You can like a YouTube channel if you have one, or an Instagram clickable link. You can add in your website URL, but it will only be text and not a clickable link. 

If you need people to be able to click a link to your website, the easiest thing to do is switch to a business account so you’re able to add the links.

Workarounds to Add a Website Link to Your Bio

1. Add a Non-Clickable Link to Your TikTok Bio 

You can add your website URL to your personal account on TikTok, it just won’t be clickable. To get traffic to your site, you should make sure it’s something easy to remember, and as short as possible. Still, getting people to leave the app, and type in your URL by hand is difficult, to say the least. 

To do this, go into your profile and tap on EDIT PROFILE. Tap on your BIO, and then add your URL. Now just save it. 

To drive traffic to your site you can mention the link at the end of your videos like a “call to action.”

2. Link TikTok to Your Instagram

If you have an Instagram account, you can make that a clickable link on your TikTok bio. From there you can add your clickable link that will send traffic to your site. All you have to do is follow the above steps, but instead of typing in your website URL, just copy and paste your Instagram account link. 

How to Switch Back to a Personal TikTok Account 

If you have switched to a business account, but find you like the freedoms of a personal account, you can easily switch back. You won’t lose any videos or data, aside from analytical data. 

First, go into your TikTok app and tap on your PROFILE. Then, from there tap on the three lines in the top right-hand screen to open the MENU.

Now go to MANAGE ACCOUNT, and then tap on SWITCH TO PERSONAL ACCOUNT. Finally, accept the change and you have your personal account back.


In order to add a clickable link, you need 1,000 followers and a business account. 

It’s not hard to switch from a personal account to a business account and back. And if you prefer the personal account you can still add your website URL, the only problem is it won’t be clickable. 

While this is always an option, many people will have a problem remembering your website URL if it isn’t something short and sweet.

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