Tumblr is an online platform where various users can host their content, be it memes, Gifs, videos, and more. Yet, as much as there are great contents on there, Tumblr Initiated a Safe Mode to contain NSFW contents. Both registered and unregistered users are affected by this Safe Mode. In this article, I would be showing you how to turn off this Safe Mode without an account.

What does the Tumblr Safe Mode offer?

Tumblr is a well-known, but not so mainstream social networking platform as a result of its content. It gives room to a wide range of unfiltered users to share their content. Since the users are unfiltered it contains an unhealthy range of NSFW (Not Safe For Work) contents.

Most of these contents are usually rated as 18+ on the internet, but Tumblr lets them roam freely. Anyway, to separate the adult contents from the regular blog posts you can activate the safe mode. Tumblr developed a safe mode to keep the site suitable for children and pre-teens. So, if you intend allowing your kids access to Tumblr, just activate the safe mode settings.  

Why Do I Need To Turn Off My Tumblr Safe Mode?

Are you trying to view a blog post on Tumblr and you are not able to gain access? The Tumblr Safe Mode is probably turned on and you would need to turn it back off.

Since the Tumblr Safe Mode was designed to keep the adult-rated contents out, it automatically blocks entry to them. However, Tumblr itself doesn’t offer any information to turn them off. The safe mode has to wait out till your registered age on the site declares you to be 18 years of age. 

Furthermore, if you are not already registered on the site then you might also face this problem. Tumblr does this to unregistered users because they cannot determine your age. However, to bypass this protocol there are a few sites that could give you the required access.

How do I get out of Safe Mode on Tumblr without an Account?

Are you trying to check up something on a particular Tumblr blog site without an account? Well, this shouldn’t be a big deal unless the site is blocked.  Since it is caused by the Safe Mode feature, the following third party sites can help you bypass the safe modes.

These third-party websites permit surfers to view any content on Tumblr without having to sign into any account.


TumblViewr is characterized by a minimalistic design that could seem like less until it is engaged. Just fill in the name of any blog, and it instantly begins to load photos and GIFs in a thumbnail format. With this function, it makes it a lot easier to scan through a myriad of posts.

Note: TumblViewr also allows you to tap on a thumbnail to gain access to a full-resolution version of the related image.



With GramUnion, you can instantly access any Tumblr blog, either restricted or unrestricted. To view the Tumblr blog, just insert its name into the box provided. 

I’d regard this as a cooler way to view your desired content compared to Tumblr itself. The site allows you to filter blog posts by their media type, i.e. audio, video, image, and more. You can also make use of popular hashtags to bring up related blogs and posts. 


Furthermore, another important website that gives you unlimited access to Tumblr’s blocked content in a flash is. The site also lets you search for blog posts independently.

Tumbex has a customizable grid format that keeps the images on display. This particular feature optimizes the site to offer you the ease of access. As a plus, you are also allowed to determine the quality of the images before they load up to help manage your bandwidth. The available formats are SD, HD, and MD. 

Unlike the other two options that I discussed earlier, you can also sign in to your media accounts. With access to your Facebook, Google accounts, bookmark blogs, and posts you can view the Tumblr content at a later time. 

Note: Turning off the safe mode for Tumblr has become pretty much easier with these sites. However, do consider your age before making any decisions of disabling or viewing restricted and sensitive contents.

Things to Note about the Tumblr Safe Mode Setting

Check out the following tips about the Tumblr Safe Mode feature.

The Safe Mode is activated by default for all the users. You are required to turn it off manually.
If you’re under 18 years of age according to the date of birth declared by your Tumblr, then you cannot turn Off the Safe Mode. You are required to complete 18 years of age officially and then you can browse through the real Tumblr content.
The settings for your Tumblr safe mode are not synced across your devices. So, you would need to customize the settings on all your devices and computers individually.
Once you are signed in and turned off the Tumblr safe mode, then you will lose access to the NSFW content just as you sign out. However, you can sign back in to regain access.
You can use your socials like Facebook or Google account to log in to Tumblr. This is available if you don’t have a Tumblr account.


Online restrictions are almost always a bad thing, but it is expected in this kind of situation. Not everyone wants to be constantly confronted with NSFW contents on a daily. This prompted Tumblr to adopt the Safe Mode feature. With this feature, both guests and registered users are affected.

However, you might feel the need to turn off this feature to access a content regarded as unsuitable. Be it a blog post, picture, video, audio, or whatever, you can bypass the safe mode using the sites I listed above.