TikTok Keeps Asking For My Birthday 2022 (What To Do?)

The other day when I logged into my TikTok account, it asked me for my birthday, which I thought was strange seeing as how I entered it when I originally signed up. I wasn’t the only one this was happening to either.

There were many users who were complaining about having to re-enter their birthday frequently. Everybody originally thought it was a new security feature, but were still frustrated by the inconvenience they faced each time they opened the app. 

The original cause for the issue was due to a technical glitch within the app, which TikTok had fixed. However, if the issue is still persisting, it may be an issue on your end with corrupted files or a clogged cache, which deleting and reinstalling the app can help with. 

If you’re looking for a solution to this issue, I’ve got you covered. I spent a lot of time researching how to fix the birthday issue with TikTok. Many people have been banned from their accounts because they didn’t verify their birthday and I most certainly don’t want it to keep happening. This article will go over all the ways you can fix the issue before TikTok bans you. 

What Is TikTok And How Does It Work?

TikTok is a popular social media app that focuses on creating and sharing videos. It began as users creating short snippets of them dancing or doing something with music, but it has quickly evolved to short videos based on just about anything you could imagine. There are now DIY and craft videos, comedy sketches, and more. It’s much like what Vine and Dubsmash used to be. 

TikTok now has more monthly installs than Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. There are over one billion active monthly users with 63 percent of them being between the ages of 10-29.  

When you open TikTok, there’s a menu bar at the bottom that has shortcuts to home, discover, create a video, inbox, and profile.

You can navigate TikTok this way or you can scroll through the videos on your home screen. These videos are shown to you based on what you’ve recently viewed and the categories you picked when you first signed up. 

TikTok videos are generally 15 seconds long, but multiple clips can be connected to make one long video up to 60 seconds. If you record outside of the app, you can upload longer videos. TikTok recently expanded the time limit to three minutes for many users though. There are editing and customization tools and songs, effects, filters, and sound bites users can add to their videos. 

Why Is TikTok Asking For My Birthday?

TikTok may be asking for your birthday to ensure you’re seeing age-appropriate content on your feed. Users have recently come across trends that are dangerous to take part in. So to avoid this, TikTok has taken some safety precautions. 

In 2021, TikTok set new rules for users under the age of 16. These accounts will automatically go private. On a private account, only people you approve can follow you, look at your videos, view live videos, and your bio, and see who you’re following and who your followers are. 

You can’t be sneaky about this age issue either. If you have Instagram, TikTok can look through your information and see that you have an Instagram account. They will look for your age through that. If they see that you’re lying on the TikTok app about your age, they’ll ban you.

If you’re under 13 and have the app, you won’t be allowed to post content. If you’re under the age of 13 and posting videos, you’ll be banned immediately. TikTok is doing this to ensure everybody is safe.

There are tons of videos circulating that show people performing dangerous stunts or trends that can result in injury or even death. Remember the Tide Pod challenge? This is why TikTok has to take these safety measures now.  

tiktok birthday screen

How Old Do You Have To Be To Download The App?

You can be at any age to download the app, but you have to be over 13 to post videos due to the U.S Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

If you’re under 13, TikTok will offer you app features that are specifically designed for young users’ experience. This includes additional privacy and safety precautions for young users. If the app sees that users under 13 are uploading videos, they’ll be banned immediately. 

TikTok is more appropriate for teens, so it’s not aimed at children under 13. However, there are several ways that parents can restrict inappropriate content that may not be suitable for younger children.

In addition to this, children under 13 will have a private account. When they turn 16, their account will automatically switch to public. You can turn it off before you turn 16, but it’s recommended you keep it private from the age of 13-16. 

How To Fix The Birthday Glitch On TikTok

Log Out And Then Back In

If your app is glitching and asking you for your birthday each time you open it, you could have an issue with the app. My suggestion is to log out and then back in. You can perform this easily in just a few steps and most of the time it fixes the issue. Here’s how to log out and then back in: 

  1. Go to Profile
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines on the top right
  3. Click on Settings and Privacy
  4. Select Logout

Once you do that, restart the app and try to log back in. If the glitch isn’t fixed, consider deleting and reinstalling the app. 

Log Out And Then Back In

Delete and Reinstall TikTok

If logging out then back in didn’t fix the problem, you may have more than just a glitch. It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes files can become corrupted whether during an update or due to a bug.

You can fix this by simply uninstalling the app. When you uninstall an app, all of its data goes along with it. You can then reinstall the app and the data should be downloaded correctly, free of bugs. 

Deleting the app will erase all saved drafts, so back up content on your camera roll. You can delete your app by long holding it on your respective device and clicking on Uninstall or Delete. You can then reinstall it by going to the app store and clicking on “get” or “install”. 

Talk To the TikTok Support Team

You may have to contact customer support if you still can’t get the app to stop asking you for your birthday. You can report a problem by following these steps: 

  1. Tap on Profile
  2. Click on the three-line icon at the top right
  3. Select Settings and Privacy
  4. Choose Report a Problem and select your topic
  5. Follow the steps to report the issue
  6. If the suggested steps don’t resolve the issue, click on No when it asks “Is your problem resolved?”. 
  7. Click on Still have problems to continue contacting them

You can also contact them directly through info@tiktok.com

How To Change Your Age on TikTok

We all make mistakes, it’s inevitable. One frequent mistake made when signing up for TikTok is entering the wrong birthday.

Since TikTok tightened its privacy settings in 2021, the ability to change your birth date within the app once it has been set has been removed. If you need to change your birthday, you need to contact the customer support team. 

If you incorrectly entered your birthday and need to correct it without making an alternate account, you can email TikTok at info@tiktok.com. You can also contact the platform’s customer support team through the Support section in the app. Here’s how to do that: 

  1. Tap on your Profile
  2. Click on the three lines in the top-right corner 
  3. On the Settings and Privacy page scroll down to Support
  4. Tap on Report a Problem
  5. Select Account and Profile
  6. Tap on Editing profile
  7. Select Other
  8. Tap on “Need more help?”
  9. On the feedback form, enter a text request to change your date of birth

You will be contacted by a TikTok representative via email at the address associated with your account.

You will most likely need to provide some form of government-issued identification to confirm your identity and date of birth to make the change. If you’re under 13, this is going to be an issue since you most likely don’t have a photo ID with your birthday on it. 


As you can see, TikTok is asking you for your birthday because they either need to verify it or there’s a glitch within the app. Remember, you can’t change your birthday very easily after you’ve already submitted it.

It will require you to submit a photo ID or some other form of government-issued identification. It’s a good idea that TikTok has increased its security measures, but it can prove inconvenient for those who are following the rules and are over the age of 13.

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