How To Fix TikTok Comments Not Loading (Quickly)

TikTok is a huge social media app where many different influencers started before they became internet sensations. I’ll confess, I’m no stranger to this app, but it seems to have its bugs. Just the other day I opened the app and saw that comments weren’t loading on a video I was trying to watch.

Apparently, this wasn’t an issue with just my app. Plenty of other users were experiencing this issue as well. Because I was having so many issues, I decided to do some troubleshooting to help others who may be facing the same problem. 

Before you do anything, make sure the comments aren’t turned off for the video in question. If it’s happening on all videos you try to watch, then you should close out of the app and restart it. This should refresh the app enough so that the comments begin to appear.

Sometimes, closing the app isn’t enough to make the comments come back. In this article, I’m going to help you through some troubleshooting steps, big and small, to get the comments to show up again on your TikTok app. 

Ways to Fix TikTok’s Comments Not Showing? Troubleshooting

Wait For TikTok To Go Back Up

We all know that apps have their fair share of issues, one of which is outages. App developers will purposely shut down the app for maintenance or it could be down as a result of a bug. Either 

way, the only way to get TikTok to work is to simply wait for it to be back up and running. A website called Downdetector can tell you if the app is actually down or not. 

Wait For Them to Come Out With A Fix

Understandably, an app such as TikTok will have a mob of angry users requesting the app get up and running again. Unfortunately, if it’s a bug, the only thing that can be done is to wait for the developers to fix the problem. You can keep tabs on their updates through the website. 

Use TikTok.Com

Apps and websites operate a tad differently from each other. If the comments aren’t showing up on your app, check the website. If you log into your account on the website and see that the comments are popping up on the videos, it means there’s simply an issue with the app itself and not the entire platform. You will have to use the website until the app is up and running properly again. 

Update TikTok

If you aren’t running the latest version of TikTok, then it’s possible that a patch to kill the bug causing comment issues hasn’t been installed. Go to the respective app store on your mobile device to check for an app update. If there’s an update, install it and then restart the app to see if the comments section is back to normal. 

Close and then Re-open the App to Get Rid Of Bugs

Apps are known to have temporary errors caused by bugs that don’t stick around. Closing and re-opening the app can help get rid of any bugs that may be lingering. This method refreshes temporary information within the app that’s linked to your device. This is the easiest fix for any app that may be causing an issue, especially TikTok. 

Delete TikTok

If the comment issue persists, consider deleting TikTok, but not permanently. When you delete an app, all data and cache are deleted. All stored information will be erased and it will completely reset the app. Once you re-install it, you can log back in with your information and you should see the comments come back. 

Log Out Then Back In

I’m not exactly sure how this works, but logging out of TikTok and then logging back in can sometimes fix issues. Here’s how to log out and in: 

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap on Profile
  3. Tap on the three lines in the upper corner
  4. Tap Settings and Privacy
  5. Tap on Log Out

Once you do that and re-open the app, you’ll automatically be asked if you want to log in or create a new account. 

Poor Internet Connection

This is the main issue I have when my comments aren’t loading. If there’s nothing wrong with the TikTok servers aren’t down, then your internet connection could be the issue. Ensure your connection is stable and fast enough to load TikTok. Switch to mobile data if your device is connected to Wi-Fi and see if that solves the problem and vice versa. 

Clear TikTok Cache

Clearing your TikTok cache allows you to delete temporary data that takes up unnecessary storage on your device. The cache is simply pre-loaded information such as your profile data and watch history. As you use TikTok, any data from your watch history and app usage will be accumulated and cached. This can sometimes cause the app to slow down or not work at all. Fortunately, the process to clear the cache isn’t all too complicated. 

  1. Go to your profile and select the three dots or lines in the upper right corner of the Settings menu
  2. Open Settings
  3. Scroll until you see Free up space under Cashe & Cellular Data
  4. Press on Clear
  5. Tap Clear to confirm your choice

When you do this, you may have to log back into the app and you may experience longer loading times than before. This is because none of the information is stored on the app anymore. You can perform this method on any other app that has been giving you an issue recently. It doesn’t delete anything important, I promise. 

Re-Write and Re-post Your Comment

If your internet has been spotty and sometimes you can see your comments and sometimes you can’t, consider re-writing and re-posting your comment. If your internet didn’t make the connection to the TikTok servers, it’s possible that you’re not seeing your comment because it didn’t post. The worst that can happen is that your comment will be posted twice. No big deal!

Space Out Your Comments

Be careful when you comment too much or you could be shadowbanned. This happens if you’ve been posting too many comments too quickly. TikTok will recognize this and flag your account as spam. If you think this is happening to you, the fix is to space out your comments a little bit. You’ll see a message that says “You’re commenting too fast” if you comment spamming. This was originally intended to combat spam and bot comments and could result in a ban and the reason why your app isn’t working. 

Once you’ve taken a break from commenting, users have reported that it can take up to 24 hours for the comment block to be lifted. 

Use A VPN To Post A TikTok Comment

If you’re from a country where posting TikTok isn’t allowed, you can use a VPN to do so. A VPN essentially tells the app that your device is in a different location. India and Indonesia have recently banned TikTok, so if somebody were to use a VPN, they could make it look like they’re actually from another country that allows TikTok. This would allow them to use the app even though it’s forbidden where they live. 

In addition to allowing you to post in areas where it’s forbidden, using a VPN can also help secure your privacy. It will show a different IP address than where you really are. An IP is your network’s signature and will give your exact location, which can be a serious security issue. 

Reset Network Settings

If your network is the reason you’re having issues with TikTok comments not loading and you’ve reset your router with no resolution in sight, then you may have to reset your network settings on your mobile device. This will reset all network connections such as Wi-Fi networks and passwords, VPN, APN, and cellular settings, so you’ll have to log back into all wireless connections. Here’s how to do it: 

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on General
  3. Choose Transfer or Reset [Device]
  4. Tap Reset
  5. Choose Reset Network Settings


  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to General Management or Settings
  3. Select Reset or Reset Options
  4. Choose Reset Network Settings
  5. Tap on the Reset button

Check Your Privacy Settings

If your network connection is fine and TikTok isn’t down, then maybe it’s something as simple as having your restrictive privacy settings turned on. These settings allow you to automatically or manually filter comments. If you have the automatic filter turned on, it will prevent inappropriate, spam, or offensive comments from showing up. If you selected the manual filter, it will filter specific keywords of your choice and won’t post any comment with those words in it. 

To turn these on or off, follow these steps: 

  1. Select Me from the bottom bar
  2. Tap on the Menu icon in the upper right corner
  3. Select Privacy
  4. Under Safety you will need to check the “Who can comment on your videos” settings and Comment filters
  5. Select “Who can comment on your videos” and make sure either Everyone or Friends are checked
  6. For Comment filters, switch these off temporarily

Contact TikTok Support

If all of these methods have failed, then you may have to contact TikTok support. You can report the comment issue to TikTok and some users have even said that their comments issue disappeared the next day. Additionally, contacting TikTok allows them to identify whether or not your account has been flagged as spam or bot-like. You will then be able to prove you’re a genuine user. Here’s how to contact TikTok: 

  1. Select Me from the bottom bar
  2. Tap on Menu in the upper right to access Settings
  3. Click on Report a problem under Support
  4. Under Select, a Topic choose Follow/Like/Comment
  5. Choose Comment and then select a topic that matches your issue
  6. To continue reporting your issue, under “Is your problem resolved?”, tap on No,  and then choose Still have problem
  7. Describe your issue and tap on Report
  8. Check your Inbox from time to time for a response

The Advantages of TikTok Comments

TikTok comments aren’t just to comment on videos you like. Comments can help bring a brand to light and TikTok influencers to stardom. There are hundreds of TikTok stars that have risen to fame due to their performance and supportive comments on their pages. Not only that, but comments can be used for free exposure for people, products, and brands. 

TikTok Comments Can Offer Free Exposure

TikTok comments can offer exposure and allow users to ask questions about certain products and brands. If you click on the comments from a recently trending TikTok video, you can see certain brands making their own comments on products that may be in those videos. They may joke about an energy drink on TikTok regarding tired students or late-night studying. 

This can be maximized by using a platform such as Chatdesk Teams which provides certain customer service teams to TikTok users who want support directly in their TikTok comments.  

In addition to that, you can reach out to brands regarding their products and ask them questions. If you love a certain product or something about it, you can put that detail in a comment on their page and it a brand may put it on their website.

Why Can’t I Like Comments on TikTok?

When you view a comment, you have the option to “like” it by clicking on the heart icon to the right of the video or comment. The reason being is that they may have comment likes turned off. This isn’t an error on your side, it’s a setting on their side. If it’s happening on all videos, however, it probably means that TikTok has flagged your account for commenting or liking too much. This suspension lasts about 24 hours, so you’ll just have to wait until you’re unblocked. If you continue to excessively do it, it could result in permanent account suspension. 


If you’re like most people who use TikTok, then you enjoy looking at the comments and commenting as much as you like watching the videos. It’s certainly disappointing to find that the comment section isn’t showing up.

It could be the result of a comment glitch, a bug within your phone, or you’ve been put in TikTok time-out for 24 hours due to over-commenting. If your block hasn’t gone away after 24 hours and you’ve tried all of the troubleshooting steps above, reach out to TikTok customer support to see what the issue is. 

I hope that this article has helped you get back into your TikTok comments. I know it can be frustrating, but rest assured, there’s a solution that can help you get your app back up and running properly.

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