“The game card could not be read, please remove and insert it.” — This is a Nintendo Switch Game Console Card Error

Are you getting this error message when you insert a microSD card into the Switch game console cartridge? It is a rather common issue in all Notch game consoles, including the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Family, and the Nintendo Switch Lite consoles. 

If you are getting this error message, the console is unable to read the card inserted into the cartridge slot. This happens when the card is faulty or damaged. In other cases, the problem is with the card slot or console. 

The newly released Nintendo 10.0.0 firmware allows you to store and play games right from a compatible microSD card. If your console is unable to read the card, this guide will help you to troubleshoot and fix the problem right away. 

What Causes Nintendo Game Card Error? 

If you are getting this error message, chances are that the game card you are trying to use is damaged or defective. The error message may also be triggered by a faulty game card reader/cartridge in the gem console. 

Simply put, “The game card could not be read, please remove and insert it.” error message means that the device is unable to read the game card you just inserted. This may be caused by a number of things, including: 

Software Problems 

The ability to run games from a microSD card is only available on Nintendo 10.0.0 firmware and later versions. Though rare, a glitch in your console software may render the gadget unable to read the game card. It often occurs when you unplug the card without shutting the console down first. 

If you do that, you may have problems with the console the next time you try to use a game card in it. Check for software updates that are specific to the problematic game you are trying to run. You may also need to update the firmware to clear this error message. 

Compatibility Issues 

If you are using the card for the very first time, check to see whether the card is genuine and compatible with your console. You can verify the compatibility of your cards from the. 

In almost all the Nintendo Switch consoles, the game card needs to be labeled SDXC. If the card is not compatible, you will need to replace it. 

Dirty Contact Points 

Accumulation of dirt on the gold contact points of either the Console cartridge or the game card can also result in this error message. If you suspect this to be the problem, you should wipe the contacts clean, reinsert the card into the console and start the Switch console. 

How to Remedy Switch Game Card Error? 

The game card could not be read, please remove and insert it. This error message is to you that either the game card you inserted is not being detected or cannot be read by the Nintendo Switch console. 

Depending on why the card is not being detected or read by the console, different methods may be used to resolve the issue. Here are some of the most effective troubleshooting steps to help you pinpoint the problem and fix it:

Method 1: Try the Card on a Different Cartridge 

First things first, you need to ensure that the game card cartridge on your Nintendo Switch console is not the problem. To do that, you will need to insert the problematic card into a different cartridge on a different console, or even a computer.  

Check whether the second device is capable of reading the problematic card. If the second device is reading the card, then the problem is on the first Switch console, most probably the game card cartridge. 

If the second device is also not reading the card, your card is damaged and should be formatted or discarded. While formatting the card be sure to use the FAT32 format, it may restore the card to it’s working order. A damaged game console cartridge needs to be repaired or replaced to resolve the problem

Method 2: Remove and Re-Insert the Game Card 

Some users have been able to fix the Nintendo Switch game card error by simply removing and re-inserting the card. To get the desired results, these are the steps you need to follow: 

  • Step 1: Power the Console Off 

It is not advisable to remove the game card while the console is on, regardless of the Nintendo Switch Console model you are using. Press and hold the Power button on your Switch console for about 3 seconds to display the Power Options menu. 

Select Power Options, and then tap on the “Turn Off” option. Wait for the device to shut down before trying to remove the card. 

  • Step 2: Remove, and Clean  the Card 

Open the card slot on your console, and take out the game card as directed on your Nintendo Switch game console manual. Using a clean, soft cloth, wipe the gold connector strips at the back of your card clean. 

Take out the game card and wipe the connector strips at the back with a clean, soft cloth. You should also consider cleaning the card slot gently to avoid bending the connectors. 

  • Step 3: Re-insert the Card 

Insert the microSD card back into its slot on the Switch console. Power the console on to check whether the error has cleared. 

Method 3: Update Your Console Software 

As mentioned earlier in this guide, some game card errors on the Nintendo Switch console are caused by software glitches. If this is the problem in your case, you should consider updating the software on your console. 

If you have been using the card, and are sure that it is not damaged, updating the device software can help fix the problem. To achieve this, you need to manually check for software updates for your device under the System Settings menu. 

With the Switch console connected to the internet, Navigate to the Home Men, and select “Settings”. Select the System option and navigate to the System Update tab. This will prompt the device to automatically check for available updates and start the download process. 

Method 4: Check for Game Updates 

In some cases, the console may detect the game card, but Gail to read the game you would like to run from the card. If you are having such an issue, you should consider updating the problematic game. To do this, just configure your Nintendo Switch console to install game updates automatically, as follows:

From the  Systems Settings screen, select the “System” option and check the “Auto Update Software” field. 

Method 5: Consult the Professionals for Possible Replacement/Repair

If the above-described troubleshooting steps do not pay off, you may need professional assistance to clear the “game card could not be read, please remove and insert it” error message. This is particularly necessary if you are having a problem with multiple Nintendo Switch game cards. 

In this regard, you should visit the Nintendo Online Repair Assistance age. You only need to select the repair option you are interested in and follow the prompts to resolve the problem. 

Final Verdict 

Switch game card error messages are triggered by the inability of the device to detect or read the game card inserted in its cartridge. As you have learned above, this may be caused by different things, ranging from a faulty card to a damaged cartridge. 

To avoid such problems, it is advisable to take good care of your game card(s) to prevent damage. If the card is faulty, cleaning the contact points and, or formatting may fix the issue. In some cases, you may need to have the cartridge on your console repaired or replaced altogether. 

All in all, this guide has all the information you need to troubleshoot and fix the Nintendo Switch game card error message.