SKYUI is a computer-friendly UI mod that is built for Skyrim. Skyrim on its end is an action role-playing video game.

However, just like every other in its category, it is not immune to faults and errors. Users often face the Skyui error code 5. Fortunately, this can easily be fixed and I’m going to show you how in this article.

What is the Skyui Error Code 5?

Skyui error code 5 often comes into the picture when you need to re-install your UI mod. The error is quite popular with Skyui users on Skyrim. The symptoms are noticeable as the error message pops up whenever a user is playing.

The error tries to draw a player’s attention to the incompatibility of a certain launch file ib the system. Once you open up your spells and inventory or favorite category you get to receive this message in return. Now, let’s check out the major causes of the Skyui error code 5.

What causes the Skyui Error Code 5?

After a detailed look into the error code 5, I believe that the problem was generated by an interface mod.   The 60 FPS forces Skyrim to run on an untested and unapproved format. The mode seeks to compel the game to run on a cinematic experience mod which is against its nature.

The game is made to run on 30 FPS without glitches. So, the problem begins when you tried opening certain areas of the game like maps, skils, and favorites menu. Now that you know what might have caused the error in your game, let me show you how to get rid of it. 

How To Fix the Skyui Error Code 5

Once the Skyui error code 5 is identified, the only thing left is to fix the problem. Here, are a few solutions to guide you back to safety:

Solution 1- Uninstall your 60 FPS Interface Mod

The 60 FPS interface mod is already known to have heralded such reactions ad the error code 5. So, for your Skyrim to perform with ease you need to uninstall the mode. 

Check out these steps to uninstall the 60 FPS mod.

  • Launch your NexusModManager to begin the process.
  • From Skyrim, find your way to the arena tagged as Mods.
  • Pick the .zip file named in this section called ‘60 Fps Interface Mod’
  • Here, you are required to delete the file.
  • Once that is done, proceed to delete SkyUI as well and reinstalling SkyUI from the official website
  • Finally, Ensure that your Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) is up to date.

If you meticulously followed through with these steps then you are good to go. But, there is another way you can try opting for the nest fix below.

Solution 2- Reinstall the Game

If the above steps didn’t function well, then the only next readily solution is this final solution. This method functions as a thorough plan. However, let’s check out what should be done as we follow through with this:

Launch your computer ad navigate to the control panel section
There find the place that reads ‘uninstall a program’
Next, reinstall the Skyui game
Run the program and check for errors.

After completing this brief process your game should load up just fine without errors. However, if the problem persists which is unlikely then you can get repair software to fix it. Try opting for the CCleaner.

What Does The CCleaner Offer The Skyui Error Code 5?

The CCleaner is software that was designed to clean out corrupted and broken files on your PC. So, since your Skyui has refused to rectify the error code 5, this could serve as an alternative. 

Before you clean your PC consider changing the following:

Add or remove files, folders, and Registry from the cleaning process, 
Choose to retain certain cookies.
Customize how CCleaner runs, even the safety of its deletion

Note: CCleaner permanently affects some system and program files. Please be sure to have adhered to the above exclusions to make sure it doesn’t delete an important file. CCleaner can see them as malware.

To clean out your PC follow the steps below:

In CCleaner, tap on the Cleaner icon placed at the left. Select the files you want to clean by checking their boxes. once you click or clear certain options, a warning text would pop up. Click on OK to remove the dialog box.

Next, tap on the Applications tab. In the programs listed, you should see the Skyui
Click on the button that reads Analyze. CCleaner would work on the files and Registry keys belonging to the software.

The moment the analysis is completed, you can review the files that would be deleted in the text window. You can opt to save a number of the files selected. But you can clean the Skyui directly from there once you select it.

Tap on Run Cleaner. A warning message should come up at this moment. However, just tap on OK to proceed.

Once it is done cleaning, CCleaner would exhibit a report of deleted files. This would show in the window assigned for text. To then save the list, just right-click in the text window and then follow the whole process through.


The Skyui error code 5 can be restricted, as it doesn’t allow you access to certain features. And these features are needed during your game. So, instead of being stuck, you can just follow the procedure I laid out earlier to troubleshoot the UI mod. That should eliminate the problem. 

However, in any case, you are unable to trace the file you can apply the services of external repair software. I believe the CCleaner can do the job but ensure you follow through with the process. You don’t want to clean out the wrong file.