Robots are set to play an increasingly important role in our lives. As technology in the area continues improving, so too will the use of robots in the home. This is already happening with some types of robots. For example, automatic vacuuming robots, like Rombas have been around for some time now.

Shark Ion robots are one of the most popular types of robots for homes. They can be used to automatically keep large parts of your home clean. Just turn them on and let them go to work. But Shark Ion robots need a battery to work. So if yours isn’t charging, then you won’t be able to use it for much longer.

If your Shark Ion robot is not charging, it’s like that its battery needs to be replaced. The problem could lie in the charger as well. But before you replace either of these things, try cleaning your existing charger. It’s possible that it’s gotten too dirty and the debris is blocking the connections needed to charge the robot.

Why is my Shark Ion robot not charging?

Generally, the charging process for a Shark Ion robot is pretty straightforward. You just place the robot into its docking stations and press charge. Some models even have a button that you can press to have them return to the charger automatically. But if yours doesn’t charge when you put it into its dock, you could have one of several different issues.

The first thing that you should do is try to clear out any dust, dirt, or debris in or around the charger. Sometimes this can accumulate and cause the electrical connections to stop being made when you plug the charger in. This is the easiest way to fix the problem.

If you try this and it doesn’t work, then you’re going to have to replace something. First, try replacing the charger’s battery. It’s possible that this has gone out and that replacing it will resolve your problem.

But if that doesn’t work, then it’s time to try getting a new charger. It’s possible that your existing charger is no longer working. That could be happening because of a problem with the chord or a component on the charger itself. Regardless, this solution should fix the issues you’ve been having with your Shark Ion robot.

How do you reset a Shark Ion robot?

You might want to try resetting your Shark Ion robot if it ceases to work properly. If you’re not sure how to do this, don’t worry. The process of resetting a Shark Ion robot is a very straightforward one.

You need to begin by flipping the robot upside-down. From there, you should see its on and off switch. What you need to do is press and hold this button for at least 10 seconds. Once you do that, the robot should turn off.

Allow the robot to remain turned off for at least 10 seconds. Then, press the on and off switch again to turn the Shark Ion back on. This will complete the reset process and may fix the problem that you’ve been having with the device.

How Do I know My Shark Ion robot is Charging?

There are several different ways to go about charging a Shark Ion robot. But the easiest is to use the app to tell the robot to charge itself. You just press a button on the app and the robot will automatically go back to its charger. You can also simply place the Shark Ion robot on the charger yourself.

But how do you know whether the robot is actually charging or not? The answer is pretty simple. When the Shark Ion robot is charging, its three blue LED lights will cycle. They’ll continue doing so until the device has finished the charging process. 

These lights are what you look at to see how much battery is left in the device as well. The blue lights will go down as the amount of charge that is remaining reduces.

How long do Shark Ion batteries last?

If your Shark Ion robot isn’t charging, you may be wondering whether its battery is dead. This is certainly something that can happen. But it shouldn’t be an issue for the first year or two after you purchase the device.

Shark Ion robots use an ION power core battery. This is a lithium-ion battery so its effectiveness reduces over time. Generally, the battery life of a Shark Ion robot should last at least two years. That’s why the product usually comes with a two-year limited warranty.

So if your Shark Ion robot is older than two years, then its battery could be dying. But if it’s younger than that, then chances are your charging problem is coming from something else.

Why does my Shark Ion robot keep shutting off?

There could be a few different reasons why your Shark Ion robot shuts off. First, it could be getting stuck somewhere in your home. When this happens, the robot typically shuts itself off rather than continuing to run. 

So if the shutdown occurs in the same part of your house every time, this could be the problem. You can try to rearrange your furniture or move troublesome objects out of the room to resolve the problem.

But the other major reason why this might happen is that the vacuum might be getting clogged. This will happen to every vacuum from time to time. When it does, Shark Ion robots tend to shut themselves down. To fix the problem, you should take the robot apart and clear it out.

Why is my Shark Ion robot flashing red?

When the Shark Ion robot is flashing red, it’s usually for one of two reasons. First, it could mean that your robot is stuck on an obstacle. Or similarly, its front bumper may be jammed. The solution to this is simply resetting the robot manually and fixing the cause of the problem.

If the red lights continue to flash, then you may want to remove the front caster wheel. You can try cleaning the wheel housing to see if that’s the problem. The process doesn’t have to be too involved. Just clear away any dust or debris you find.

Related Questions

How long does the Shark Ion robot clean for?

Shark Ion robots may not clean for as long as you want them to. The Shark Ion Connected 750, for example, only cleans for one hour. Other Shark Ion robots may clean for longer than that.

But don’t expect yours to be capable of cleaning all day without charging. Instead, these are meant to be used for just an hour or two at a time. That should be enough to clean most homes. But it might not be long enough if you have a very large space.

How do you reset a Shark Ion robot 750?

Resetting a Shark Ion robot 750 is super easy. The process is the same as the one that’s described above. Start by flipping the device over and locating the on and off switch. Then hold the switch for 10 seconds and allow the robot to remain off for 10 additional seconds. Then turn the robot back on to complete the reset.