Your Xbox account is currently not permitted to play multiplayer sessions Roblox 107 Error. This is certainly not a message you want to see when gearing up to play with friends.

This connectivity issue seems to plague many users of the Xbox One console, especially those playing Roblox on the online multiplayer servers. Let’s take a look at how to fix it!

What is the 107 Xbox  Error Code?

Roblox 107 Error is generated when there is an issue with the multiplayer connectivity of a game. For some reason, it is most commonly present with those attempting to play Roblox online with others through its multiplayer system.

It also happens much more frequently with the Xbox One S, which is equally odd considering the system updates that have come with the platform’s release. Regardless, there are some things you can do to fix it. 

What Causes the 107 Xbox Error Code?

Generally, this code is generated by something preventing your device from connecting to the Roblox server. This prevents you from playing online with multiplayer settings since it cannot access the necessary ports. Fortunately, it is easy, if not a bit hit or miss fix. 

How Do You Fix It?

To fix the Roblox 107 error code, you have a few different options. Since the exact source can be such a wide variety of things, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly which is going to work so you may have to try a few. Playing around with each will help you figure out which is right but will take some time. 

Your options are:

1.Check your Connection

Sometimes, the issue can be fixed just by looking at the connection and Xbox Live data on your device. User errors are common and sometimes we are simply not connected to the internet properly or do not have access to Xbox Live, which is necessary for online play. 

2.Quit the Game

Sometimes it is best to try quitting the game and then reopening it on a different profile to “trick” your device into not generating the code. This works for most users who are not experiencing actual internet or Live issues. 

3.Restart the Console

Every once in a while, a quick reboot will do the trick. 

4. Check for Updates

If your device needs an update or the game itself, sometimes it cannot launch, especially if the update deals with online functionality or multiplayer play. 

5.Change Your Settings

Roblox sometimes requests you to change your settings in order to use their online functionality. Find out how below!

Change Your Roblox Settings

6.Troubleshooting Software

The last resort, troubleshooting software will scan your device and figure out exactly what needs to be done but is annoying to use and can sometimes cost money. 

How To Fix the Roblox 107 Error

1. Check Your Connection

Using the online multiplayer functionality on Xbox requires both an Xbox Live membership and access to the internet. If either of these is disrupted, you may experience an error message which is sometimes displayed as Error 107 instead of the usual connectivity message.

This is perhaps the easiest fix since there is a direct path to remedying the issue. 

You can also try resetting your router or hotspot to see if there is an underlying issue there. Many people also check for issues with internet speed drops or sudden connectivity issues which can come from poor internet maintenance or issues with your router.

These can sometimes require calls to your internet provider that can take time but once they are fixed they usually do not reoccur often. As annoying as it is, this is one of the least stressful options since there is a direct way to fix the issue. 

Checking Subscription Status 

To do this, simply access your menu and ensure the payment information and subscription for your Xbox Live membership is active and up to date. Once you have verified that it is, check your internet connection to ensure there are no issues.

If these two basic fixes do not remedy the issue, you may need to move ahead to the other solution alternatives. 

2.The Quit Option

For many players, the issue is very simple to fix through just closing the game via the quit option in the Xbox menu then signing in with a different profile.

Usually, this results in the game working just fine and does not trigger the system error message like before. Just be sure to use a completely different profile since the initial one will trigger the same message.

This can be annoying but gives you access to the game. Since there is no finite solution present, this is your best bet before going into your settings and other more intrusive facets. Definitely try it first. 

3. Restart the Console

Though this option has a fifty percent chance of actually working, some people have success with just outright restarting the console.

This one takes a little more time and can cause a loss of saving data in other places so try using the profile switch first to make it a little easier on yourself. If push comes to shove, though, this is a good less intrusive option.

4. Check for Updates

Sometimes games just need to update in order to work properly. Even the most diligent players sometimes miss an update and do not notice their game is not up to date.

Check in the game details for any necessary updates that may have slipped by unnoticed and get them downloaded to ensure your game is running properly.

Games that are not up to date often cannot access online servers so this is a very common explanation for a host of different online connectivity issues, including in Roblox. 

To do this, access your settings and then go to the Systems option. There, you will see “Downloads and Updates”. Select this and see what is listed for both the console and Roblox. 

Check for Updates

5. Change Your Settings

One of the weirder solutions that seems to work is to go into your settings and permissions and change the “share stuff people make” option to everybody. This opens up the connectivity and allows you to access the server more freely due to how it is set up.

Many people who do not have actual issues with their connectivity or do not need to update use this method successfully. If it is already set to “everybody” try switching it to one of the other settings then move it back to everybody to “reset” the option and “trick” your system into connecting fully. 

6. Troubleshooting Software

If none of these options work, it may be best to look for a good quality troubleshooting software for the Xbox One. These tools will scan your device for issues and figure out exactly what is triggering the connectivity problems.

Once it is identified, you can either remedy the problem yourself or reach out to customer service for more advice. 

Xbox customer service can also take a look if you are not comfortable with using a third party software and can probably give more advice on exactly what is going on with the device.

This will help you create a paper trail in case you need to exercise any warranty or coverage you may have. Sometimes, this is the best way to go even if it is a bit annoying. Customer service specialists at Xbox are trained to help you. 


Xbox 107 error code is one that people are still figuring out. It seems that the fixes are hit or miss and generally the entire process can be a bit frustrating but once it works, you are all set.

It really is a strange issue, as you have to play around a bit to figure out which workaround you need to use in order to get back to your game. Either way, it seems to be fixable, either with or without the help of the Xbox customer service team from Microsoft. Good luck!