The Rii Mini i8 mini keyboard not connecting problem may occur when the keyboard is out of sync with the receiver. The problem may also be caused by faulty or outdated drivers on your device or discharged battery on the keyboard. You can resolve the issue by recharging the keyboard, updating the drivers, or re-synchronizing the keyboard.

In other cases, you only need to plug the receiver properly or plug it into a different port on your device. The Rii Wireless keyboard comes in two main types: the Bluetooth keyboard and the wireless model that connects through a USB dongle. In either model, the connection problem may be caused by different things. 

Throughout this guide, you will learn what causes the Rii Mini Keyboard not connecting problem. The guide also explains the various methods you can use to fix the problem. 

What Causes the Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard Not Connecting Issue? 

Several things are known to prevent the Rii wireless mini keyboard from connecting to your device. To fix the problem properly you first need to understand what is causing it. While troubleshooting for the problem, here are some of the possible causes you need to bear in mind: 

Power Issues 

If the keyboard is unresponsive, you should check whether it is actually turned on. This can also happen when the battery on your wireless keyboard is drained. To fix the problem, in this case, you need to recharge the battery and turn the keyboard on, as explained later in this guide.

Signal Interference 

If the keyboard happens to be working erratically, the problem could be interference by other wireless devices or other objects placed between the keyboard and your device. To fix the issue, you need to ensure that there are no other wireless devices nearby. 

Alternatively, you could just deactivate the wireless devices that are not currently in use. Repositioning the keyboard may also solve the problem in this case. 

Corrupted/Outdated Drivers 

The software required to run the wireless keyboard on your computer may be corrupted or outdated. When that happens, you may also have problems connecting the Rii mini wireless keyboard to the computer. If this happens to be the problem in your case, you need to update or re-install the keyboard drivers on your PC. 

How to Fix the Rii i8 Mini Wireless Keyboard Connection Problem 

The right fix for the connection problem on your Rii mini keyboard will depend on what is causing the problem. If this is the first time you are trying to connect the keyboard, be sure to use the wireless USB connector and not the black cable that comes with the keyboard. 

The black cable that comes with the keyboard is exclusively meant for recharging the keyboard battery, not for connecting it to a computer. Discussed below are the various methods and steps you can use to troubleshoot for and fix the problem: 

Method 1: Ensure that the Keyboard is On and Charged

To begin with, you should check to ensure that the keyboard is charged and On. Just press any key on your Rii Mini wireless keyboard or touch the inbuilt mousepad. Any of these operations should cause a red light to come on the keyboard. If the red light does not come on, the keyboard is either discharged or is not turned on. 

The accessory features a built-in lithium-ion battery. It is recommended to charge the battery fully before the first use. Though designed to offer extended runtime, the battery will eventually drain.

The low-battery indicator will let you know when the battery is running low, and the keyboard will automatically shit down when the battery is drained. 

To recharge the battery, connect it using the included black data cable. You may use the keyboard while charging, but it is advisable to first charge it for at least 15 minutes. Having confirmed that the battery is charged, use the On/Off switch—positioned at the top of the keyboard—to turn it on. 

Method 2: Change Ports 

A faulty USB port on your computer can also lead to a connection problem on the Rii mini wireless keyboard. The keyboard is meant to pair with your computer through a dongle that connects to a USB port on your computer. Before trying the more advanced remedies, try moving the dongle to a different port. 

Again, connecting the USB receiver to a USB hub may also result in connection problems. To avoid this, you need to plug the USB dongle directly into a USB port on your computer. Once you have changed ports, try reconnecting the keyboard to see if the problem has cleared. 

Method 3: Check for Connection Interference 

Signal interference is a leading cause of the “Rii mini wireless keyboard not connecting” issue. In most cases, the keyboard will tend to connect and disconnect randomly. Different things can interfere with this connection, including cellphones, wireless routers, fluorescent lights, and a wide range of electrical appliances.

Placing the keyboard on a metallic surface can also result in connection problems. As a guide, keep all large metallic items at least three feet from the mouse and its receiver. You also need to ensure that there are not large items in between the receiver and the keyboard as those can also block signals to and from the keyboard. 

Having cleared such obstructions, check to see whether the Rii mini wireless keyboard, not connecting problem has been fixed. 

Method 4: Re-Synchronize the Keyboard 

Sometimes, the connection between your keyboard and the USB receiver may get lost simply because of a sync problem. You can reestablish the connection by synchronizing the two once again. To do this, you need to turn the keyboard and the receiver off, and probably unplug the receiver from your computer for a while.

After a few seconds, plug the dongle into a USB port and use the following steps to establish a connection once again: 

Step 1: If this is the first time to use the keyboard, slide the receiver out from the keyboard side. You need to insert the dongle into a standard USB port on your computer or mobile device. 

Step 2: Once the receiver is inserted into a USB port, use the Power switch—positioned on the left side of the dongle—to turn it on. 

Step 3: If a setup screen pops up, just follow the on-screen prompts to complete the initial software setup for the wireless mouse. 

Step 4: Now you need to turn the mouse back on and press the connect button (it should be at the bottom or side of the keyboard). Once connected, you should see a green light on the receiver or a notification on your computer screen that the connection was successful. 

If you do not see the green light or notification on the screen, it means that synchronization was not successful. In such a case, you should repeat the above-described steps or apply the methods discussed below to fix the problem.

Method 5: Toggle Between Keyboard and Touchpad Inputs

The keyboard may fail to respond because the touchpad controls are activated instead of keyboard inputs. In such a case, you should toggle back to keyboard inputs. In most wireless keyboards, including the Rii i8 mini, this is done using a specific keyboard shortcut. 

To do this, press the Fn + F8 keys on the keyboard simultaneously. This should toggle between the touchpad and keyboard inputs on the wireless keyboard. 

Method 6: Run the Troubleshooting Tool 

If the above-described methods do not work, you should run the troubleshooter on your computer to identify and fix the problem automatically. To run the troubleshooter on Windows, press the Windows + R keys combination to open a Run dialog box. 

Input control.exe /name Microsoft. Troubleshooting into the dialog box and press Enter to run the command. Next, select ‘Hardware and Sound’ from the list of options displayed, and then choose ‘Hardware and Devices’. Ensure that the checkbox adjacent to the ‘Apply repair automatically’ option is checked before proceeding. 

Now click on the Next button to run the troubleshooter. Wait for the system to finish searching and detecting the prevailing problems. Once the tool is done troubleshooting, follow the on-screen prompts to automatically repair any problems found. 

Check to see whether the Rii mini wireless keyboard not connecting issue has been resolved. 

Method 7: Update/Re-Install the Software Drivers 

Windows devices require a set of software components referred to as drivers to interface with and run  accessories, such as the keyboard. Just as is the case with other plug-and-play devices, the Rii mini wireless keyboard dongle is designed to install the required software automatically during the initial setup. 

However, this software may get corrupted or outdated with time, resulting in keyboard connection problems. If this is the problem, in your case, you will need to update or download and re-install the software afresh. 

Just navigate to the keyboard manufacturer’s website and download a genuine copy of the driver software. Install it as you would install any other software on your computer using the installation wizard in Windows. 

Final Verdict 

A considerable number of users have complained about connection problems while using the Rii mini wireless keyboard. If it is the first time you are using the accessory, you need to connect it through the USB receiver at the back of the keyboard, not the black cable. 

Depending on the actual problem, different methods may be used to fix the connection problem. For instance, you may re-synchronize the keyboard, remove any possible interference sources, change USN ports or just toggle between the keyboard and touchpad. 

With this guide, you should have an easy time fixing the Rii Mini i8 mini keyboard not connecting issue.