Users have been encountering the error code SU-42118-6 on their PS4 and it is causing some confusion. Error codes like this leave you stuck in a restart loop. This guide explores what this code is, what causes it, and six ways to solve it. 

What is PS4-error-code SU-42118-6?

The error-code SU-42118-6 is an error code that occurs when trying to update the firmware on Playstation4 Console. The error shows up on the PS4 consoles quite randomly. In most instances, it keeps you in a reseat loop. The error code isn’t a software problem.

What Causes it?

This error is most times caused by a faulty ribbon connector between the BD-ROM and motherboard.

When you disassemble the console for any reason, you can encounter the SU-42118-6 error code. Another cause can be the wrong assembling of the hardware.

This causes the system to turn off randomly and lose communication with the BD-ROM.

How Can You Fix SU-42118-6 Error 

We’ll troubleshoot the PS4 error SU-42118-6 error code, explain what causes it, and show you ways to repair it. If this error shows on your console, check the steps listed below.

Solution 1: Reboot the console with Safe Mode

Step 1: Turn off the system completely and leave it off for around one minute.
Step 2: Press the Power button. Hold till you hear two beeps.
Step 3: Connect your controller to the PS4 by USB cable and hit the PlayStation button to pair the controller.
Step 4: Once you successfully pair your controller to the system, restart the console again.
Step 5: Press X on the controller to reboot via Safe Mode.

When the console comes on, it’ll not show you the SU-42118-6 error code. Check the next step if you still see the error code.

Solution 2: Update the PS4 via Safe Mode

Step 1: Power off the system completely.
Step 2: Download the most recent PS4 firmware version
Step 3: Save the file in a USB drive like a hard drive or USB disk. If you’re connected, you can skip this.
Step 4: Press and hold the facility button until the console beeps twice.
Step 5: In Safe Mode, connect your controller to the PS4 via a USB cable and press the PlayStation button to pair them.
Step 6: Go to Update System Software and press the X button on the controller to select the option.
Step 7: If you’re using an Ethernet network, select Update Using the Internet (if not, use USB from the firmware and click Update from USB  option).
Step 8: Restart the PS4 console and ensure that the SU-42118-6 error code is cleared.

Solution 3: Initialize the console via Safe Mode

Step 1: Power off the console and leave it off for around one minute.
Step 2: Press the Power button. Hold till the console beeps twice.
Step 3: Connect your PS4 to the system. You can also pair it with the PlayStation through the use of a USB cable. 
Step 4: Next, select Initialize PS4 (Reinstall System Software).
Step 5: Click on the Yes button and hit X.
Step 6: Finally, restart the PS4 console.

Solution 4: Restore the PS4 to default settings via Safe Mode

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Fix PC Errors

Step 1: Turn off your console completely.
Step 2: Next, press the Power.  Hold till the system beeps two times.
Step 3: In the Safe Mode, attach your PS4 controller using a USB cable.
Step 4: Press the PlayStation button to pair it to the console.
Step 5: Scroll down and select the Restore Default Settings option.
Step 6: Click on Yes with the X button, and this will restore the console to default settings.


Solution 5: Investigate the BD-ROM ribbon connection 

Some users complained the error shows up again when trying to upload with a replacement HDD. You will also notice the SU-42118-6 error code is a result of faulty hardware. In most cases, the issue will be solved by Replacement of your HDD.

Step 1: Check for broken tabs, between the drive and motherboard, and if any, replace the damaged component.
Step 2: Replace the hard disc drive of your PS4 console usually removes the SU-42118-6 error code.

Solution 6: Dealing with error code (SU-42118-6)

Step 1: Go to your Notifications from the main menu.
Step 2: Next thing is to delete the Update Notification. Restart the PS4. Go to the next step if there is still no change.
Step 3: Plug your PS4 directly into an ethernet cable.

Step 4: Go to Settings from the Main Menu.
Step 5: Update with an internet connection by clicking System Software. After restarting, if there was no change, move to the next step.
Step 6: Manually download the Update File to a USB drive from here
Step 7: Make sure the file is saved by creating a folder named “PS4”. Once you have created the folder, you need to create another inside it and name it “UPDATE”.
Step 8: Save the PS4UPDATE.PUP file in the “UPDATE” folder.
Step 9: Connect the USB to your PS4.
Step 10: Select Settings.
Step 11: Select System Software Update.
Step 12: Follow the on-screen instructions.

This error code sometimes refuses to launch the game entirely. Following any one of these steps above may help you get your PS4 to behave well again. If not, try contacting support to see what they can do for you.


To avoid this error code later, it is advisable you set up automatic updates. To do this, continue on to the next step. Go to Settings from the Main Menu. Select System from the menu options.

Select Automatic Downloads and Updates. Then, click the Application Update Files. Also, if your PSVR games and apps are giving you trouble, check in with customer support.