Parsec error is one of the most frequent errors that lead to the failure of initiating the hosting functionality to your gadget. This error arises due to multiple reasons and causes disturbance for the user. One of the reasons for Parsec error 15000 is the bugging in graphics.

Moreover, when there is incorrect or improper configuration, then the user may have to experience Parsec error 15000. You can receive the error message at your desktop when your graphic drivers become outdated. However, another significant reason for this error can be conflicting streaming applications.

The main hindrance caused by this error is the failure to establish the connection. Ultimately, an error pops up on the screen which states that it is unable to initiate the functionality of hosting on the device. The code for this error is 15000.

What is Parsec Software?

A freeware proprietary software that enables the user to play games remotely and involves video streaming as well is Parsec. This desktop capturing application even allows multiple users to play the game. Gamers all over the world love to spend time in exciting games.

Playing such games enables them to feel fresh, happy, and more enthusiastic towards winning. Indeed, it sharpens their brain as well. One of the powerful software which allows the user to enjoy pc games is popular with the name of Parsec. It offers remote access for gaming to the users. The smooth functionality of the Parsec software allows the user to keep on playing as much as they like without any interruption. It indeed takes the level of gaming for the gamer to an optimum height.

Features of Parsec Software:

Parsec software comprises various stunning and impressive functions. The most fantastic benefit of it is the high performance of it. Besides this, it offers excellent flexibility to the user to attach to their laptop or computer from anywhere. It provides remote access to low latency 60fps. Playing favorite games is no more difficult now. Play the games freely across multiple devices through the use of this software. 

In this software, you get brilliant flexibility and the margin for picking favorite players to make up the team that you like. Make your choices and compete well with players, cross the game levels one after the other, and become a master of games. If a gamer wants to quench his thirst for games, then it is an excellent platform for him. It satisfies the user from various aspects and grants full support and excellent functionality to them for playing. 

How to Fix Parsec Error 15000?

There exist various methods to fix Parsec error. Users can choose the most suitable of these methods to get immediate error fixing and to relish the best experience of Parsec software. One thing that users should ensure is that the system must be compatible with the software.

Method 1:

Outdates graphic versions are unable to cope with the software and hence there exists the need for updating for it. If you are using a graphics driver that is outdated, then this software may even throw a message of Parsec error 15000 on your screen. The simple and most feasible method for fixing this error is to update the Windows OS. It involves the following steps;

  • Log in to your device from the account of the administrator
  • Look for Windows update
  • Navigate to the graphics card manufacturer site
  • Explore the drivers which associate with graphic card 
  • Get the newly updated drive quickly through the selection of download and install
  • Now, launch Parsec to evaluate its performance
  • Update your driver if your device has the integrated graphics card
  • Adjust the resolution when you are using the AMD APU. Switch it to 1280×800 for better launching and functioning of Parsec. You can even lower the resolution below 1280×800
  • Follow these quick and fabulous steps in a systematic order to get the benefit of the best Parsec functionality on your device. 

Method 2:

Many of the times, the update comes up in the system with plenty of bugs. It can harm the software and system as well. The bug can affect the graphic card driver as well. You can get the idea about this from the incidence of Intel’s graphic card driver which came into the market a few years ago. This card had a bug which affected the Parsec software and generated the error 15000. It got a release in September 2019.

  • The most suitable way of combating this issue is to roll back the driver. Yes rolling the graphic driver back from the current version to the old one can resolve the issue. 
  • After accomplishing the step of rolling back, you need to launch the software on the device and check it out that either it is working well or not.

Method 3:

Above mention, methods are the most reliable and suited method for fixing the Parsec error 15000. However, in case, when none of the above methods works for you, then do not need to take the stress at all. You can still enjoy the best performance of your Parsec by adopting another method. You can even choose to disable the streaming apps for getting rid of Parsec error 15000.

Many streaming applications are responsible for causing this error. Such streaming apps give a tough time to Parsec and affect the performance of it. 

The most common of these include Teamviewer, Game bar, NIVIDIA Shadowplay, etc. Hence, the best and swift solution is to disable these applications. It will lead to the efficient performance of Parsec. To disable such applications, you need to follow the following steps;

  • Type gaming in the search bar that would b accessible to you when you clock on the Windows key. A vast list would be open up, and you need to choose the game bar settings from there. 
  • Now, open the settings with a single click on game bar settings
  • Disable the game bar by navigating the toggle off which is available at the very right pane of Windows
  • Launch the software of Parsec and evaluate either it is free from error 15000 or not
  • It is a method to disable the game box application. You must disable other remote connection or streaming application for having a better experience of Parsec. However, booting Windows would also help you to kick out the error quickly. 

Method 4:

Let us rush to a quick fixing approach which not only resolves the issue but enhances the performance of your device as well. The potentiated performance of both Parsec and the device will let the gamer have a brilliant gaming experience. It involves the following steps;

  • Open up the device
  • Download any repair tool that you find accurate and reliable such as “Restore PC Repair Tool.”
  • After accomplishing of download, fix the issues through a single click on the start scan
  • Now, ÿou have to select the option of repair all and click on it.

You are done with fixing bugs and issues that might be causing hindrance in your gaming experience. 


Fixing the Parsec error 15000 is super quick with the above methods. The selection of the fixing method entirely depends on the cause of Parsec error which leads to the generation of it.

But, what is the error that does not resolve from all the methods given above? Well, in such a scenario, the user can get the most effective solution by deleting the old machine. After complete deleting of it, try to recreate the new one, and you are done!