Is your Pandora app unable to listen to your android device? It is probably a technical issue. The error is commonly known as Pandora Error Code 3007. In this post, I’ll be showing you how to handle this error.

What is the Pandora Error Code 3007?

The Pandora Error code 3007 occurs when your Pandora app refuses to communicate with your android device. This might be as a result of its OS, storage unit, or even when your background data is off. If you have a rooted or unofficial android device then you are also prone to the error code 3007. When this error code begins to show up on your app screen,  just try out the solutions below to get them fixed.

What Are The Solutions For The Pandora Error Code 3007?

The Pandora error code 3007 is quit peculiar to your android devices as it was designed for such. If your pandora is having technical issues on your Android device, try the following troubleshooting procedures to see if that solves your issue.

Solution 1- Basic Troubleshooting on Android

Step 1: Check your data

Clear your data for Pandora in your phone’s settings.

Start by pressing the menu key from the home screen on your device. 
Select the option that reads ‘Settings’.
Click on your Apps.
Once that is open, then select the Pandora.
Select the option for you to Clear data from the storage details page. This might require you to tap on Storage to see that option.

Step 2: Try logging in again

Return to your Pandora app, and log back into your account after completing the above steps.

Keep in mind that the steps for each Android device could be slightly different. If you find you’re still having issues with the Pandora App after completing those steps, continue onto the next section.

Solution 2- Advanced troubleshooting for Android devices

The Pandora Error Code 3007 might take far more than simple troubleshooting to fix. If you want to go a bit deeper to solve your problem then check these out. 

Step 1: Storage unit

You would need to verify if the app is installed on your phone’s local memory or an SD card. You should have the app on your local storage as it is easier to troubleshoot from there.

Step 2: Task Managers And Battery Savers

Always make power exemptions for your Pandora app. If you make use of a task manager or battery saver, ensure your Pandora is not subscribed to ii. Sometimes they could hinder its function. So, try deactivating them for your Pandora app or simply turn them off.

Step 3: Check Your Audio Settings

Try reducing your audio quality in your settings menu. If you are trying to get to your Settings follow the following procedures.

Launch your Pandora app to the station list
Tap on your Profile icon. 
Here, select the Settings gear from the top right corner of your screen.
If you’re a Pandora Premium subscriber, just select Audio Quality & Download.
If you’re not a Pandora Premium subscriber, you should Select Advanced and then uncheck Higher Quality Audio.
Then, try loading your Pandora app again. 

If the issue continues, please proceed with the instructions in the next section.

However, you should consider that the steps to find certain settings on Android devices can be different. It all depends on the type of Android phone you are using, as well as what Android OS you have running. Well, if you’re having trouble completing these steps, try contacting your device’s manufacturer. They would provide further help with navigating their operating system.

Solution 3 – Disable your Android Battery Optimization

If you are still getting the Pandora error code 3007, then check that you have Battery Optimization for Pandora disabled in the Android settings. If you have the settings enabled, then you can follow these quick steps to get it disabled.

Go to your device manager.
Click on your battery or battery usage option.
Check out the settings on your device and click the option that reads, ‘optimize battery usage’.
Now you can scroll down to find your Pandora app. Once you have found it. ensure that optimization has been turned off or you turn it off yourself.

Note: The Pandora is not supported if you’ve rooted, unlock your phone, and is an unofficial OS release or custom ROMs. This solution is functional only, with Pandora’s apps that have been fully tested.  This would ensure that your application works correctly and would not affect the functions of the device.

If you’re facing any trouble completing these steps, try contacting your device’s manufacturer. They are expected to provide you with further help when navigating their operating system.

Solution 4 – Remove Your Background Restrictions

If you don’t like it when all your apps are allowed to function in the background. Well, when it comes to Pandora, ensure that you have your device set to allow Pandora to run in the background. 

If you want to fix this setting, follow through with these steps:

From your home screen or app drawer press and hold the Pandora icon.
Click on the icon for access to your App info.
Next, click on advanced and then select battery.

Here, you should Confirm that Background restriction is set to “App can use the battery in the background”. However, if your Background restriction states “Restricted”, then tap on your Background restriction to remove the restriction. If you are still facing the error then it might be from Pandora’s server itself. So, I’d suggest that you wait a while with hopes of it getting fixed.


If all of these solutions fail on your Pandora app them you might consider uninstalling the app. Though the Pandora error code 3007 shouldn’t lead you to this point, you can still seek help from the Pandora support center. In conclusion, all the info I detailed in the solution should get your app running again.