“We’re having trouble playing this title right now. Please try again later or try a different title.” AKA Netflix error tvq-pm-100 is a streaming error code. Have you ever come across this error while trying to stream your favorite movie or series? What did you do?

In this text, I will be taking you through what it is, what causes it, and the various troubleshooting tips for resolving it. Sometimes while streaming your favorite shows on Netflix, you might experience an error that will put a stop to your binge-watching.

This error could be caused by a variety of reasons, it might be a problem on your end or could even be the server’s fault. Here, we would be showing you how to fix the Netflix error-tvq-pm 100.

What is The Error tvq-pm-100 on Netflix?

Netflix Error TVQ-PM-100 is an error that occurs when your streaming device lacks Widevine L1 support. This is a basic necessity for a smooth Netflix operation.

There is an interruption in Streaming of videos hence limited to no viewership obtained. In most cases, there is usually unnecessary data in your cache that may need to be cleared before this issue gets resolved.

First of all, what is this thing that is keeping you from enjoying your downtime? This is an error that pops up unexpectedly while you’re streaming something on Netflix. It might even be accompanied by the message: “Having trouble playing the title.

Please select a different title or try again later”. If you’ve experienced this and are confused about what could be causing it then read ahead.


What exactly is Widevine L1 support?

This is Google’s Digital Rights Management(DRM) system that is a necessity to enable streaming from any online video platform.

Most video services don’t permit some devices to stream series, movies, or TV programs that exceed 480p because of the DRM protection. The DRM protection governs against unauthorized copyright activities.

How Widevine L1 Works

It puts into action standard content protection measures during streaming until a video is delivered to the viewer. It uses a series of encryptions to lessen on the Sp’s side.

This is done by ensuring the best streaming level is chosen and used by the receiver device.

Streaming levels are in three categories, L3, L2, and L1. Netflix, in particular, uses the L1 level. Most Android devices are either compatible with L1 or L3 levels of security depending on their operating software.

Widevine doesn’t require any licensing fees hence devices that lack it can not attribute this to any extra costs or charges.

What causes the Netflix Error tvq-pm 100?

The problem could be either be on your side and Netflix’s side. Let’s look at what could be wrong on your side.

1. Internet connectivity
If your streaming service stops working then the problem could be as simple as your internet not co-operating. Internet connectivity is needed for streaming so if there’s an issue with that then you might be seeing this message.

2. Device Lag

The problem could be either be on your side and Netflix’s side. Let’s look at what could be wrong on your side.

3. Stored DATA

Sometimes the information that we have stored on our device could be inconsequential to the device itself but could cause errors like these to occur. And by the information, we mean caches, extra cookies, etc.

The device you’re streaming on could also be causing this error to occur. Whether it is your smart TV, smartphone, laptop, or any other device, lagging could be the problem.

How To Fix Netflix Error tvq-pm-100 (4 Different Methods)

Nobody wants to get an error notification in the middle of their favoriteTV series. Here, I am going to give you troubleshooting hacks that can help you in case you encounter tvq-pm-100.

Method 1:Restart Your Device

Start by unplugging your device from the main power source on the wall.
Leave it unplugged for about 60 seconds
Plug it back and switch it on
The error should be cleared by now. If not, move to the second step.

Method 2:Restart Your Connection

Disconnect all secured connection from your router to the device you are using
Like you did with the device, unplug your router from the main socket on the wall.
Leave it off for a few seconds then reconnect it to your gadget.

Try streaming your videos from Netflix and see if it works.
Contact your internet service provider if your network shows any signs of failure.
You may also want to change to a different connection and see if the error can clear.

Method 3:Clear Netflix Data and Cache

Go to the browser settings depending on the device you are using.
Find applications on the settings menu.
Click on applications and maneuver your way to ‘manage installed apps’
Scroll down to Netflix and click to select.
Select clear cache. You should note that these are temporary files that the application stores.

Clear Netflix Data and Cache
Relaunch Netflix after you clear cache.
If you don’t resume normal viewership, go back to the same process and this time clear data.
Return to the main screen and try to log in again.  Remember you may require your login credentials at this point.

Method 4: Uninstall  and Reinstall Netflix On your Device

This is the process of completely deleting the app from your device.

Go to settings.
Then click on applications.
Scroll down and select Netflix.
In the options bar, click uninstall.
This erases all the application’s data from your device alongside deleting it.
Reboot your gadget, then install Netflix afresh. This action may erase all downloads that were previously on your device; you may need to download afresh once reinstallation is complete.
After these your application should be up and running well.

Find out if Netflix had issued a disruption notice

Sometimes you may be struggling with the above troubleshooting tips unawares of a maintenance or outage notice previously issued by Netflix. To find this out, visit their website and see what they have to say about their services in your area.

Do an in application Network check

Go to the settings menu on Netflix application.
Scroll down to Get help.
Click on Check Your Network. This will run a quick network search and check every completed level. If one level remains unchecked,it may indicate an issue with your home network. Try rebooting your internet.
If the network is working fine, then you may continue to the next step and reload Netflix.
In case you are unable to navigate your way to the settings menu, click on the ‘more details’ option on the error message.

Do an in application Network check

Contact Netflix Customer Care Service

This option is simplified in most netflix applications. You don’t have to goole their customer care contact or use your dial pad.

Go to your application.
Select more options.
Click Help.
Choose an option that you want to use. You can either contact them through a call or a chat.
In most cases this is usually the last resort.


Netflix error tvq-pm-100 is mostly caused by lack of widevine Level 1 license in devices. This is usually a free license and  a necessity for optimal functioning of your application. When troubleshooting, always ensure that you start from the very basic tips as you escalate to complex ones or until you call the customer care if all ways don’t work.