In this article, we take a look at fixing one of the most common issues out there. The error code: ui3010. Though disruptive and very frustrating, this issue can also be fixed with relative ease.  So, let’s get to it, shall we? Without further ado, read on to find out how to fix error code: ui3010!

There is nothing more frustrating than when Netflix stops working. These errors, through no fault of your own, tend to happen to everyone at some point. But, if you’re to get movie night back on track, it’s essential that you be able to fix error codes in real-time.

What causes the error code: ui3010?

The error code: ui3010 can point to one of several problems. Often enough the issue is simply a problem with connectivity. In other words, Netflix is, for whatever reason, having a hard time cooperating with the network. 

However, sometimes, the problem is a little bit more complicated than that. In other situations, the issue may refer to a problem with a file on your system cache. In this situation, a little bit more effort is required on your part.

What does Netflix error code ui3010 Mean

Netflix Error Code ui3010 though frustrating, is also pretty accessible in terms of solutions. Granted, some of the potential solutions will be more challenging than others. Nevertheless, the ultimate reality is that almost anyone can fix this problem. All it takes is some patience, and the ability to follow very basic instructions.  Now that you have an idea of what is happening, here are a few fixes to the problem.

How Do You Fix It?

Step 1: Make Sure You are Connected to the Internet

One of the most obvious reasons that Netflix can’t connect is because there is an issue with the internet. Before you go to any great lengths to solve this problem, make sure that you have access to wifi. Worst case scenario, you may need to wait until wifi problems can sort themselves out. Where connectivity problems don’t exist, you can follow the steps below. 

Step 2: Restart Netflix

The majority of Netlfix error codes resolve themselves. Often enough, if you give the system a few minutes and then hit refresh it will be back up and running. You may even decide to restart your device if you want to improve your odds of success. 

Hitting refresh or exiting out of and then rebooting the browser may also be sufficient. If you’ve played around with this solution and it has not worked, other solutions may be necessary. 

Step 3: Restart the Modem

Even if you do have internet access, connectivity problems can often be solved by restarting the modem. Since every modem is a little bit different, we cannot offer direct instructions as to how to do this. Consult your user manual to ensure that you are performing the recommended steps. In general, when performing this fix, it is good to allow several minutes for your hardware to boot back up. 

Step 4: Plugin Directly

You may also find it helpful to plug directly into your modem using an ethernet cable. To do this, perform the instructions on the device. Though this solution may limit your mobility, it is a highly effective means of correcting connectivity issues.

Step 5: Clear Cached Data

If none of these other, simpler solutions have worked, you may need to clear cached data from your browser. We recommend taking this step last, as it is the most complicated option, and may ultimately prove unnecessary. 

To perform this, simply go into your browser, hit, clear browser history, and then select “for all time”. Generally, clearing browser histories is a fast fix that can be done in several minutes. However, it’s worth noting that every browser is different.

Consequently, you may find it necessary to research what steps the browser you use requires. In any case, it is comparatively rare that your data cache is causing connectivity problems. However, in general, it may be prudent to periodically clear your browser history to reduce your risk of encountering these sorts of problems. 

Step 6: Give it Time

If all else fails, you may simply need to give your setup time to sort itself out. Connectivity issues are very common with Netflix, and while they often last only for minutes, sometimes they stick around. The steps listed above are highly effective, and usually, the most simple solution is best. 

However, in the unlikely event that none of the above work, it may be best to give it an hour or so. Netflix is among the biggest streaming sites in existence. Typically, error codes have a way of fixing themselves with time. 


None of us want to see an error code while we are trying to watch our Netflix. However, as this guide has hopefully shown, fixing problems as they occur is possible. Though the error code may disrupt your evening, it’s nothing you can’t fix. 

When the error messages are a little less specific, other steps may be required. For example, restarting your modem is a common way to fix Netflix problems. When you’ve tried everything else to no avail, it’s also worth noting that the company has good customer service. While no one wants to jump through those hoops, you may ultimately find it worthwhile to bit the bullet.

The good news? The vast majority of the time such steps will not be necessary. By following the steps listed above, most people will have their Netflix up and running in no time.