Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website (12001)

Did you get this annoying Netflix Error Code 12001 on your phone, tablet or nook device ? At this point, I imagine you are already tried a few things. However, before we go ahead with calling the Netflix customer service, let’s try a few easy solutions.

I know those may seem simple but if you call customer service they will make you go thru those before activating advanced troubleshooting. My hope is to save you the hold time on the phone. 


What is Error Code 12001 on Netflix?

Also known as a runtime error, Error 12001 commonly affects android devices. It occurs when there is a malfunction in the data retrieval process. This may either be due to the existing data being old, timed out, or corrupted. This makes it hard for the affected devices’ memory to process the required data and stream it to the viewer. 

It is important to note, also, that this is a similar error that occurs in iPhones and other iPad users. In these devices, there is error 1101 and 1102 respectively.

Causes of Error 12001 on Netflix

Mostly, it is reported to be as a result of program malfunction. This may be caused by a bug resulting from a given virus, or it may come about from issues brought about by your device’s memory. 

Your app’s memory may be full or scrambled. In this case, a lot of new files may be adding up to the storage while old ones get deleted simultaneously.

Other common causes for this particular error are:

Limited or full android device storage
Internet failure
Limited internet supply 
Non-compatibility of programs that run at the same time 
Bad graphic drives

There is, however, no particular problem that can be permanently linked to this error. This means that at any given point you or another viewer experiences this error, it can either be due to any of the above causes.

How To fix Netflix Error 12001

Several hacks can guarantee you a continuous smooth viewership post the annoying error notification on your android screen. All you need is a little patience since most of these fixes will require complete logging out or even restarting your device.

Most common and recommended fixes are:

Restarting your Android device
Clearing  your application’s memory and cache
Resetting your wi-fi router
Changing the ISP or wi-fi network 

1.Try Restarting Your Android Device

The aim of restarting your device is to make data load afresh in an attempt to ensure complete loading.

Doing this involves very few yet simple steps that I am sure you have probably ever done before when solving a different problem on your android device. In any case, you have never rebooted your device, then we will go over the necessary steps below:

Locate the power button or the shutdown settings shortcut on your device.(the power button is mostly located on the top part or the side of the device).
Long press the button or select the power off options on the shortcut settings.
On the options provided, {power off, restart, or emergency mode} select restart.
Confirm your selection when prompted to and key in your PIN or use biometrics depending on your settings.
Wait for your device to fully restart after entering your PIN.
Go to Netflix on your apps and resume watching.

Sorted, right? That was easy like I promised. Wait, what if it didn’t work? Let’s see option 2, shall we?

Restart Your Android Device

2. Clear your application’s Memory and Cache.

So, restarting your android device has failed to ensure you resume watching your amazing series.  What next?

Let’s start with clearing Netflix application’s data.

In your device, go to settings then locate applications. 
Search for Netflix and  go to its apps storage,
You will notice various calculations of used app data and options to clear data and cache.
Choose both options and click OK. You will notice the calculations are all reset to 0B.

That’s it. Your problem is sorted. Restart your Netflix app, grab some popcorn, and watch your evening away.

You need to note that in case you have downloaded episodes or movies to watch while offline, clearing your cache and memory will see them being deleted. You may be required to download afresh if you have not watched the affected downloads.

3.Reset Your Wi-fi Router

In some instances, this error may be resulting from external factors to your android device. In this case, your internet connection. Yes, your wi-fi may be the root cause of this error. Here are a few steps to ensure you resume viewership faster. 

Ensure you disconnect all previous connections to your android device.
Locate the power button on your wi-fi box or router and turn it off.
Unplug from the main power source and allow it a few minutes of rest.
Reconnect to the power source and switch it on.
Connect your android device and continue watching.

Reset Your Wi-fi Router

4. Change your ISP or wi-fi Network

You may consider using a different Internet service provider or connecting your device to a different wifi network when all the above hacks prove futile. This is to rule out any malfunction or connection issue on your router or ISP end.  If you can, please try to access a nearby Wifi Network to test if that solves the problem.

In summary

In most if not all cases, if you follow all the steps above,  you should be to solve this Netflix error 12001. However, If you are still getting the error Kindly contact your internet service provider to ensure there are no issues with your router’s connection to the local network. Finally, if all that doesn’t work contact Netflix customer service and advice them that you went thru those standard operating procedures.