The MIP error message is common among Android-based mobile phones. It blocks off the data service on your device, making it impossible to connect to the internet. Because it’s a random software error, it leaves you virtually handicapped.

The next time you get the MIP 67 error popup on your phone, alter your network to resolve it. Do this by clicking on the “Setting” icon on your mobile phone. Next, select the “Network Settings” and then you click and apply the “CDMA” option. 

It may take your mobile phone a few seconds to adjust to the new mobile network, but it would clear off the error. There are other ways to eliminate this popup mobile error code. Read through this article to learn about them.

MIP 67 Error

You can clear the MIP 67 error by merely swapping the network. The error code is unpredictable and pops up at the wrong time. However, below are some ways to get rid of it and get back your data network.


Make modifications to your network settings by swapping it from CDMA to LTE or vice versa. This simple change can be all you would need to do so the mobile network returns. Follow these few steps to change the settings;

  1. Open Settings on your mobile phone
  2. Search through for network and connections
  3. Click on mobile network 
  4. Select CDMA to LTE ( or reverse the network if it’s already in CDMA)
  5. Apply the new network setting.

Further, you need to make sure your service is up to date. 

  1. Click on the Setting icon on your mobile
  2. Select the “General” option
  3. Tap on “System update” and finally update the device.
  4. Next, check that service has returned to your mobile phone, and you can now make phone calls or use the mobile data connection.

Reboot Your Smartphone 

Rebooting your device can eliminate the error message from your screen. As with most malfunctioning gadgets, a restart clears the previous error and allows the network return. To do this, long-press the power button and select the restart option on your phone or turn your device off and on.

Alter your APN setting

Clearly, the MIP 67 error is network related, so altering the APN would help. After making modifications to the setting, it is ideal you update the new model to the most recent system update. Your best bet to updating your phone APN is to call your network customer service number. They would assist you in doing it. In most cases, the Network provider would reply or forward the new APN directly to your phone. When you receive the APN message from your service provider, click and open it, and then save it. 

Reboot your mobile and confirm the error message has cleared.

System Update

An older system update is a possible explanation for the MIP 67 error. When you do not respond to updates notifications, your phone continues to run on outdated updates. An updated system is fortified to tackle malware attacks. However, it prevents network-related issues like MIP 67 error. To update your phone; follow these steps

  1. Click on setting on your phone
  2. Select the system option in its menu popup
  3. Tap on system update and download new and available ones
  4. Apply the latest update.

Update The PRL

Returning to stock helps resolve the MIP 67 error especially if you boost your mobile phone to the kernel. A weak network connection is another reason why the MIP 67 error is displaying on your screen. Confirm that you have a strong network connection and coverage in your location; you can call your network provider to ask.

Ensure that the ESN and your mobile SIM number can work together. As long as they match, you are less likely to have this network problem. To update your mobile’s PRL

  1. Click on the menu button.
  2. Select settings and update your PRL.
  3. Reboot the mobile phone and confirm that the MIP 67 error has cleared.

Modify MSID

If you erroneous configure the MSID in your mobile phone, it can inhibit network coverage on it. Change the default MSID on your device with another to resolve the network issue. Contact your network provider for a new MSID. 

However, follow these instructions to get one yourself.

  1. Dial ##847446# on the mobile phone having the MIP 67 error code.
  2. Call the code and scroll through your mobile phone.
  3. Click ok, and then tap the MSID option.
  4. Type the MSID recently released by your network provider
  5. Select Done
  6. Restart the device, confirm that the error code has cleared and the network connection has returned.

Wi-Fi Connections

The Wi-Fi connection option does not solve the error message issue, but it allows you to connect to the internet. Use your home or office Wi-Fi and confirm if the error code is still visible on your screen.

Factory Reset

A factory reset would restore all input, data, and setting to how it was at the point of sale. It is the last possible option to troubleshoot your mobile phone. The reset will alter whatever setting caused the MIP error code to show up. It is crucial to point out that this method would wipe off all your information on the mobile.

What Is The MIP 67 Error?

The acronym MIP represents Mobile Internet Protocol. It is an unexpected popup network issue prevalent in the Android community. The error message suddenly displays on your mobile phone while you surf the web.  The primary objective of the MIP is to assist Android devices to connect to their mobile data.

When the mobile protocol encounters a software anomaly or a cache issue, it causes it to malfunctions. Whenever you try to connect to the web, the error message MIP 67error shows on your screen; it restricts mobile phone internet access through mobile data connections.

What Causes The Error Message

The primary reason for the error code is “authentication failure” on the mobile network. It means the Aircard is not receiving adequate network coverage from the service operator. That’s why each time your mobile attempts to connect to the web, an error popup message shows on your mobile phone. An Aircard is a part of the hardware accessory on a CDMA network device. The device uses it to connect to network coverage without wire connections.

How To Fix MIP 67 Error Sprint

Sprint model phones may occasionally give the MIP error messages. The mobile displays it as a screen popup. It would usually show up after you receive an SMS from VM or initiate an internet connection. The error message is “Unable to establish a wireless data connection. Please select Update Profile to correct this problem. If the problem persists, please contact the phone company.”

To rectify the MIP 67 error message on your sprint device, follow these troubleshooting suggestions.

  1. Utilize Hboot recovery
  2. Rectify connection problems
  3. Reboot mobile phone
  4. Remove and reinsert mobile device battery
  5. Alter the existing MSID
  6. Conduct system update
  7. Swap network settings 

 To further explain the sprints troubleshooting suggestions;

Utilize Hboot Recovery

Run the Hboot recovery program on your mobile device; it would rectify the network issue.

Rectify Connectivity Problem

The MIP 67 error is a network-based issue that you can fix by calling the network provider. Lay a complaint with them, and they would give you feedback that would help.

Reboot The Mobile Phone

Rebooting works often; turn off and on your mobile phone. Alternatively, use the restart option on your device after closing all the applications.

Remove And Reinsert The Battery

Decipher the error code issue by removing and putting back your mobile battery. Please turn off the device, remove the battery, wipe it and put it in.

Alter The Existing MSID

Change the MSID and replace it with another one. You can get a replacement from your network provider. Call them, state your issues, and they would reward a new one via SMS. Open the message and save it.

Conduct System Update

The system update contains the latest version of all the software and profiles your mobile needs. Download and apply the new setting on your device to get rid of the MIP error 67 

Swap Network Settings

The swapping of the network remains the easiest troubleshooting method. It is an auto-fix in most cases, as there may be a configuration issue with the network coverage.


The MIP error 67 code is a pop mobile protocol message. It inhibits the device access from connecting to the internet. The reasons for the network issue are a lot, ranging from outdated firmware profiles to mismatched ESN. Utilize the different methods above to get rid of the popup and connect to the internet without stress.