Minecraft is an exciting game that allows you to show your creativity by building your 3D world. Many gamers have reported encountering server issues while playing the game. This issue could be due to minor problems like bugs and errors. Minecraft Server Can’t Keep Up is a common issue that can ruin your gaming experience.  But it can be fixed. In this article, I will guide you through a couple of troubleshooting tips to help you tackle this problem.

Common Reasons For Minecraft Server

Minecraft server issues could be a result of the following. 

1.You have too many mods/plugins. Your server is running out of RAM.
2.You are located too far away from the server.
3.You are using a version of Minecraft that is out of date.
4.You have too many entities or items in your world.
5.You have too many mods/plugins.
6.Your server is running out of RAM.

How to fix Minecraft Server Issues 

There are a few solutions that you can try out to fix Minecraft server issues. Just follow the steps below.

Solution 1: Check if Your Server Is Running Out of RAM

RAM is used to store your player/entity/plugin/mod/chunk data. Your server’s JVM does a lot more work to keep up when you don’t have enough RAM. This activity causes issues on your Minecraft server. Minecraft has no built-in methods for checking RAM usage. You can check the RAM usage by following these steps;

Step 1: Install Essentials plugin and use the command “/memory.” 
Step 2:  Check if the amount of Free memory is less than 100MB. If it is, then the lag may be a result of your server running out of RAM.

Solution 2: Check Server TPS

TPS means ticks per second. It is used to measure the performance and stability of Minecraft servers. It has a maximum value of 20.00TPS. If your server runs at a TPS value of say 20, this means that your server will update 20 times every second.

You can check the server’s TPS by following these steps;

  • Step 1: Install Essentials plugin and use the command “/memory.” Step 2: Check your server’s TPS.Alternatively, if you’re running Spigot, you can use the command “/tps” without installing the Essentials plugin. The TPS value of your server should be around 19 to 20 for your server to run at its top speed.

    Solution 3: Reduce view distance

    By default, the Minecraft server runs at a view distance of 10. Changing your view distance to 6 will improve your server performance without making any notable difference to players. 

    Solution 4: Setup automated restarts

    Setting up an automatic restart will free up your server RAM usage and make your server smoother. And also reclaim RAM that is used by plugins and mods with small memory leaks. 

    Solution 5: Run the latest version

    Use the latest version of Minecraft, plugins, and mods on your server. The newer versions of software always include bug fixes and performance improvements. These improvements will make your server run faster and more stable.

    Solution 6: Use Spigot

    Change your server JAR to Spigot. Spigot is on top of Craftbukkit, and all your Bukkit plugins will work with Spigot without needing to make any changes. This operation will improve your server.

    Solution 7: Remove unnecessary mods and plugins

    Unused plugins and mods on the server consume server resources even though the plugins and mods are not in use. You should remove all unnecessary mods and plugins from the server. Disable any plugins you intend to use in the future. You can disable plugins adding “.disable.” to the name of the plugin .jar file. E.g Essentials.jar.disable. 

    You can enable the plugin again by removing “.disable” from the plugin name.

    Solution 8: Use ClearLagg plugin

    ClearLagg plugin has many great features that you can use to reduce lag on your server. The following commands that you can use to minimize lag with this plugin. 

    /lagg clear – Removes all entities on the server.

    /lagg killmobs – Removes all mobs on the server.

    /lagg chunk – Locate possibly laggy chunks.

    /lagg unloadchunk – Unload unneeded chunks.

    /lagg gc – Attempts to free RAM.

    You can set auto clear mobs/entities once the server reaches a specified number of mobs/entities on configuring this plugin.

    Solution 9: Use WorldBorder plugin or default Minecraft border

    Using the default Minecraft border will improve the performance of your server. With this plugin, the server does not have to generate new chunks when players access it. This plugin helps you limit the size of your world.

    If you are far from where your server is, it will take longer for packets from your PC to reach the server. This lag is because your Minecraft client will send every action to the server, and the server will confirm these actions and send it back to other players and to your client.

    You can find latency or ping to your server by accessing the command prompt on your PC and using the commands below. Don’t include the port number. Enter only the server IP address.

  • For Windows operating system:ping -n 5 <server_ip>Mac/Linux:ping -c 5 <server_ip>This command will run for a few seconds.Your latency to the server should not be higher than 200ms. If it is, you are too far away from the server. Therefore, you should stay close to your server to get the best latency possible. 


    Various players of the game often encounter Minecraft server issues. A variety of reasons usually causes it. This problem ruins your gaming experience, but you can fix it. I have shown you the solutions needed to fix it and get your Minecraft running smoothly again. Now it’s your turn to perform these solutions and fix this problem.