Sundown Audio is known for its production and distribution of top-notch Amplifiers, Speakers, Subwoofers, Discontinued Speakers/Subwoofers/Amplifiers, and other accessories.

The company has made its life mission to manufacture and distribute products that meet up standards in terms of quality.

Apart from that,  Sound Audio products are designed to stand the test of time. When you decide on any of their products, there is a 2 years warranty on all your purchases.

Chances are you are not familiar with your Audio products? It’s probably the first time you came across the name. If that’s the case, a leap of faith could make a fan of Sundown Audio for life.

Here, we will provide answers to bulging questions on the brand. These questions cut across the manufacturing team, the brand’s speakers/subwoofer, and many more.

Who Makes Sundown Audio?

Although, there is glint data on the historical background of the company. One thing we know for sure is that Sundown Audio was pioneered by Jacob Fuller in his garage back in 2006. Presently, the production takes place in Newtown, NC, United States of America.

He was just 23 when he decided to go into the car audio industry. It’s no secret that the industry entails so many exciting products and innovations. But Jacob makes the amplifier and subwoofer his main focus.

With the help of his buddy from high school, Brandon Sparks (now head of operation), he was able to get the Car Audio company started. Today, Sundown Audio is one of the top Sound Pressure levels (SPL).

Initially, Sundown Audio’s first two products were speakers imported from South Korea (SAX100.2”1 and SAZ1500D). Much later, Jacob Fuller considered manufacturing.

The company experienced sporadic sales with the launch of the SA Subwoofer value line with high power handling between 2009 to 2010. The product was capable of handling up to 1,000 watts.

Are Sundown Speakers Good?

As earlier mentioned, Sundown Audio products are first in line when it comes to top-quality, designs, and durability. With that said, their speakers do not fall short of these standards.

A lot of people confuse speakers with amplifiers. But they are quite different. Simply put,  speakers make sound, amplifiers make speakers sound. And as you’ve known, Sundown Audio manufactures and distributes the two. The focus here is on the speakers.

Are Sundown speakers good?

Well, let’s find out together. When you check the brand’s website, you will see that their speakers are in two categories – Speakers and Discontinued Speakers.

Sundown has a collection of 6 different speakers namely Sa-2.75FR v2, SA-65CS v3, VEX Series (Midrange), SA-6.5CX v2, NeoPro v3, and SA-69CX. On the other hand, the Discontinued Speakers include SA-65CS v2. SD-65, NeoPro v1, SA-6.5CX, NeoPro v1, SXMP, SA-2.75FR v1, and SA-5.25CX.

Shortly, we will walk through the features and properties of some of these aforementioned speakers and discontinued speakers by Sundown Audio.

NeoPro V3

The Sundown speaker is a perfect solution to the weak mid-bass sound from the pro sound style speakers in a car’s door. The truth is a lot of pro-style speakers are made to fit into protected boxes.

And that is because they are often recycled club and DJ speakers. But the V3 speaker is made for car audio use only. These speakers give off a smooth sound and have a great output.


The next on the list is also known as the SA Coaxial Speakers. And they are off the same cast frame as the component with cone material.

The sound from the SA component is said to be coaxial. It comes with an in-built crossover capacitor for the tweeter. Also, the speaker enables mid to roll off without hassle.

SA-2.75FR V1

The discontinued speaker is rated 20 watts of the RMS power-based. SA-2.75FR V1 serves as the replacement for the 2.75.speakers in most new cars.

It also comes with an in-built crossover capacitor that is capable of blocking any frequency below 200 Hz for systems without the external crossover. Apart from that, it is Neo based design that is made up of split gap tech to minimize distortion.


The Sundown discontinued speaker comes with high sensitivity and outstanding frequency response. It has a water-resistant paper cone that gives off a natural sound. SXMP also has a similar aluminum frame as the NeoPro collection.

NeoPro V1

The discontinued speaker is Sundown Audio’s compact Neo-based Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Series.

They are designed with no readily available specifications. Are you looking for the absolute highest motor force for your SPL application? Then you should consider Sundown Audio’s NeoPro V1.

The frame, coil, and suspension are designed to fit into most SPL applications.

SA-65CS V2

When Sundown Audio set out to create the SA series component, the brand had the vision of creating something unique, special, that upholds the brand’s reputation line of subwoofers.  something to uphold the reputation of the SA series subwoofer line.

The SA series started with its custom-made midrange driver. It comes with a high-quality cast aluminum basket as its starting point. Furthermore, the cone is a blend of wool fibers and paper made to dampen unnecessary resonances.

The dust cap is made of aluminum and its size, material, and shape are carefully selected so it’d create the sound you are seeking for.

Also, the surroundings of the discontinued speaker are of compliant rubber that ensures that the remaining edge resonances within the cone are tamed. However, in any of the midranges, the cone, surround, and dust cap is essential to the sound.

Moreso, to enhance the linear excursion and feature a full 6mm one-way linear excursion the motor was FEA-optimized. The v2 SA component adds up a large magnet ID faraday ring.

That also makes sure that the inductive distortion is kept to the barest minimum. It has a 1oo watt per side power rating on the SA mid which is from an intense 8 hours test.


The Sundown Audio discontinued speaker comes with a custom-made midrange driver. Other than that, the mid has a high rugged stamped steel as its starting point.

The cone is designed with wool fiber and a blend of paper to dampen all kinds of unwanted resonances. Also, the cap is polypropylene. The size, shape, and design are aimed at creating a specific sound.

The surrounds are of compliant rubber that ensures that any resonances within the cone are tamed. Also, the dust cap and the surround are essential t0 the sound that comes within the midrange of the cone. To enhance the linear excursion and feature a full 6mm one-way linear excursion the motor was FEA-optimized.

The v2 SA component adds up a large magnet ID faraday ring. That also ensures that the inductive distortion is kept to the barest minimum. It has a 60 watt per side power rating on the SA mid which is from an intense 8 hours test. A 12 DB network that centered at 3800 Hz with top-quality Mylar capacitor and inductors.

From the descriptions of some of the Sundown Audio speakers and customer reviews.

It is safe to say that the brand speakers are considered the best competition for audio bass. Also, each of these speakers serves a different purpose, it is paramount that you weigh your options and consider your usage before deciding on any speaker.

Best Sundown Subwoofer

Sound Audio has different series Subwoofers namely SD-4 series, SLD series, E series, SA series, U series, X series, NS series, Z series, and the LCS series. But we will only examine a few of these Subwoofers series.

LCS Series

The LCS series is considered the budget-friendly option of all the SA Subwoofers. As expected, the LCS models are not so beautifully crafted when compared to other SA Subwoofer models. But they throw off bass. They are ideal for a daily commute or weekend cruising.

SA Series

The next Subwoofer series on the list is the starter series that the brand manufactured for car audio competition. From the features to the pricing, to the performance, everything about the series is high-end.

Also, the cones, driver motors, magnets, and surrounds are made of durable materials. With 750 watts RMS, Sundown Audio Subwoofers is capable of some serious sonic hurt. They are lightweight and shallow than other SA subwoofers.

X Series

With the X Series Subwoofer, you won’t be sacrificing performance for a lightweight. When you decide on these subwoofers, you will get better heat dissipation. Also, most bass heads comes with massive amplifiers. The big cone subs in the X series are 1500 watts RMS.


By now, I believe you will agree that Sundown Audio is a good brand. The brand is one of the leading brands in the car audio industry.

Although the brand started out with the importation of speakers from South Korea. Today, the brand manufactures speakers, amplifiers, and other accessories.