Skar Audio has lately grown and become famous as the most prominent car audio brand in the market. Many people have positive reviews for Skar Audio because of its diverse and massive car audio products.

They include budget components for the greenhorn car audio enthusiasts and premium components with high prices for dedicated bass heads and audio lovers! Therefore, Skar Audio ensures to have something for everyone.

Wondering what made Skar Audio a famous brand amongst others? Well, we have a detailed overview of the history, products, pricing, and characteristics for you to decide if Skar Audio is a good brand for you or not.

This is not all they have because value and selection alone cannot be regarded as characteristics of an excellent audio brand.

Skar Audio products can vary from $90 – $600. From subwoofers and amplifiers to offering the best speakers, Skar Audio is recognized for providing affordable and high-quality audio products.

This article will discuss why Skar Audio is an ideal pick for you. Feel free to scroll through and find out some of the frequently asked questions about Skar Audio below.

Who Owns the Skar Audio

Kevin S developed Skar Audio from Tampa, Florida, initially birthed by Jacob Fuller at Sundown Audio. However, after a short journey together, they separated their way leaving behind Skar Audio to travel on another path.

Kevin inaugurated Skar Audio in 2010. It VVX 1 was a Sundown Design, and as per many enthusiasts, those were the best Skar Audio subwoofer ever.

Kevin then focused on selling to Brick-and-Mortar dealers and on an online platform, the first platform being sonic electronics. After some time, off work, they ended ties and jumped to sell the products directly to the consumer.

With this change, some of the dealers stayed with Skar on board. The company, by then, stopped focusing on connecting with new dealers but instead concentrated on e-commerce channels like eBay, Amazon, and Walmart.

The company then progressed into the business with the vision of designing and manufacturing top-quality car audio products. Currently, Skar Audio competes for heads on with some of the best car audio brands prevailing worldwide, which have been in the market for ages.

What Products Skar Audio Offers? 

Skar Audio is a performance-oriented SPL car audio products company that includes some basic level marine audio products to premium quality products. A highlighted characteristic of Skar Audio products is their focus on budgeted products and the watt amount you are searching for.

Their platform offers almost all kinds of products, they comply with the basic standards regardless of how little the users pay. Furthermore, all products delivered to hold up to the warranty come with a long lifetime with appropriate installation.

The Skar Audio does not include a sound quality with more enormous loudspeakers and low-end enriched subwoofers. As for the amplifiers are a hit or miss with LP and RP durability, with some believing it to be the best while some review it as just a blow-up. However, with the diverse views present, they seem worth trying.

The DDX And ZV series subwoofers (China) and Korean-built amplifiers have many promising results. The audio quality is much impressive, and the average rating for the product was 4.2 stars from 5 stars.

Now, we will look in detail at Skar Audio highlighted products from the diverse range of products offered by the platform.


Skar Audio manufactures some of the products, and one of such products is subwoofers which are one of the most popular products of the brand. Skar Audio includes multiple series of subwoofers categorized based on their wattage output. The highest present is the ZVXV2 series which reaches up to 3,200 watts!

Skar Audio also includes multiple sizes ranging from 8-inch subs to deep hard-hitting subs of 18 inches. In addition, you can select your subwoofers from various voice coil configurations.

The best part is that the product is all in an affordable range regardless of the features it includes. As per many experts, they endorsed Skar Audio subwoofers for beginner audiophiles.


The Skar Audio amplifiers are present to assist boost up passive systems. The producers have graciously categorized them into better, compact, and best classifications. There are even additional marine-grade amplifiers that are diverse and long-lasting.


Skar Audio is a critical player in the speaker industry. Similar to the classification provided by Skar Audio for Amplifiers they, have a variety of speakers too. They start with the good category to best and then finally to the insane sort.

You can also check out pro audio products and component speakers, which perform well as replacements or added parts to the present system. You can also look for marine-grade speakers built with extra-durability construction.

Along with the speakers, there are individual tweeters present from the brand, which, as per the experts, assist significantly with the lows and mids.

Some Other Products

Are you wondering what else Skar Audio has to offer along with speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, and amplifiers? Skar Audio has an incredible range to cater to all possible needs.

They also include empty enclosers, which can keep component drivers for their brand or any other brand. You may also find amplifier kits, wiring, and equalizers, along with several other products.

Why is Skar Audio So Cheap?

People always talk about Skar Audio being extremely affordable and cheap where some consider it as good quality, and some believe it bad.

They include low prices as they are brand referred to as “Manpacturer” because they rarely build anything or design anything. Therefore, they have few to no engineers. Instead, they have dealers in China to help them collect and assemble the product as per their requirements.

This makes the whole process much cheaper for the company, and therefore, the final price is lower than the other brand.

Additionally, this assists them to have various products which are more tailored to customer needs but might not have all the products because they are dependent on raw materials present in the market.


The Skar Audio offers an excellent deal for the price they come for and offer great value for money. They come under the bracket of mid to low-range brands; however, their performance exceeds expectations.

Is Skar Audio Junk?

Every brand has its shortcoming; however, calling its product junk would be too extreme. Instead, here are some of the weaknesses of Skar Audio products have.

Skar Audio seems to lack support, apart from the fact that it has a very user-friendly website. Since they have been focused on an ecommerce platform, Skar Audio has impressed users with its smooth-sailing web and social media assistance.

However, the company’s call support has failed to live up to the standards that were expected from such a well-established car audio brand.

The next concern is that there are a lot of products being offered by Skar Audio which range from entry-level products to innovative premium products.

Including such a wide range of products causes the quality to be inconsistent overall; therefore, it would be ideal to consider what you require in a product before buying it.

As quantity cannot define quality, not all Skar Audio products are exceptional. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting hold of any of the Skar Audio product, make sure to research to ensure that the product is of good quality and fulfill your needs.

Skar Audio Product’s Core Strengths

Exceptional Build and Design Quality

Skar Audio might not have the best reputation for the audio space; however, some of the latest Skar Audio products have taken design ideas from the competitors and have successfully raised the bar.

Although design preference for car audio components is usually secondary, we can say that this brand’s product has trendy build quality.

Massive Diversification of Products 

You will surely be amazed at the variety of products Skar Audio includes at varied prices to cater to everyone’s needs. They have entry-level products to specialized and high-end products, regardless of the cost.

This ensures their price-to-performance ratio stays above all other competitors present in the industry. Therefore, Skar Audio will have you covered if you consider budget-friendly components, high-end products, or mid-range products.


The critical distinguishing feature and characteristic that keeps them apart is the wide range of components available at affordable rates.

As a result, they offer an ideal balance of affordability and performance, and in many cases, their performance is way better than the price they are available for.

Final Thoughts

Picking out a good audio brand from the many options available in the market can be a challenging process, especially if you have no experience with audio devices. There are several brands available in the market, so having an idea of what each brand brings to the table is a crucial component of the purchasing process.

After looking at factors such as affordability, quality, reliability, and even considering the areas where the brand may lack, it can be safely said that Skar Audio is an excellent competitor in the affordable yet high-quality audio market.

 So yes, Skar Audio is a good brand as it meets the audio enthusiast’s demand. From delivering top-of-the-line products for music lovers, the brand has a proven commitment to reliability and quality. 

Skar Audio manufactures a wide range of products from speaker kits, compact amps, and subs to tweeters and marine-grade speakers. They offer a little something for everyone out there. We hope this article helped you make an informed purchase.