Nemesis Audio is a brand that has recently risen to prominence as the most well-known vehicle audio brand in the market.

Their extensive line of automotive audio devices has made Nemesis Audio receive a lot of excellent feedback. In addition, they include low-cost components for newcomers to automotive audio and high-end features for devoted bass nuts and audiophiles! As a result, Nemesis Audio makes sure that there is something for everyone.

Have you ever questioned what made Nemesis Audio such a well-known brand? So, to help you determine whether Nemesis Audio is a good brand for you or not, we’ve put up a full review of the company’s history, products, pricing, and qualities.

Generally speaking Nemesis Audio is mediocre brand. They mostly have decent low-cost products and some high-end products.

Who Owns Nemesis Audio?

Nemesis Audio was founded in 2014 and has quickly risen to become a market leader in the area of high-end audio devices. Car Audio Distributors in Dallas distribute Nemesis, a regional amplifier and speaker brand. It was formerly only available in Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, but it has lately begun selling direct to dealers across the US.

The company now sells to around 10 to 15 direct accounts and is considering adding sales reps to expand nationally. On Facebook, it has roughly 10,000 likes. It sells competition-grade speakers and amplifiers and professional automotive audio and maritime equipment.

The price of a top-selling E series 12-inch subwoofer with 500 watt RMS power handling is between $99 and $119. Its M series 12-inch subwoofer costs $199 and can handle 800 watts of power.

Nemesis Audio was founded in 2014 and has quickly risen to become a market leader in the area of high-end audio devices. Their engineers have perfected the manufacturing process to the best level possible.

Nemesis Audio products are subjected to extensive testing to ensure that only the greatest rank of quality is delivered, as our clients expect. So when a car audio enthusiast buys a NEMESIS product, they know they’re getting the best in the business: nemesis design and engineer all of their products in the United States.

Where are the new Nemesis Audio products made?

Nemesis Audio, which has been producing competition-level speakers and amplifiers since 2014, has introduced a new line of Korean-made amplifiers. The new line of amplifiers, categorized as “TEAM NEMESIS,” will include ten new models, including eight new monoblock amplifiers, one four-channel amplifier, and one five-channel amplifier.

The NA-K12000D is Nemesis’ most powerful amplifier to date, with a 12,000W RMS output. All “Team Nemesis” amplifiers will be undervalued, with RMS Power exceeding the quoted value. Amplifiers from “Team Nemesis” will have a power range of 1,000W RMS to 12,000W RMS. Amplifiers from the Team Nemesis Series are currently in stock and shipping to dealers worldwide.

Nemesis also released Nemesis Batteries, which will complement the Team Nemesis Amplifiers and a new Brazilian Style range of amplifiers in the third quarter of 2020.

NA-K12000D, NA-K7500D, NA-K6000D, NA-K4000D, NA-K3000D, NA-K2000D, NA-K1500D, NA-K1000D, NA-K200X4, and NA-K2200X5D are new Nemesis amplifiers.

What products do they offer?

Nemesis Audio is a high-performance SPL vehicle audio manufacturer that offers anything from entry-level marine audio to high-end equipment. The focus on budgetary items and the watt level you’re looking for is a standout feature of Nemesis Audio products.


For the subwoofers, you get to pick from a range of voice coil configurations. The best aspect is that the product is all within a reasonable price range regardless of the features included. For newbie audiophiles, many experts recommend Nemesis Audio subwoofers.

They offer 7 distinct series of Subwoofers, namely;

Colossal series which contains the NA-8C (D4/D2), NA-18CV.2 (D1), NA-15CV.2 (D1/D2), NA-12CV.3 (D1/D2).

Euphoric series having the NA-15E (D2/D4), NA-12EV.3 (D2/D4, NA-10EV.3, NA-8Ev.2 (D4/D2).

F-series containing the

NA-8F (D4/D2), NA-10F (D4/D2), NA-12F (D4/D2), NA-15F (D4/D2).

Hectic Series with the NA-8HV.3, NA-6.5HV.2, NA-10HV.2 (D2/D1), NA-8H. V2 (D4/D2), NA-15H (D1/D2), NA-12HV.2 (D2/D1), NA-8H (D4/D2).

Hectic-Slim series with NA-12H-SLM (D2/D4), NA-10H-SLM (D2/D4).

Mystical Series V.1 including NA-15MV.1 (D2/D4), NA-12MV.1 (D2/D4), NA-10MV.1 (D2/D4).

Mystical Series V.2 with the NA-15MV.2 (D2/D4), NA-12MV.2 (D2/D4), NA-10MV.2 (D2/D4).

And lastly, the Slim Series includes NA-12SLM (D2/D4) NA-10SLM (D2/D4).


The amplifiers from Nemesis Audio are there to help boost passive systems. The producers have graciously divided them into three categories: better, compact, and best. In addition, there are even more marine-grade amplifiers available, all of which are versatile and long-lasting.

Nemesis Audio has 7 variations of these amplifiers, named; 2CH Amps named NA-2500X2, 4CH Amps named NA-320.4, NA-2500X4, NA-1800X4D, NA-1500X4D, NA-1600X4D, NA-500X4D.

5CH Amps including NA-1600X5, NA-5EQ, NA-1800X5, NA-1600X5D, NA-1400X5.

Full-Range Amps (Brazilian Style) which included NA-FR1800X5D, NA-FR700D, NA-FR800X4, NA-FR200X4D, NA-FR500X4D, NA-FR13500D, NA-FR8000D, NA-FR5000D, NA-FR3000D, NA-FR2000D, NA-FR1500D, NA-FR1000D.

Marine Amps named NA-1500X4MR and NA-2KMR,

Monoblock Amps that included NA-2.5KD, NA-3.5KD, NA-5KD, NA-10KD, NA-8KM, NA-6KMV.2, NA-6KM, NA-4.5KM, NA-3KM, NA-2KM, NA-1600D, NA-1KD

and Team Nemesis (Korean Made) including NA-K-Bassknob, NA-K2200X5, NA-K2200X5, NA-K200X4, NA-K12000D, NA-K7500D, NA-K6000D, NA-K4000D, NA-K3000D, NA-K2000D, NA-K1500, NA-K1000D


In the speaker industry, Nemesis Audio is a significant player. They have a variety of speakers, similar to the classification supplied by Nemesis Audio for amplifiers. They progress from the good to the best, finally to the mad.

You can also look into professional audio items and component speakers as replacements or additions to your current system.

You can also seek marine-grade speakers that are made with extra-durable materials.

Their variety includes

Coax speakers

  • NA-PRO69, NA-PRO65, NA-57M, NA-46M, NA-5.7HCX, NA-5.25HCX,
  • NA-6.9HCX, NA-6.5M, NA-5.25M, NA-2.75FR, NA-6.5HCX, NA-6.9M

Component speakers

  • NA-6.5COL
  • NA-6.5C
  • NA-6.5CSX

Pro audio including NA-65MR, NA-6.5MB, NEO-6.5CMR, NA-8CMR, NA-6.5HMR, NA-6.5CMR, NA-6.5MR, NA-8MR.

and Tweeters that are NA-1TW, NA-TW35, NA-TW65, NA-TW60, NA-TW25


Do you want to know what else Nemesis Audio offers besides speakers, subwoofers, tweeters, and amplifiers? Nemesis Audio has a vast selection to meet all of your needs.

They also have empty enclosures where component drivers for their brand or any other brand can be stored. This includes Bass processors, Batteries, Battery isolators, RCA’s, Wiring Kits, and Wiring Spools.


The Nemesis Audio is a fantastic deal for the price and provides exceptional value for money. They fall into the category of mid-to low-end brands, yet their performance far exceeds expectations.

Strengths of Nemesis Audio Products

High-Quality Construction and Design

Nemesis Audio may not have the most exemplary reputation in the audio industry. Still, some of its most recent products have successfully upped the bar by incorporating design concepts from competitors.

Even though design preference for automotive audio components is typically secondary, we can claim that this brand’s product has a fashionable build quality.

One reviewer wrote: “I bought this amp, and it is pounding my Sundown Audio 18 inch dual 2-ohm sub, and it is bridged down to 1 ohm, and it is making everything in my trailblazer rattle.

It vibrates the top of the doors, and they flex. But, I am impressed with Nemesis NA-3KM amps, and they are true wattage for the system.”

Massive Product Diversity

Nemesis Audio offers a wide range of products at various pricing points to suit everyone’s needs. They offer products ranging from entry-level to specialized and high-end, regardless of price. As a result, their price-to-performance ratio remains superior to all others.

One of their reviews read, “5.0 stars out of 5 Nemesis is well worth the investment! Great amp!

I have the 3000-watt Nemesis hooked up to 2 humongous audio GTX122 2-ohm subs run in parallel, which is a little more amp than needed, but I sought more overhead to keep the amp cooler.

I have been thinking of changing the wiring on the subs to bring the impedance down, but at the moment, they sound great. They have shaken everything on the car, including the windshield wipers and the side mirrors.

I had to soundproof the rear area of the car to cut down unnecessary rattling, and it worked great. Thinking of doubling up on subs and another amp. Amps are very nice, and subs are a testament to massive audios design.


The vast range of components accessible at reasonable prices is the essential distinguishing feature and trait that sets them apart. They strike the perfect mix between price and performance, and in many situations, their performance is far superior to the price they command.

Final Thoughts

We can safely say yes that yes, Nemesis Audio is an ideal brand for you. Nemesis Audio satisfies enthusiast needs at the lowest affordable price.

Despite its new brand and initial local production, it has progressed in the vehicle audio business to stand up to a well-established reputation and make its imprint. The quality of the products and the excellent price approach have helped it achieve this.