The DD Audio company was created to bring the most acceptable and high-quality audio product to the market. They offer top-quality and high-performing products, regardless of the time required in the production process or designing.

DD Audio was established in 1986; since then, they have designed and produced the products for all facets of the audio industry; Mobile, Pro, Home, Marine, OEM, and industrial applications.

The company is well known for being a high-quality American Manufacturing and Design company, providing some of the best audio products for its customers.

The company utilizes the highest quality raw material to complement the detailed designs and ensure that the final product offers performance and longevity.

Currently, they manufacture the best subwoofers at their Oklahoma City, USA headquarters. This helps them remain at the top of their game and compete head on with other brands in the industry.

This article will discuss why DD Audio is an ideal pick for you. Feel free to scroll through and find out some of the frequently asked questions about DD Audio below.

Who owns DD Audio?

DD Audio is headquartered in the USA and is owned by Resonance, Inc. Digital Designs or DD Audio is an American producer of high-end audio products for consumers.

They manufacture mobile and home audio products offering some great sounds and pressure categories to meet the demands of diverse consumers.

Where are DD Audio Products Made?

The products like subwoofers are manufactured in the Oklahoma City, USA headquarters.

The products are usually assembled in warehouses. The company makes sure that the manufacturing process is such that it results in the creation of high-end audio products for the consumers.

Evolution of DD Audio

DD Audio has been in the industry for several decades, and their evolution of products is revolutionary. The company celebrated 30 years of bass domination and by taking you on a journey through the world renowned 9500 Series evolution.

From the start, DD has worked dedicatedly to enhance the make, design, and quality utilizing the latest technology and adjusting to the ever-evolving music styles. All the specifications are considered in detail to ensure compatibility in every way.

This helped push new limits with every new model and improve the performance and durability of the product.

The subwoofer was the starting point for DD audio, and it was built in the 1980s and 90s under the Resonance brand. It was designed to be used in bandpass and active studio subwoofers set-ups. In the following years, the brand progressed while utilizing the 800 series motors.

At the same time, they work tirelessly with trusted suppliers to manufacture more sturdy parts and refine the product’s designs to adjust the needs of higher power applications.

Reaching the end of the 800 Series, the brand worked on the customized double stack motors to use the in-car audio application, gaining popularity. The popularity rose enough for the brand to create a separate category. This is when the legendary 9500 Series begin.

With this manufactured, by the late 90s, the DD Audio redesigned the car audio subwoofers, for which it gained immense popularity. They developed coils, tinsel leads, cones, spiders, and motor specific and ideal for high power car audio application.

The present method for cross drilling the top plates was blocking their ability to maintain the enhanced product demands. Therefore, they altered their original ultimate plate venting technique to ensure product efficiency. These upgraded parts and production techniques are the cornerstone of the brand’s subwoofer line you witness today.

To help in the production techniques, the cross venting was shifted to the top. More advancements were made in developing the laminated lead wire system. They introduced the new proprietary spider design integrated higher rolls, which welcomed more excursion without enhancing the size of the diameter of a spider.

By then, the increased demand made the competitor’s companies build the cheap subwoofers, but DD Audio continued refining the products and ensuring high quality.

Later, they introduced the enormous diameter composite spider along the 8 spoke frames accompanying a larger spider landing to cater to the new spiders. They also started to utilize hard black parts because of the environmental problem attached to the chrome plating. These changes instilled the ability to supercharge.

The ESP subwoofer has been the brand’s highlighted product for over three decades, offering incredible innovation and features.

Everything they learned was implemented in their products with extreme detail to ensure the quality and performance of their audio products.

DD Audio Products

DD Audio aims to create the finest audio products with the dedication of the ultimate performance of the product.

The manufacturing is highly detailed so that the customers can get good value for the money spent. They have multiple categories and products, and here are a few great products of this brand.

Hi-Def Tuned Subwoofer

The Hi-Def tuned subwoofers offer the ideal blend of efficiency and control, designed for a system with the main focus on sound quality and durability for regular usage.

These subwoofers work perfectly, fast or low as required, offering a perfect smooth broad frequency bandwidth on low to medium levels of power.

This collection of subwoofers has been upgraded and made to optimize the performance in closed or small vented spaces.

Power Tuned Subwoofers

The power-tuned subwoofers deliver exceptional sounding drivers manufactured to push performance to another level.

They include additional electrical and mechanical damping to handle the demands of the high output applications. The mentioned collection of subwoofers is optimized and upgraded for multi-order and vented spaces.


Regardless of the specification and features application DD Audio provides, it is essential to have an amplifier. The brand’s amplifiers offer high performance, reliability, and functionality.

DD Audio’s amplifiers are manufactured utilizing industry-leading raw material producers and are considered the most elevated build quality level. The system ensures that the product made by DD Audio is best in power and their work.


DD component speaker and coaxial uses sound quality design characteristics added with high energy motor system to maintain the standard for aftermarket audio upgrades.

All DD speakers include high-temperature voice coil wire, faraday rings, countless hours of R&D times, and state-of-the-art cone technology. All these features, when combined, offer you an exceptional ride.

Pro Audio

The DD’s Pro Audio products are manufactured for the listener who authentically wants a system that can offer a concert-like experience. The Midrange, Amps, Woofers, and Tweeter in this category provide high hearing at a level never experienced before.


Incorporating DD sound into your car has never been this easy. If you are too busy or do not have knowledge or means to construct then, the enclosure is the best solution for your DD subs or DdBox spec enclosures, which are quick and straightforward to add great bass in your car.

They are present in unloaded and loaded versions so, whatever level of bass you wish to enjoy, pre-fab DD Box is perfect for your application.

Signal Processors

To enjoy the desired system working, adjusting and changing the audio singles from their pre-or post-amp waveform is essential. The DD Audio offers a complete line of active and passive solutions permitting you to alter those frequencies to your liking.

Installation Accessories

Constructing an excellent-sounding mobile system does not complete the necessary DD Audio components.

If you wish that your equipment sounds incredible, you will still be required to optimize the install atmosphere. The brand offers all the accessories required to help you optimize performance and boost quality even more.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an audio brand for your car can be a difficult task, especially with all the clutter in the market.

There are several brands available in the market, so having an idea of what each brand brings to the table is a crucial component of the purchasing process.

There are several brands available in the market, so having an idea of what each brand brings to the table is a crucial component of the purchasing process.

After considering factors such as quality, consistency, and reliability, it can be safely said that DD Audio is an excellent competitor in the high-quality audio market. 

One highlighted reason to be a leading brand and choice of most people is their goal to evolve and grow continuously and improve their products.

You will get the best audio quality and all related items to boost the performance in every way and for all settings.

Additionally, the brand includes a massive variety of services that cater to audio needs, which offers high efficiency and high output. Hence, DD audio is an ideal pick to fulfill your car audio needs.