How Long Is A Temporary Suspension On TikTok?

TikTok has a strict set of community guidelines—which when violated—will be enforced with temporary suspensions, and eventually a total account ban. Depending on the severity of the community guideline violation, TikTok may issue a temporary suspension or institute an account ban. Even a temporary ban can last several days. 

A temporary suspension on TikTok can last 24 hours or up to 72 hours. If the offense was particularly bad they can institute a suspension of up to 7 full days. This means you can’t go live, but you may still be able to post videos and access other features, so be careful if you’ve been suspended. 

If the community guidelines are still violated, TikTok will end up permanently banning your account. When this happens the account is gone, and you no longer will have access to it. Followers, comments, and likes your videos collected will be replaced with other characters. 

How Does Your Account Get Suspended on TikTok?

The most common time accounts get suspended is when people do live streaming. If you show inappropriate content, get reported, or violate the guidelines you could end up with a temporary suspension. Of course, if you encourage behavior that violates or will violate the community guidelines, you will quickly get suspended.

When this happens you will see a notification that says, “Your account has been temporarily suspended.” If your account has been totally banned the message will read “This account is currently suspended.”

How Long Will My TikTok Account Be Suspended?

The consequences of a temporary suspension mean you won’t be able to go live for at least 24 hours, possibly longer. Depending on the severity of the case, or how many times previously you have violated the guidelines, you could be looking at a suspension of 72 hours or up to seven days. 

If you get issued with a permanent ban, it’s for life. You will not ever be able to create another account with the email, username, or mobile number you used on the banned account. 

The only thing you can do if you feel the permanent ban was a mistake is to file an appeal. To do this, you need to go to the video that started it and tap the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES VIOLATION. Next, you need to tap on the APPEAL icon, and then follow the instructions. 

Community Guidelines of TikTok

1. Do Not Advocate for Violence on the Platform

Any type of violence or even the mention of something violent can get a suspension. Don’t joke about being violent even if it’s a trend on other social media platforms, it can get you in trouble even if it’s done innocently or in jest. 

You shouldn’t instigate, or suggest violence toward people, even if they are truly bad. Even when people are portrayed as bad or evil in the media you shouldn’t instigate or wish harm on them.

Don’t even suggest harm against people such as serial murderers, mass shooters, or others in the same category.

2. Do Not Post Explicit Content, Do Not Post Self-Harm or Suicide-Promoting Content

Explicit content could include nudity, sexually charged content, or even provocative videos that insinuate sex.

Anything like this could quickly lead to an account suspension or ban. Some creators may get away with things like this for a short time, but eventually, they will get caught. 

Don’t post anything that glamorizes self-injury, or even talks about suicide. Don’t even joke about these subjects as that could violate the community guidelines and get your account suspended.

TikTok is still thought of as a family-friendly site and any kind of violence, including self-harm, is frowned upon.

3. Avoid Shocking, Graphic, Sadistic, or Gruesome Content

To be safe, avoid anything that could be considered shocking, graphic, sadistic, or even gruesome. Any of these subjects could be considered threats to public safety. Depending on the severity of the shocking, gruesome, or graphic content, TikTok could report it to the authorities. 

Not only will you be looking at a permanent ban from the app, but you could get a visit from local authorities. Just keep your content clean, entertaining, and as family-friendly as possible to be safe. 

4. Avoid Promoting Substance Use

Not only are illegal substances, well, illegal, but TikTok will not put up with them at all. Don’t promote the use of illicit substances, don’t show anyone using, or even insinuate the use of illegal substances or illegal drugs. 

I’ve seen people on the app tasting different types of alcohol, but they all were overage. Suggesting underage drinking, smoking, or vaping could quickly get you a suspension. If you’re making content with any of these substances and you look too young, you should probably steer clear of doing so. 

5. Do Not Threaten Other Users on the Platform

Don’t be a bully. Don’t threaten people on the app, don’t threaten creators by name, and don’t bully or threaten the people in the comments. There are tons of trolls out there that get a kick out of upsetting others. Don’t fall into their trap and lose your head. 

Threatening people, whether they are part of the TikTok community, or others anywhere else could get you a stiff penalty. Using the TikTok app to threaten or bully anyone will get you slapped with a seven-day suspension. If the threats or bullying are severe enough, you could bypass the suspension and end up with an account ban. 

6. Do Not Impersonate Other Creators on the App

In other parts of the world, impersonation may be the sincerest form of flattery, unfortunately, TikTok doesn’t see it that way. Impersonating other creators in order to gain some of their notoriety is seen by TikTok as a form of identity theft. 

I’ve seen followers get angry at impersonators. Sometimes they will get together and report the impersonator, and try to get the false account banned. Not only does TikTok frown on that behavior, but the community generally does too. 

How Do You Get Your Account Back After Suspension on TikTok?

We all make mistakes, and sometimes while making great content, we could innocently break one of the community guidelines. When this happens you can appeal your suspension. If you prove that you honestly didn’t mean to violate the rules, TikTok could erase the suspension.

To appeal a TikTok account suspension:

  1. Open your TikTok app and tap on PROFILE.
  2. Click the Menu at the top right of the screen. It looks like three horizontal lines. 
  4. Find the SUPPORT section and tap on REPORT A PROBLEM.
  5. Find the question that best fits the situation and type in the problem.
tiktok temporarily suspended

If you’re unable to get to your account because it’s been permanently suspended, you can reach out to the TikTok support teams at:,,,,, or

Another way that TikTok will quickly ban your account is if you mistakenly put down your wrong age when you start your sign-up.

When you’re signing up, you have to state you’re correct age. If there is a discrepancy, you may have to show proof of your age. 

TikTok is serious about correct ages because you have to be 13 years or older to be on the app. Any violations will result in a permanent suspension. 


TikTok can institute a short 24-hour suspension or ban your account permanently. Most times this is because of a quick slip of the tongue, or an innocent comment that was taken out of context. 

If you have innocently broken the community guidelines, it’s best to reach out to TikTok’s support as quickly as possible. Reaching out to someone and pleading your case is probably the best solution if your account has been suspended. 

Of course, the best action to take is to not break the community guidelines at all. We suggest going over the guidelines frequently to keep yourself familiar with the rules. After all, it’s easier to avoid a suspension altogether, than it is to get your account back after getting banned.

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