The issue of GPU fan not spinning is one that almost every PC builder has encountered. It can be frustrating to find out about this issue after all the effort you put in.

If the GPU fans on your system are not spinning, there is a potential problem with your system. Well, don’t beat yourself up so much because it can be fixed. In this article, I have provided you with the required solutions to fix this problem. 

Reasons why your GPU Fans Aren’t Spinning

Sometimes graphics cards will not spin until they reach a particular temperature. Many users do not even notice that the GPU fans are not spinning until a long time. When they eventually realize, they assume that something is wrong. In this particular scenario, that is how the card was designed to operate.

To confirm if this is the case with your graphics card, you can run a stress test or a game that will give your GPU some load. Another way to do this is by installing MSI Afterburner. You can use this to increase the speed of the fans manually. If the graphics card’s fans don’t turn on after doing this, you have a problem. 

If your system is old, your graphics card’s fans may no longer be working. In this case, the issue might be due to the following:

A dusty GPU
Your GPU’s Fan’s Bearings need to Be Oiled.
Your GPU Fans are outdated

For new graphics cards, if the GPU fans are not working, it could be due to the following reasons:

PCle power cable is not plugged in
Other cables are not plugged in
Cables are not well seated

Nonetheless, whatever the reason may be, once you notice this problem, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

How to Fix the Problem of GPU Fan Not Spinning

Depending on the reason why your GPU fans are not spinning, there are several solutions for you. You can smoothly perform these solutions by following these steps carefully:

Solution 1: Check if the graphics card is connected to your power supply

This is an effective way to fix this problem. Sometimes PC builders forget to plug things in. This behavior is typical with the first-timers. So you need to check the graphics card to see if it is connected to your power supply.

Some graphics cards (like the GTX 1050 Ti and GTX 1050, etc.) don’t have an eight or six-pin PCIe power cable because they only depend on the power provided to them through the PCIe lane.

If this is the case with your graphics card, and the fans are not spinning, the GPU is not working. Then something else is wrong. Move to the next potential solution below.


Solution 2: Make sure all connections are plugged in

While looking for why the GPU fans are not spinning, check that all connections are plugged in. Also, ensure that they are seated correctly, as this may be the reason for this problem. If all cables are plugged in and well seated, then something else is wrong. Move down to the next potential solution below.

Solution 3: Check if you have a faulty component

If the GPU fans are not spinning, you may have a faulty component. If this is the case, then you need to follow the steps below to fix it.

Step 1: First of all, you need to install a known power and recheck if your fans turn it on. If it does, then your original PSU is faulty. If it doesn’t turn on, your graphics card and/or motherboard are bad.
Step 2: Install the graphics card in a different PCle lane. This will help you know if the PCle lane on your motherboard is bad. If this is not the case, then your graphics card or motherboard itself may be bad.
Step 3: Install the graphics card on another computer and test if the fans turn on. If it turns on, then the motherboard in the original computer is faulty. If it doesn’t turn on, then the problem may be from the graphics card. 
Step 4: Remove the graphics card entirely and see if the computer will boot up without it. If it boots up, then the motherboard is good. If the system is just fine without the graphics card, the PCle connector on the PSU is faulty, or the graphics card is bad.
Step 4: Test the graphics card with a known working power supply. If it is still not working, then the problem is not from the PCle power connector.

If you’ve completed these steps and your GPU is not fixed, the GPU is probably bad. Return it and ask for a replacement immediately.

Solution 4: If your GPU is old, dust it and oil the bearings

 If your graphics card fans used to work but stopped, you should pull it out, dust it, and oil the bearings. Use a can of compressed air to get rid of all the dust, peel off the sticker at the back, and oil the bearings. Just apply a few drops of 3-in-1 household oil. Do not use WD-40 oil.

If this solution did not work, then something else is wrong. It would be best if you moved down to the next potential solution below.


Solution 5: Upgrade the GPU fans

If you have tried all the solutions above and the problem is still not fixed, your graphics card may be too old. At this point, you should get rid of it and get the latest one. Getting a new graphics card will eliminate the problem. 


The problem of GPU fans not working is no longer new to PC builders. It might take some time before you fix it, but it is fixable. Sometimes you may have to get a new graphics card. Nonetheless, I have provided you with the solutions to this issue, and I believe you can now fix it.