When you try to run programs on a PC, it sometimes replies with the Datawire error 1007. The system error code inhibits the system from enabling full-screen mode or stops the program entirely. It is challenging as some operations only allow access to all of its settings and options via this mode.

A system malware or virus attack or corrupt window registry prompts the Datawire error 1007. Solutions to the error code issue include repairing the windows registry and running a full antivirus system scan.

An outdated driver tool is also a possible trigger of the Datawire 1007 error code. Learn more about why you get this issue and the easy strategies to utilize when it occurs.

What Causes This Error?

A Datawire error 1007 is caused by a damaged registry, virus attack, or drivers’ problems. Here is further information on other triggers.

Damaged Windows Files

Corrupt or damaged files remain one of the primary causes of this error code. They are hazardous to your computer operation. You can repair or delete such files depending on the extent of the damage. Software files, windows register, or other window programs are susceptible to this damage and further trigger the error code. Especially when you don’t properly install or uninstall any of your PC files or your computer was exposed to malware.

Device Driver issues

If your driver tools are outdated or improperly installed or uninstalled, they result in conflicts and error codes because the PC cannot interpret the issues. Update the system with up-to-date drivers or install them correctly.

Virus/malware attacks

It exposes the system to corrupt files, and you must fix it to stop further PC compromise. Delete or repair affected files or install an effective antivirus to carry out the task.

Hardware problems 

In a few cases, the Datawire error 1007 can result from a hardware fault. If there is a damaged system part, it malfunctions. Visit a certified PC store for a repair or a routine maintenance check.

What Is Datawire Error 1007 Error?

Datawire error 1007 is a hexadecimal system error on the Windows operating system or windows compatible software. It helps vendors specify the exact issue, its location, and other important information. The system error inhibits programs from displaying in full-screen mode. The Datawire error 1007 will not crash your system but would slow it down or stop some programs. As some software can only run in full-screen mode, it can result in an inability to use them effectively. However, it is vital to fix the causes as soon as possible.

How To Fix Datawire Error 1007?

You solve the Datawire error 1007 using five (5) different techniques. 

Manual System Update 

To manually update your computer, follow these steps;

  • Turn on your PC and sign in as an admin.
  • Press the start button and click on All programs >Accessories> System Tools >System Restore.
  • On the new system window, click on the “Restore my computer to an earlier time” setting and select Next.
  • Click on the newest system restore option from the “on this list, click a restore point” option and select next.
  • Also, select the next option on the confirmation window.
  • Select the restart option once the computer finishes the restore process.

Use A Third-Party App

You can rectify the Datawire error 1007 using a third-party repair app. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue. 

Step 1: Download and install the application or repair tool

Step 2: Run a scan

Step 3: Select the repair error option after the scan process

Step4: Reboot your PC

Use An Antivirus Application

For malware or virus attacks, a useful antivirus application would rectify the error code. They identify and delete a different kind of spyware; after a scan. Also, they would attempt to run a program to confirm that the error code does not come up.

Update Drivers To Most Recent Versions

Outdated driver tools induce the Datawire error code. Update the driver via the driver update wizard software on your PC; you can locate it in the device manager. The steps to run a driver update are explanatory and available on the wizard software.

Just follow the on-screen prompt as they make the procedure easy and fast. 

Repair the Registry

A corrupt registry would cause the data wire error code. Install a third-party application called total system care to resolve this issue; it will scan the PC, identify the problem and repair corrupt files.

How To Fix Datawire Error 1007 On Verifone 520

To troubleshoot a Verifone vx520 with Datawire error 1007, please follow the steps. 

Step 1: Confirm that you correctly connect the ethernet cord to the ETH port 

Step 2: Disconnect the power cable and leave the ethernet cord in the ETH port for a few seconds

Step 3: Reconnect the power cable and attempt a transaction 

Alternatively, you can try to solve the problem by using this method. 

  • Go to the” soft play” home menu and click on the symbol (*) 
  • Select the F2 key
  • Select the purple-colored button on the keypad. It is close to the alpha button.
  • Select F4 to repair the error

How Do I Reset My Verifone Vx520?

You can manually configure and reset your Verifone vx520; follow the steps here.

  1. Take out the back of the Verifone vx520 and disconnect the power cable. 
  2. Reconnect the power cable and simultaneously press the enter and 7 key. It will bring up the password dialogue box.
  3. Put in the password; type “1, Alpha , Alpha, 6,6,8,3,1” on the keypad 
  4. Click on the enter key and select 1. It would bring up the edit parameters setting; click and enter group screen
  5. Repeat step 3
  6. Select “terminal mgr”and open the edit screen, and select enter.
  7. Select 1 and put in the DHEAP as the name
  8. Select and enter “*, 3, Alpha, 4, Alpha, Alpha, 3, Alpha, Alpha, 2, Alpha, 7, Alpha” on the keypad
  9. Type in 0 and select Enter to apply a new parameter
  10. Select (New) 1
  11. Name and enter the parameter #CZE by typing “#, 2, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, 1, Alpha, Alpha, 3, Alpha, Alpha” on the keypad.
  12. Select 1 and enter on the keypad
  13. Tap on the x key and select 3 to Restart 

What Is Datawire Error 1007 No Line?

The Datawire error 1007 no line occurs in the Verifone device. It gives you all necessary information on the error, location, and cause or triggers. The “1007” numerical constituent consists of information only the vendor can interpret. 

How To Fix Verifone No Line Error

To resolve the no-line error on a Verifone, follow the steps here. It is crucial to carry out the procedures listed in this troubleshooting guide in a like manner.

  1. Run a full system scan via the windows repair utility application. It is available to download and install for free; it solves the no-line error and other possible malware or spyware in your PC.
  2. Please install the Application and save it on the Desktop for easy access. Click the mouse on the right to save it.
  3. Once you have downloaded the app, go to the file folder and click twice to install it. It would produce a user Account control prompt to inquire if you would like to run the Application. Select the yes option and continue.
  4. For the first time using the Application, a welcome screen would pop up; it is a one-time display. Confirm the check box close to the automatic scan option is unchecked. It is an automated option to permit the repair tool to run scans on its own accord. Select the install option and begin the process.
  5. The utility application would install on the PC, and it would need a Wi-Fi or internet connection to make further vital updates.
  6. The windows repair tool would auto-start a scan to identify and deduce the system issues of your computer.
  7. After the scan process, the utility tool would show you a result pointing out the corrupt or damaged files in the computer. It would further mention if a repair of possible; to repair a corrupt file, select the repair option below the computer screen.
  8. When it is through with the repair process, reboot your PC to finish the troubleshooting process.


The Datawire 1007error code results from an improperly installed or corrupt system file. Sometimes, you may need to delete the file or install a third-party application to run the task. Another method to resolve the error code is to make sure your driver tools are up to date. The hardware can also be a trigger, and you can resolve that by visiting a certified repair center.