The ffxiv error 2002 appears among The lobby server connection has encountered an error line and it prevents users from connecting to the game. The error is typically network-connectivity related and steps to urge it sorted out differ between consoles and PC. Follow the methods we have prepared in order to solve the problem easily.

What Causes the FFXIV Error 2002?

The most common cause for this error to appear definitely has to be the fact that some firewalls, including the Windows Defender Firewall, tend to block the game from connecting to the Internet. If you are a console user, you might notice that even the routers own firewall tends to block the game from connecting to the Internet.

Besides that, you can solve the exact problem by adding your console to DMZ or the demilitarized zone where it can connect freely. A tool called WTFast is additionally linked to the FFXIV error 2002 and uninstalling this tool may additionally solve the matter.


What Are the Solutions For FFXIV Error 2002?

1.Allow FFXIV through PC and Router Firewalls

Allowing FFXIV through your regular firewall might not be enough as most routers have their own firewalls whose security can also be altered easily. This is especially good to understand if you’re a console player who struggles with the FFXIV error 2002 constantly. 

Error 2002 is often due to firewalls blocking FFXIV’s internet connectivity. To check that FFXIV is allowed through Windows Defender Firewall, press the Windows key + S hotkey. If you have a third-party firewall installed, visit the manufacturer’s website in order to find out more about how to allow an app through it. We will show you how to allow FFXIV through Windows Defender Firewall. These steps are for PC users:

Startup instrument panel by checking out the utility within the Start button or by clicking the Search button or the Cortana button at the left a part of your taskbar (bottom left part of your screen)
After Control Panel opens, change the view to Large or Small icons and navigate to the bottom in order to open the Windows Defender Firewall option. 
Click on Windows Defender Firewall and click on the Allow and app or feature through Windows Firewall option from the left side list of options. A list of installed apps should open. Locate the FFXIV you installed and choose its main executable.
Click OK and restart your computer before retrying the updating process to ascertain if the FFXIV error 2002 still appears!

If you are a console user who couldn’t solve the problem by following the steps above, here are the next instructions. These will help you disable the firewall in your router to see if the game can connect freely.

You should try using Restoro Repair if the issue is with your computer or a laptop/notebook. It scans the repositories and replaces corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the difficulty is originated thanks to a system corruption. 

Open a Web browser you normally, type your Default Gateway number (IP address) into the address bar, and press Enter.
In order to seek out out your Default Gateway number, confirm you open a prompt by checking out “cmd” or “Command Prompt” within the Start menu or the Search bar next to it. Right-click on the prompt entry and choose the Run as administrator option.
Enter within the command. Once it is displayed, confirm by scrolling down towards the network adapter. This corresponds with the sort of connection you’re currently using to connect to the web and note of Default Gateway entry, especially the entry looking like where ‘x’ letters correspond to numbers.

ipconfig /all

Enter your login details to access your router’s interface. The default login should be listed in your router’s documentation, on a sticker on the side of your router, or on the Port Forward website.

First, you have to locate the Firewall option from the navigation menu. Sometimes this option is hidden under the Connection tab. either way, open the Firewall settings and try setting it to Off or to Minimal Security. Router’s firewall: After you have done that, save the changes and restart your PC or your console to take effect.

Allow FFXIV through PC and Router Firewalls

How to Uninstall WTFast?

WTFast is a tool that should help you improve your Internet connection but sometimes it causes plenty of errors such as the FFXIV error 2002. Uninstalling this program is recommended if you are experiencing this error on your PC so please do so and check if the problem is resolved.

First of all, confirm you’ve got logged in with an admin account as you won’t be ready to uninstall programs using the other account privileges. You shouldn’t worry too much about your Internet connection as no program can fix it if it’s really bad.

Click on the beginning menu and open the instrument panel by checking out it.  
Alternatively, you’ll click on the gear icon so as to open settings if you’re using Windows 10.
In Control Panel, select to look at as: Category at the highest right corner and click on on Uninstall a Program under the Programs section.

If you’re using the Settings app, clicking on Apps should immediately open an inventory of all installed programs on your PC. Locate the WTFast entry on the list and click on it once. Click on the Uninstall button above the list and ensure any dialog boxes which can appear. Follow the instructions on-screen in order to uninstall WTFast and restart your computer afterwards.


If none of the Methods have resolved the issue for you, we recommend using Restoro Repair Tool which can scan the repositories to replace corrupt and missing files. This mostly works where the issue is due to a system of corruption. Restoro will also optimize your system for maximum performance.