Error 200 (7:1:1016:597) Login Failed. Please Try Again. The ESO Error 200 is a very common connectivity type error that occurs when gaming. You may be in search of ways that you could fix it. Well, in this article, I would be detailing how you could fix the ESO error 200.

What is the ESO Error 200?

The ESO error 200 shows up when players attempt to log into the game. It prevents them from logging into this game. It might be as a result of your executable or even your cache DNS. In the next section, I will highlight the causes of ESO error 200 and then offer possible solutions. 

What Causes the ESO Error 200?

Several things may be hindering the ESO error code 200, and in this section, I would be highlighting just a few of the problems.  

The ESO error 200 can be caused by any of the reasons given below:

Your ESO executables might be blocked by the computer’s firewall.
Your Ports and stable cached DNS data of the router might be a cause of this error.
A broken launcher data can also be the reason behind all of this error. 
It may also be caused by a bad connection of the ISP to Akamai.
NVIDIA settings might as well be responsible for ESO error 200

Now that you are aware of the possible causes of the ESO error 200, you can get rid of the error through the following easy solutions. 

What Ways Can I Fix the ESO Error 200?

There are various ways by which you can fix the error. Check these out:

Solution 1- Restart Your PC and Launch the Game Again.

If the message “Cannot Load Announcement” pops up, you should try restarting your PC and then relaunch the game. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Try to fully close the game along with your launcher window.
Step 2: Restart your PC.
Step 3: Launch the game again.

With this, the announcements should load. However, if the message “Cannot Load Announcement” occurs again, retry the process but if the problem persists, then check out my next solution below.  

Solution 2: Rename the Game’s Folder

Another way to solve this problem is to rename the ProgramData folder in the game’s root directory. This will reset all update-related data and then Launcher will check for updates, install them, and run the game properly. To get it done you should follow these steps:

Step 1: Startup Steam by double-clicking on it. 
Step 2: In the Steam client, click on the Library tab. 
Step 3: Right-click on Elder Scrolls Online and then select Properties.
Step 4: Click on the Local Files tab and choose Browse Local Files.
Step 5: Once inside, double-click the Launcher folder.
Step 6: Right-click the ProgramData folder and choose the rename option from the context menu
Step 7: Rename it to ProgramData.old and tap the Enter key to confirm.
Step 8: Launch the game again.  

If this method doesn’t fix the problem, then you should check out the next option below.

Solution 3: Allow ESO Access through Firewall.

When ESO error occurs, the game may be blocked by a firewall. Your firewall sometimes blocks the executable files from connecting to the internet. Therefore in this solution, you will need to reset the Windows Firewall setting. You can do this via the following steps:

Step 1:  Click on the search button on the taskbar, and search for “Control Panel”. 
Step 2: Navigate to “View by” drop-down menu and select “Large icons”. 
Step 3: Out of the options, select “Windows Firewall Defender”.
Step 4: Select “Allow an App or Feature Through Windows Firewall Defender” from the list of options.
Step 5: Find the ESO and ESO launcher from the list that appeared on the screen.
Step 6: Now check both public and private network boxes in front of ESO entries.
Step 7: Finally, restart your computer and launch the game.

Solution 4: Adjust Some NVIDIA Setting

Sometimes you also be required to tweak some settings of your graphics card to resolve the Error 200. To do this, follow the instructions I have laid out below.

Step 1: Right-click on your desktop and select NVIDIA settings. 
Step 2: Click on your Manage 3D settings under the 3D setting section.
Step 3: Click on your Add button option and browse to the ESO executables.
Step 4: Head on to Select your preferred graphics processor for this program.
Step 5: Here, you should select a High-performance NVIDIA processor.
Step 6: Now, head on to your Power Management Mode in the setting section. There you should set it to Prefer Maximum Performance.
Step 7: Apply changes and restart your computer.

The solution should work but if it doesn’t work then you should move on to the next solution.

Solution 5- Try ZOS Platform Response

If all of the above solutions don’t fix the error,  then you should follow the steps below

Step 1: Open the client through your launcher.
Step 2: Type your username and password and do not press any button.
Step 3: Open the URL:

“” in a new tab.

It times out sometimes but could keep trying until you see the following message of a similar message. As you see this message go to the client and hit the login button.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>


However, once you have followed through this method, the error should have trouble shooted. 


The ESO error 200 is a common login issue that could affect you while you game online. It may be caused by a bad connection, a DNS cache file, your executables, and more. I have all of that detailed in this post and that should lead you through the issue. However, if it fails, then the problem may be from their servers and you should wait a bit.  You can also send them a mail, highlighting the problems to your support center.