It is crucial to get the latest Windows updates in time to protect your Windows PC from malicious attacks. However, sometimes you are unable to get these updates due to error code 80070103.

This error occurs because of issues with your graphics drivers and is common among all Windows operating systems. This article will review what this error is, what causes it, and possible solutions to tackle it. 

What is Error Code 80070103?

Windows Update error code 0x80070103 is one of the most common windows update errors you may encounter. This error does not affect your operating system. Instead, it results from issues relating to your graphics card.

The error message reads;

“Error(s) found: Code 80070103 Windows Update encountered an unknown error” or “Windows could not search for new updates. An error occurred while checking for new updates for your computer.”

Once this message pops up on your screen, you need to look for a solution immediately.

What causes this Windows Update Error 80070103?

Windows Update error code 0x80070103 usually occurs due to some issues with your graphics drivers. If you encounter it, you probably updated a driver from Windows Update and tried to install the already installed driver on your PC. This error is usually caused by the following; 

  • Outdated drivers
  • Driver with low compatibility rating
  • the driver that is meant for another device

Nonetheless, once you see this error on your screen, you need to fix it with the steps I detailed within the next section.

How to Fix the Windows Update Error 80070103

You can fix this error by following the detailed steps below.

Solution 1 – Find out the device driver that causes this error.

The first thing to do if you want to ix the Windows Update error 80070103 is to discover the driver that caused the error. You can follow the below-given steps to do this.

Step 1: Access the search box from the Start menu and type in Windows Update
Step 2: Now click on Check for updates or Windows Update from the result at the top.
Step 3: Click on View update history.
Step 4: You should now be able to locate the specific device driver update that failed on the top.

Solution 2 – Updating the Graphics Card Drivers

When you encounter this Windows Update error, the problem is probably from your PC’s current drivers. Your graphics card drivers may be outdated or corrupt. You can update your drivers manually or automatically. Just follow the steps below;

If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press Win+R simultaneously. This operation will invoke the Run dialog box. Enter msconfig, click on OK to open System Configurations. Click the Boot tab and check the Safe boot option. Click OK
Step 2: Click on Restart and boot into Safe Mode. Click on This PC > Local Disk C. You will see the NVIDIA folder. Delete the folder. Open the Run dialog by clicking  Start and then Run.
Step 3: Enter “devmgmt.msc” in the run box. Click the OK button. The Device Manager window will open. 
Step 4: Open the “Display Adapters” field and right-click on the NVIDIA adapter you wish to uninstall. Then select “Uninstall.” Click “OK” to remove the adapter from the list and uninstall the driver
Step 5: Press Win+R simultaneously to invoke the Run box. Open Systems configuration by entering msconfig. Click on the Boot tab, uncheck Safe boot, and click OK. Now, click on Restart.
Step 6: Download the latest NVIDIA driver. Once you are done, install the NVIDIA driver. Click the Custom installation option and tick all the boxes, including the “perform clean install” box. Restart your PC

If you have an AMD graphics card, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download the AMD Cleanup Utility
Step 2: Access the downloaded file and double-click on “AMDCleanupUtility.exe.’
Step 3: Reboot the system and run the utility in safe mode.
Step 4: A dialogue box will pop up stating that AMD Cleanup Utility will delete all AMD driver and application components. Click on OK
Step 5: Once the process is complete, click on Finish and reboot your PC

Now you need to install the latest driver update. To do this, just follow these steps;

Step 1: Visit the AMD Driver Support Page. Go to the section, Auto-Detect, and Install Radeon Graphics Drivers for Windows. Click  DOWNLOAD NOW 
Step 2: Run the file you downloaded and click on Install 
Step 3: The tool will launch automatically. Click Accept and Install to proceed.
Step 4: The tool will detect the installed AMD graphics product and system configuration and display Recommended and Optional driver packages that are compatible with your graphics product
Step 5: Choose the version you want and click Express installation. Once this process is done, restart your computer.

If you have an integrated graphics (Intel)

Step 1: Press Win + R to launch a Run
Step 2: Enter devmgmt.msc into the Run dialog and press the Enter button. The Device Manager will open.
Step 3: Expand the Display adapters and right-click on your graphics drivers.
Step 4: Click Uninstall 
Step 5: Now restart your PC. Once your PC is on, it will automatically reinstall the graphics drivers. Check if you have fixed the issue.

If the error is still not solved after updating your graphics drivers, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 3 – Hide update

Another way to fix the error code 80070103 is by hiding updates to prevent Windows from trying to reinstall an already existing driver update. By doing this, you are not going to block just one driver updates but all of them.

Step 1: Search for the Control Panel on your system and open the app.
Step 2: Now, click on System. On the left side, click on the option that says Advanced system settings.
Step 3: Go to the Hardware tab and click on the Device Installation Settings button.
Step 4: Choose the option that says No, your device might not work as expected.
Step 5: Click on Save settings and then restart your PC.

If the error is still not solved after blocking driver updates, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 4: Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

You can quickly run the Windows Update Troubleshooter by following these steps;

Step 1: Enter troubleshoot in the Windows 10 Cortana search box. Click on the best match Troubleshoot settings.
Step 2: Click the Troubleshoot to expand the option.
Step 3: Click Run Troubleshooter.
Step 4: Click Windows update.
Step 5: Click Run the troubleshooter.

When you launch the troubleshooter, it starts detecting problems. Once this is over, you need to follow the on-screen instruction to fix the problem. If you could not fix the problem after running Windows Update Troubleshooter, move to the next potential solution below.

Solution 5 – Rename Software Distribution Folder

Another great way to fix the error code 80070103 is by renaming the software. You will have to follow the below-given guide to do this.

Step 1: Press Win + R and open the Run dialog box. Type cmd and press Shift + Ctrl + Enter to run Command Prompt. 
Step 2: Right-click it to choose Run as administrator to continue.
Step 3: Reset the SoftwareDistribution Folder. In the dialog box, type the following commands and hit Enter on your keyboard after each command.

net stop wuauserv

net stop cryptSvc
net stop bits
net stop msiserver
Ren C:\\Windows\\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
Ren C:\\Windows\\System32\\catroot2 Catroot2.old
net start wuauservnet start cryptSvc
net start bits
net start msiserver

Step 3: When you have finished performing all steps, reboot your PC and run Windows update again to see whether you have resolved the error code 80070103.

After performing these solutions, the error code 800710103 should no longer be there. However, to prevent this error from reoccurring in the future, follow the below-given guide.

How to avoid error code 0x80070103 in the future

It is crucial that you make sure both your PC and your device drivers are up to date at all times in order to prevent this error. You can do this by downloading and installing driver updates manually immediately they come out.

Do not wait a long time before updating your drivers, so as to avoid downloading outdated versions. Troubleshooting compatibility issues take a large amount of your time. Therefore, it is advisable not to leave some things to update automatically in order to avoid this problem.


The error code 0x80070103 is one of the popular Windows Update errors you may encounter. It is not a rare occurrence when you are trying to install updates on your device.

Most times, updating your graphics drivers is just the solution you need in order to get rid of it. This article has shown you the solutions for this error, and I believe that you can now fix it.