Error 307: Booted From Server is a common Elder Scrolls message you see when you are abruptly disconnected in the middle of a game. 

The error appears out of nowhere, even with a great internet connection, but why? There are quite a few reasons why you would get kicked and there are several methods you could use to fix the issue at hand.

Method 1: Wait it out is the first and most obvious one you should try without a doubt. It is the most recommended method, but if it doesn’t work, try the other two methods we have for you. 

What is Error 307: Booted From Server?

Error 307: Booted From Server is a message that will flash across your screen after you have been kicked off. It happens abruptly and some people don’t seem to know why. It is an indication that you have been kicked off of the megaserver. If you log back in, you will also get error 304. 

What Causes Error 307: Booted From Server?

You will get this error if you are booted from the server while mid-game and you try to log back in instantly. The main culprit is your internet connection, especially if it stops you from logging in for a long period of time. 

Sometimes if you are playing from your PC, the error is caused by add-ons. If you are playing on an Xbox or Playstation, then the error may be caused by the dynamic IP. 

How to Fix Error 307: Booted From Server

There are several ways you could potentially fix “Error 307: Booted From Server”.  Some of them are harder than others, but that’s okay, we will walk you through them. Here are a few ways the error can be fixed:

-Wait it out
-Attempt the game without add-ons
-Assign a Static IP

Method 1: Wait it Out

You probably know by now that if you try to log right back onto the game that you will get an Error 307 message This is due to logging back on too fast. The best solution is to wait it out. We know it may seem like an eternity, but giving the game a break may solve the issue at hand.

The most-reported wait time from users with this issue is around 10-15 minutes. If this does not work for you, even after waiting for 20-minutes or so, then try the next two methods on the list. 

Method 2: Attempt the Game Without Add-Ons

Most of the time the culprit for Error 307: Booted From Server is most commonly due to add-ons. They can cause instability in the game and features. So playing the game without add-ons maybe your best option. You can follow these steps to remove the add-ons and hopefully make the error go away: 

-Click on your Search bar
-Type This PC
-Click on it
-Click on Documents
-Locate your Elder Scrolls Online file 
-Open it
-Depending on whether you are in North America or Europe, you will open either the Live or Megaserver folder
-Navigate to Add-ons
-Cut the files and paste them somewhere else to save them safely
-Launch the game and check to see if the error is gone

Method 3: Assign a Static IP

This method applies to you if you are using a console to play Elder Scrolls Online. There are different ways for each console; 

Xbox One

-Click Menu on your home screen
-Go to your Settings
-Click on Network
-Open Advanced Settings
-Copy the IP address you see on a piece of paper for later use
-Under Mac address enter the 23-digit address of your homes network connection
-Open the browser and type the gateway in the search bat
-Enter your username and password to access your Router’s settings
-Locate the Radio button and click on it
-Enter the MAC address and IP address that you wrote down
-Click on Add and launch the game once more

Playstation 4

-Go to Settings
-Click on Network
-Go to View Connection Status
-Write down the MAC and IP addresses for later use
-Remove the addresses 
-Click Exit


We hope that the above methods worked for you to fix Error 307: Booted From Server. These are the most useful methods that have been reported by Elder Scrolls Online players all across the globe. Good luck with your gaming! For other ESO error codes.