Have you encountered this error code while playing Diablo 3 on your PC? Diablo 3 is one of the most popular role-playing games created for the PC of all time. The game, created by the popular game developer Blizzard Entertainment, typically runs smoothly, however, there are many reported instances in which network issues have sprung up. In this post, we will look into what is diablo 3 error, what causes it and few ways to solve it.

What is Diablo 3 Error Code 1016?

Diablo Error code 1016 is an example of an issue that Blizzard Entertainment labels as a generic network disconnection error for which there are no definite solutions. If you take up the issue with Blizzard customer support, they will probably blame the issue on your own internet connection, but there are several causes of this issue, most of which are the result of issues beyond your internet connection.

Causes of Diablo 3 Error Code 1016

There are actually quite a few reasons that you might encounter this issue that would take up far too much of your time to list in this article. However, there are a few issues that are far more common than the rest that we will go over in this article. Even if you are encountering an issue that is not listed below, some of the troubleshooting methods listed in the section after still might work to resolve your issue.

Firstly, you might have an issue with the IP address of the computer you are using to run Diablo 3. Secondly, you might be running an Internet Protocol, IPV6, that is incompatible with older games like Diablo 3. Thirdly, you might have installed an anti-virus program on your computer that is blocking the game from running. Finally, there might have been an issue with the installation or maintenance of the game on your computer. 

How to Fix Diablo 3 Error code 1016

Each of the potential causes listed in the preceding section have troubleshooting methods that should be effective in resolving your issue. Some might even resolve issues that are not listed above. Before we get started, it is recommended that you restart your computer first to refresh the operating system and remove corrupt temporary data. This in itself might be an effective troubleshooting method for your issue. 

Solution # 1: Release and Renew your IP Address

If you believe the error code is stemming from an issue with your computer’s IP address, you might have to renew your IP address. To execute the set of commands that will allow you to renew your IP address, follow these four steps.

Search for ‘Command Prompt’ by typing it into the Start menu or into the search icon next to it. Right-click the first search result and select ‘Run as administrator’ option.
Use the ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ key combination to bring up the ‘Run’ dialog box. Type ‘cmd’ into the dialog box and use the ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Shift’ + ‘Enter’ key combination to run admin Command Prompt.
Type the following commands into the window. (make sure you press ENTER after typing each one).





Reopen Diablo 3 and see if the error code still appears.

This Error Code Can Specially occur when using Cloudflare. Check your Cloudflare setting, watch the video below for a more detailed explanation(step-by-step).

Solution # 2: Disable the Internet Protocol Version 6

Another potential reason you are encountering this error code could be the Internet Protocol, IPV6, that helps newer games run more effectively but often creates problems with older games like Diablo 3. To resolve this issue, you must disable IPV6 on your PC. To do so, follow these four steps.

Use the ‘Windows’ + ‘R’ key combination to bring up the ‘Run’ dialog box. Type ‘ncpa.cpl’ into the text box and click ‘OK’ to open ‘Internet Connection’ settings in the ‘Control Panel’.
Double-click on your active Network Adapter.
Click ‘Properties’ and locate ‘Internet Protocol Version 6’ on the list. Uncheck the box associated with it and click ‘OK’.
Restart your computer and try running Diablo 3 again.

Solution # 3: Add Diablo 3 to the Exceptions List in Your Anti-Virus Program

If you are running a free anti-virus program on your computer, it is likely that it might be inhibiting games like Diablo 3 from running effectively. Fortunately, for most anti-virus programs you will not have to uninstall the entire program, but rather add the game to its exceptions list.

This process will differ slightly depending on which anti-virus program you are running; however, most follow a similar template. If you are running a free anti-virus program such as McAfee, Avast, Kaspersky, Bitdefender or Windows Defender, follow these four generic steps to add Diablo 3 to your exceptions list.

Open your anti-virus UI, its icon should either be in the system tray or able to be found by searching in the Start menu.
Open the Exceptions setting, which will be located in different places depending on your anti-virus program and might be called Exclusions.
Add the Diablo 3 executable file by right-clicking its shortcut on the Desktop and choosing the Open file location option from the context menu. 
Try running Diablo 3 again.

Solution # 4 Uninstall and Reinstall Diablo 3

If all else fails, it might be worth trying to simply uninstall and then reinstall Diablo 3 on your PC. Sometimes the best troubleshooting methods are the simplest and this method has been reported to be an effective solution for some people.

In Conclusion

As mentioned earlier, there are many other potential reasons you might be experiencing error code 1016 in Diablo 3. The issue might simply be stemming from your internet connection. However, if you follow the troubleshooting methods listed above, it is likely that you will be able to resolve the error code and continue playing Diablo 3 without worry.