In recent years, there’s been a profound shift in how we consume our favorite content. Gone are the days of needing a cable TV subscription to access TV shows, sports, and movies. Now, people use streaming services to watch what they want whenever they want.

One streaming service that’s becoming increasingly popular is Crunchyroll. But if you’ve tried using this service and keep getting logged out, you may be unsure of how to proceed. Here’s what you need to do.

If Crunchyroll keeps logging you out, wait on the login screen until you get logged back in. Then, go to the “settings” page and click “log out”. Then, log back in manually but don’t use auto-login. Instead, re-enter your username and password to fix the problem.

What is Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll is a Netflix-esque streaming service that focuses on anime and drama content. It has more than 3 million subscribers across more than 200 countries. That’s made it one of the most popular anime brands in existence today.

Crunchyroll is a distributor, publisher, producer, and licenser of anime content. They have thousands of titles available, including many different movies, games, live-action dramas, and mangas.

Why does Crunchyroll keep freezing?

Crunchyroll has a bit of a reputation for freezing while a user tries to watch content on the site. This can happen for a few different reasons.

First, Crunchyroll might be freezing because of the strength of your internet connection. If your connection isn’t strong enough, then you might not have the bandwidth required to watch content on the site. You can fix this by upgrading your internet plan or reducing the bandwidth spent on other sites.

Crunchyroll could also be freezing because of an issue with their native Flash player. If this is happening, you might need to re-download the desktop app or re-download your Flash plugin.

Finally, Crunchyroll has also had issues with too much traffic on their site. When this happens, their videos may begin freezing while playing. There’s nothing you can do to solve this issue. Crunchyroll needs to fix it on their end.

How do I fix Crunchyroll errors?

Some users report getting stuck in a Crunchyroll error loop. This can be very frustrating because it prevents the user from being able to watch the anime content they want.

Unfortunately, fixes for Crunchyroll errors are rather limited. The best way to resolve them is to attempt to delete the app and redownload it. When you do this, make sure that you also deactivate/unlink your device from your account. This may be enough to solve the error messages that you’ve been getting.

Why does Crunchyroll keep logging me out on Roku?

This is a common problem that Roku users seem to experience consistently while using Crunchyroll. Unfortunately, the company has not come out with a solution for the issue. But some enterprising users have figured out their own workaround.

If Crunchyroll is logging you out on Roku, try using VRV instead. It’s a service that makes it easy to manage multiple channels from a single app. VRV allows you to connect your Crunchyroll account to it.

So, try connecting your Crunchyroll account to your VRV app on your Roku device. This should allow you to watch the content from Crunchyroll that you want without being logged out periodically.

Why does Crunchyroll keep logging me out on iOS?

Crunchyroll will log you out on your iOS device if you leave the app open after using it. To resolve the problem, you need to make sure that you actually exit the app between uses.

This can be done by double-tapping your iPhone or iPad’s button in rapid succession. When you do, it will bring up a list of all of the apps that are open on your device. Swipe up on Crunchyroll to exit out of it.

You might also want to try updating your Crunchyroll app. The company has attempted to put out fixes to problems like these through app updates. So if you’re running an old version of Crunchyroll, updating could be all that you need to do in order to solve the issue.

Why does Crunchyroll say bad gateway?

Another common problem that Crunchyroll users report is the “Error 502: bad gateway” message. This has to do with the proxy being incapable of getting a valid response from the original server.

If you have a bad gateway error, try using another browser. Some browsers are more invasive than others and could be causing this problem to occur.

Another solution is to disable your VPN if you’re using one. VPNs can mess with your connection to certain sites. Several users have successfully resolved this problem by turning theirs off.

That being said, VPNs provide a valuable layer of security and keep your internet usage anonymous. You’ll have to weigh whether it’s worth turning your VPN off to access your favorite content on Crunchyroll.

If neither of these solutions works, then the next step is to try updating your Crunchyroll app. If even that doesn’t work, then the problem may be on Crunchyroll’s end. Try contacting customer service or waiting for them to push out a solution on their own.

Is Crunchyroll worth it?

Crunchyroll Premium costs users $7.99 per month. It provides an enhanced streaming experience that may appeal to heavy users of the site.

For example, Crunchyroll Premium ups the quality of most shows to high-definition (HD). It also eliminates all ads on the website and expands the content that is available to users.

This may or may not be worth it to you. $7.99 isn’t a high price, especially when compared to other streaming services such as Netflix. If you use Crunchyroll often and value streaming quality, then Premium can absolutely be worth the price you pay.

How do you cancel a Crunchyroll membership?

If you decide to give Premium a shot, you can always cancel your Crunchyroll membership if you don’t find it valuable. Doing so is very easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Choose “settings” from the drop-down account menu
  2. Click on “Premium Membership Status” once there
  3. Click on the “Cancel Membership” button once you get to this menu

When you do this, Crunchyroll will give you the option to complete a survey detailing why you’re canceling. But you’re under no obligation to fill this out if you don’t wish to do so.

Related Questions

Is Crunchyroll free?

Yes, Crunchyroll’s base service is offered free of charge. So you can use the streaming service to watch your favorite anime content without having to pay a  dime for it.

But the company also has paid plans available. These upgrade the streaming quality that you get, eliminate all ads, and give you access to additional content.

Is Crunchyroll legal?

Yes, Crunchyroll is now 100% legal and safe to use. But when the company was first created, it was a website that users visited to stream illicitly uploaded anime shows online.

That’s no longer what Crunchyroll does. Today, the company has the legal right to distribute and stream a wide variety of anime titles and related content. So if you want to use Crunchyroll, you shouldn’t worry at all about whether or not what you’re doing is illegal or unsafe.