The corsair hs50 is a super comfortable, superior quality gaming headset. Like all electronic devices, it comes with its own problem. A common occurrence is the headset’s microphone not working.

this alone can totally hinder the gaming experience. The microphone is detachable and it connects to the headphone via a three-pin jack.

Corsair hs50 microphone not working is common to most corsair users on windows and the experience isn’t always pleasant. The cause is usually software or permission related and it is easy to diagnose and troubleshoot. This post will highlight some of the causes and the solution to solving them. 

How Do you Fix This Error?

Luckily, the corsair mic not working can be easily fixed. The solutions are effective and easy to follow. 

Solution 1: Update The Audio Driver

The audio driver can be updated manually and automatically. The manual driver update will require you to download all headset drivers from the manufacturer’s website. After downloading make sure you install the driver, again, that is done manually.

The disadvantage of the manual update is that you have to make sure you got the right driver from the website. If not, the problem will persist. Corsair’s official website is the best place to get the right driver. 

You can install and update all drivers automatically; it is faster and more effective that way. Driver easy is one of the most trusted installers. The steps to updating on driver easy is broken down for easy comprehension

Solution 1 (software method)

  • Start the driver; it scans and detects any problem with your driver. 
  • After the scan, there will be an update button if any of the drivers are faulty or obsolete. Click on download and by itself download and install the correct version of the audio driver. You can click on update all to make all your system’s drivers up to date. Restart your computer and check if your corsair hs50 mic is working now.

Solution 2 (device manager)

You could also update your driver through the device manager by:

  • Press the windows key + R to open the run dialog box or search for “run”. Then type “devmgmt.msc” in the box.
  • Expand the “sound, video and game controller” category by clicking on the arrow facing down. Right-click the audio driver and click on “update driver software”
  • Click “search automatically for updated driver software”. 
  • After the update has been installed, restart your computer then try your headset now. 

Solution 3: Change The Audio Setting On Your Computer

You can proceed to this if the problem persists; it means the problem is not driver-related. To fix the Corsair hs50 mic problem to can try to configure your PC’s audio setting to a compatible one. This can be done by following these easy steps

  • Right-click on the volume icon in the notification area and then click the sound image
  • Click on the recording tab and makes sure the microphone is set as default. A green mark icon appears when this is done
  • On the bottom-right side, you will find the properties button, click on it. Then drag the slider to the most significant value on the level tab
  • Lastly, click on ok to save all the changes made.

Check your corsair headset to check if the microphone is functioning properly now. The problem should be resolved now, and if it still persists then, try the third solution.

Solution 4: Enable The Microphone in Windows Setting

If any of the previous solutions did not solve the problem, this certainly will. Disabling the microphone is an often overlooked cause of corsair hs50 microphone problem. Luckily, the problem is easy to solve, the solution is broken down into steps for easy understanding.

  • Click on the window key and then “I”. 
  • Click on privacy on the bottom-right corner 
  • Click on the microphone, you will find it in the left panel
  • You should see a change option; make sure to turn the microphone access for this device on.
  • Turn the allow access to your microphone on.

You don’t have to restart after this. Check your corsair hs50 to confirm if the microphone is working now.


Here are a list and a short description of the common cause for corsair’s hs50 mic not working. It is necessary to understand the cause as this is the first step to fixing the problem. Corsair hs50 microphone problem is very easy to diagnose and troubleshoot.  You can determine where the problem is from by following these steps:

Plug your corsair headset into your smartphone. Most smartphones are compatible with all four-pin jack. Try to check if the microphone is working, you can call a friend to see if they can hear you. You could try recording your voice to confirm if the headset microphone is working properly.

Next, get a cheaper earphone, or you can borrow from someone. Insert into your computer and monitor the sound output with a program. Determine if the earpiece microphone is working properly. 

If you didn’t get a positive response in the first step, try testing your phone with the earphone. This is to know if the problem is from your corsair hs50 headset or your smartphone. 

Remove the microphone from the headset and plug it directly into your computer. Test it with a suitable application or program. If the result is positive, the problem could be a connection issue within the headset.

This step helps you determine if the problem is with your headset or computer. The result will determine the next course of action.  If the earpiece is working with your computer and phone but the headset isn’t, then the headset is probably faulty. 

If the earphone didn’t give a positive result with the PC and the headset works fine with your smartphone. Check your PC jack to make sure there is no foreign object, spilled water, or corrosion. The usual cause, in this case, could be any of these:

An obsolete audio driver.

This is one of the most common causes for corsair’s hs50 mic not working. The audio driver allows the computer to communicate with the hardware (in this case, your headphone) effectively. Without it, there will be a communication problem between the two and can consequently affect your headset’s output and input.

An obsolete driver may lack the ability to rely on the system message to your headphone or vice versa. The problem can be solved by updating your system’s audio driver

Misconfigured Audio Setting

The audio setting might be configured wrongly which consequently affects the headphone’s ability to perform optimally. This can be addressed by configuring the audio system the correct way.

Disabled Microphone in Window Setting

This is an often overlooked but frequent cause of the corsair hs50 mic not working. The setting might restrict the corsair headphone access thereby halting its performance. This can be corrected by enabling microphone access on your computer.


The corsair hs50 mic not working is a rather common problem reported by many users.  Most problems reported are PC-related, about 90% are software-related. The solution mentioned in the post will help you in resolving the corsair hs50 mic not working. The steps highlighted are easy to understand and follow.