Pairing a wireless keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV allows for easy and quick navigation through menus on your television (TV). A keyboard will also come in handy when entering passwords, logging in, or searching for, and filtering content on your TV. 

Again, there are those applications and games that require you to have a keyboard connected to your Smart TV. Normally, Samsung Smart TVs come with a single remote control as the only input device. Though designed to allow for enhanced ease of use, this remote controller is just not suited for some applications. 

Almost all Samsung Smart TVs feature Bluetooth connectivity that may be used to pair a wireless keyboard. You may also pair a wireless keyboard to your Samsung TV through a Bluetooth adapter, as you will learn later in this guide. 

You may connect the Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard, or other keyboard models, to your Samsung Smart TV through Bluetooth. The other method you can use to pair a wireless keyboard to the Samsung Smart TV would be to connect through a 3.5mm AUX, RCA, or optical audio output dongle.

As you may be aware, the Smart Wireless Keyboard by Samsung is only compatible with select Samsung Smart TV models. If your model does not support Bluetooth connectivity, or Bluetooth is not working, you should consider connecting the keyboard through a dongle. 

How to Pair a Wireless Keyboard to a Samsung Smart TV

Most of the leading Smart TV wireless keyboards couple the remote control functions to intuitive touchpad and keyboard functions. As mentioned earlier in this guide, a wireless keyboard may be paired to Samsung TVs though Bluetooth or using a single. 

Most of the Samsung Smart TV models available today support the Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard. For instance, this keyboard is fully functional on the LED ES7500 and higher models. However, some Samsung TV models do not support the universal control functionality on this keyboard. 

If you would rather connect third-party hardware to your Samsung TV, first check to ensure that it is actually compatible with the TV. If compatible, you can use any of these two methods to pair it to the Samsung Smart TV:

Method 1: How to Pair a Bluetooth Keyboard to a Samsung Smart TV

If your Samsung Smart TV model came with a Smart Remote, it supports Bluetooth connectivity as the remote connects to the TV via Bluetooth. If not, check whether it is Bluetooth compatible. You can check this from the user manual or from the Settings menu on the TV. 

To do this, navigate to Settings > Sound > Sound Output. If the ‘Bluetooth Speaker List’ option is displayed, then the TV can connect to a wireless keyboard through Bluetooth. In this case, the following procedure will help you pair a Bluetooth keyboard to your Smart TV:

Step 1: Turn the TV and Keyboard On 

First,  insert the supplied batteries into the battery compartment—located at the bottom of the keyboard in most models—as directed in the user manual. Next, you need to turn the Smart TV on. Now press the power switch on the keyboard to turn it On as well. 

Once both devices are on, position the wireless keyboard within the recommended range (often within 6 inches from the Samsung Smart TV). 

Step 2: Open the Bluetooth Device List on the TV 

Using the remote controller that came with your Smart TV (particularly the directional pad on the remote control) or the buttons on the TV’s control panel, you need to navigate to the ‘Bluetooth device list’ on the TV in order to search for and add the wireless keyboard.

The procedure for doing this differs slightly from one Samsung Smart TV model to another, as illustrated below: 

2014 Samsung Smart TVs 

These include the 2014 HU, H, and F Samsung Smart TV models. To add a Bluetooth Mouse or Keyboard, ensure that the device is in the Bluetooth pairing mode. You should then need to navigate to the Settings Menu from the home screen.

This should be done using the directional pad on the remote control. Next, select the System option from the Settings menu then select the ‘Device Manager’ option. Now select ‘Keyboard settings’ then open the ‘Add Bluetooth Keyboard’ option to start the configuration. 

2015 Samsung Smart TVs

These include the 2015 J, JU, and JS Samsung TV models. To add the Bluetooth keyboard to such a Samsung Smart TV, navigate to Menu on your TV using the directional pad on the remote control device.

Next, select System from the Settings menu that appears before navigating to the ‘Device Manger’ option. Now select the ‘Keyboard Settings option’ then select ‘Add Bluetooth Keyboard’. 

2016 Samsung Smart TVs 

This procedure is applied to the 2016 Samsung K, KU, and KS Smart TV models. If you own such a TV model, ensure that Bluetooth pairing mode is enabled on the device. From the home screen, navigate to Settings on the TV using the directional pad on the remote control. 

From the Settings menu, select System then opens the ‘Input Device Manager’ option. Finally, you need to select the ‘Add Bluetooth Keyboard & Gamepad’ to begin searching for the wireless keyboard.

Note: If you own a 2016 or earlier Samsung Smart TV model, you will be presented with a code on the screen when pairing the keyboard. You need to enter this code into the wireless keyboard device in order to authenticate the pairing process. 

2017 Samsung Smart TVs 

This procedure should be used on the 2017 Samsung M, MU, Q, or LS Smart TV models. To add the keyboard, hence pair it to the TV, navigate to the Settings menu on the TV. Next, select the ‘External Device Manager’ option on the Settings menu and then open the ‘Keyboard Manager’ option.

Now select the ‘Add Bluetooth Keyboard’ option to search for the hardware. 

2018 and 2019 Samsung Smart TVs 

 This procedure is applicable for the 2018 and 2019 Samsung N, NU, and R models. To add the Bluetooth to such a Samsung Smart TV model, navigate to Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Device Manager > Bluetooth Device List.

This will initiate the search for available Bluetooth devices on the Smart TV. If the search is completed and the Bluetooth keyboard was not detected, you need to move it closer to the TV then initiate the search once again. To scan for available devices again, select the Refresh button on the screen. 

Once the wireless keyboard you would like to pair has been discovered and displayed on the Bluetooth Devices list, you are ready to proceed to the next step. 

Step 3: Pair the Bluetooth Keyboard 

When the Bluetooth keyboard you intent to pair appears on the Bluetooth Device list, select it, and then select the ‘Pair and Connect’ option. In some Samsung TV models, this operation will display a numerical code. If you get this code, just enter it using the Bluetooth keyboard you are paring to authenticate the process. 

Once the code has been authenticated, the keyboard will automatically pair with the Smart TV. Once the pairing process is complete, press the OK button to close the window. Your Bluetooth keyboard is now connected to the Samsung Smart TV and ready to use. 

Method 2: Connecting a Wireless Keyboard to a Samsung Smart TV Through a Dongle

If your Smart TV does not support Bluetooth connectivity or the Bluetooth does not seem to work, you can also connect a wireless keyboard through a dongle attached to the TV. In this regard, you need to get a Bluetooth adapter dongle that connects to the standard AUX, RCA, or 3.5mm audio port. 

Choose an option that will work with the ports available on your TV. Most of the wireless Smart TV keyboards that connect through a dongle come with an installation manual. Basically, you need to insert the dongle into the appropriate port on the TV and turn the keyboard on. 

Once connected, follow the instructions on the user manual to pair a wireless keyboard to your Samsung Smart TV. 

Method 3: How to Pair the Samsung Smart Keyboard 

Pairing the wireless Smart keyboard by Samsung with a compatible Samsung Smart TV is meant to be seamless and straightforward. Having been optimized for use in select Samsung Smart TVs, pairing this device is relatively easy. 

First, ensure that the keyboard is compatible with your Smart TV model. The following steps will help you pair the keyboard to your Smart TV:

Step 1:Turn the TV on, insert the supplier batteries into the battery compartment at the bottom of the keyboard. To turn the wireless keyboard on, use the Power switch—positioned at the bottom of the keyboard. 

Step 2: Next, position the keyboard within 6 inches of the Smart TV for them to pair successfully. 

Step 3: Once ready, press and hold down any key–other than the Ctrl, Menu, Pairing, and Alt keys—on the wireless keyboard you would like to pair. Keep holding the button for about 2 seconds. The battery and Bluetooth lights on the keyboard should blink alternately as the keyboard pairs to the Samsung Smart TV (this will take about five minutes). 

Wait until the Battery and Bluetooth lights blink twice at the same time then stop blinking. When this happens, the wireless keyboard is paired to your Samsung Smart TV and ready to use. 

Final Verdict 

As compared to the remote control that comes with the TV, a keyboard is better suited for certain applications. For instance, a keyboard allows for Swift and easy navigation in apps, games, and certain applications. 

Pairing a wireless keyboard to your smart TV will also allow for convenient input when loving in, entering passwords, or filtering results on the Smart TV. Depending on the TV model you have, you can pair a wireless keyboard through Bluetooth or using a dongle. 

If you are pairing a Samsung wireless keyboard, all you need to do is press a key for about five seconds for it to pair automatically. For third-party keyboards, you may need to scan for and add the wireless keyboard to the TV manually. Regardless of the Samsung Smart TV model you own, this guide will help you pair a wireless keyboard with the TV.