Borderlands 2  Fatal Error is practically preventing you from running the game at all. In this guide, we will review what this error code means, what causes it, and how to solve it. 

Borderlands 2 has been a massively successful addition to the Borderlands franchise. Providing all of the entertainment and action of its predecessor, Borderlands is an incredibly fun game that really packs a punch.

However, like most games, it does have its share of bugs, including one especially unfortunate Fatal Error. Let’s take a look at how to fix this common issue and get back into the game. 

What is the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error Code?

Borderland 2 Fatal Error is typically generated when playing the game or trying to join the main campaign. It halts gameplay and is incredibly frustrating because if not remedied it can be a recurring issue that can really interfere with progress within the game due to its seemingly randomized nature of appearance. 

What Causes the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error Code?

Generally, the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error Code is caused by missing or corrupted data files. The game cannot run without these essential files and cannot reboot itself successfully in most cases unless you locate and fix the issue. This can make fully fixing the error tricky but definitely doable. Let’s take a look at what options you have in working to remedy this common corruption-related issue. 

What Can You Do to Fix it?

There are several different routes you can take in fixing this issue. Not all of them work for every person but fortunately, almost everyone can find a remedy somewhere in the mix. Your Options Are:

1. Check For Missing Steam Game Files

Sometimes, files become corrupted. This issue is especially present in games played through Steam. Fixing this issue, if it is present, often gets everything back to normal. 

2. Run Borderlands 2 As Admin

If the issue is with account permissions, running the game as Admin can help you access the trouble areas. Insufficient permissions can often really cause more issues than you would think within games.

3. Verify the Config Files

While Borderlands 2 is a solid game, sometimes files get corrupted. Verifying the essential Config files are intact and fixing them if they are not can help you to get back into your campaign. 

4. Switch to a Different Installation Directory

Sometimes, permissions prevent a game from being fully installed or used. Switching to a different permissions directory can give you access once again. 

5. Turn off Dolby DAX API Service

Sometimes, the Dobly DAX service can restrict access to games. This was actually a large issue with Call of Duty when it first launched and seems to have also impacted Borderlands 2 and a few other popular games. Turning off the service can help to get the game properly set up to play. 

Fixing the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error Code

Let’s take a look at how to actually fix the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error Code issue!

1. Check for Missing Steam Game Files 

The most common cause for the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error Code to be generated within Steam is a corrupted or incorrectly installed file. To fix this, you have to locate the problem file and remedy whatever is preventing it from running properly.

First, you need to find the game itself by going to your “Library” tab. Once there, right-click on Borderlands 2 to select it and click “Properties” in the secondary menu. Then, find the “Local Files” tab and select it before clicking on the “Verify Integrity of Game Files” option. Once completed, close the game and relaunch it to see if this fixed the error. 

2. Run Borderlands 2 As Admin

Not having the proper permissions needed to run the game will halt it in its tracks and prevent any playability. To work around this, try running the game as administrator; usually, it will fix the issue and let you into the game completely if your permissions were the source of the error code.

To do this, open your “Library” and right-click Borderlands 2. Select the properties option from the submenu and go to “Local Files” and “Browse Local Files”, respectively. This will open the installation directory, where you can then right-click the executable file and select “Run as administrator” from the menu. This should remedy the issue if permissions were the source. 

3. Verify the Config Files

If you have files that are corrupted or not properly installed on any platform, you can count on them to prevent a game from running properly or even opening. The access the area to verify any corrupted files and fix them, first press Win + E to open the File Explorer.

Then, go to My Documents and navigate to Borderlands 2. Create a backup of the files in this folder and delete the first set, leaving only the new ones. Then, run the game as you normally would to see if this fixed the Fatal Error issue. 

4. Switch to a Different Installation Directory

Permission issues are the most common cause of the Borderlands 2 Fatal Error code generation. Sometimes, it is harder to get the system to work, so you have to go to a different method. Create a new folder within the space where you have stored your initial file download and then move it over. Pin the folder to the start menu or home screen and run the game from there. For many people, this circumvents the permissions issues entirely. 

5. Turn off Dolby DAX API Service

Designed to control the Dolby Atoms components on your system, the Dolby DAX API Service is a valuable tool but sometimes it can get in the way of your system’s permissions. Commonly associated with issues within Call of Duty, issues with the Dolby DAX API Service is a widespread issue impacting a wide range of games.

To fix this issue, first press the Win + R keys. This will open the “run” dialogue box, where you should then enter “services.mcs” then press enter. Once a pop-up window appears, right-click Dobly DAX API and select “properties”. Change the start-up type to “disabled”, then click “apply” and “ok” to save the changes. Try then to reboot the game and see if it works. 


Regardless of what remedy works best for your game, the issue typically stems from a corrupted file or failed permission. To remedy this, you have several different options. Just play around and see which best suits your needs.