The Astro A40 microphone (mic), not working problem is often a result of misconfigured audio input settings. It may also be a result of corrupted, missing or outdated software files and can occur in Windows, Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox devices. 

If it is the first time you are using the headset, ensure that the device is configured to use the Astro A40 mic as the audio input device. In addition to the two customizable speaker tags, the headset features a unidirectional voice-isolating microphone. Despite being a reliable piece of hardware, the Astro A40 mic can malfunction. 

In most cases, the device fails to detect the microphone or fails to use the A40 mic as the audio input device. In either case, this guide will help you diagnose and fix the Astro A40 mic not working issue on PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as Windows and Mac PCs.

In Windows 10, you can fix the Astro A40 not working issue by unmuting or adjusting the mic volume, run a Windows troubleshooter, or allow apps access to the mic. In other cases, you may need to set the Astro A40 mic as the default audio input device or update/ install audio drivers on your Windows 10 PC.
If using an Xbox console, consider updating the Astro A40 headset as well as the Xbox controller firmware, as illustrated later in this guide.

Having ensured that the headphones are properly plugged in, you should consider restarting the device. If this does not fix the problem, check whether the headset is enabled and configured accordingly. You should also ensure that the microphone is not muted and that it is set as the default audio input device on your device. 

You may also need to update the audio drivers in Windows or the controller firmware on Xbox gaming consoles. 

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How Do We Fix This Error?

If you will be using the Astro A40 headset on a personal computer (PC), whether Windows or Mac, you should the headphones mode to PC. Otherwise, the computer will not be able to detect and use the microphone, even when the audio settings are configured correctly. 

To do this, press the Astro A40 power button for about 3 seconds. The indicator light around the power button will change color to let you know which mode the headset is in—a white ring for PC mode and a red ring for the Console mode. Next, you should ensure that the headset is properly plugged into your device. 

Now try restarting the device to fix the Astro A40 not working issue. This will clear corrupted temporary settings and files that may be causing the problem on your device. If this does not resolve the problem, use the following methods to troubleshoot and fix the Astro A40 mic in Windows 10:

Method 1: Adjust Microphone Volume 

The microphone on your computer needs to be high enough for the mic to pic up the input voice. To begin with, check whether the microphone is muted on your computer. To adjust the microphone volume on your computer, click on the Volume Control (speaker) icon on the System Tray—bottom-right corner of the desktop. 

This will display the volume level control window. Just slide the volume level slider upwards to increase the volume—ideally to more than 50%. Moving this slider will increase the audio input and output volumes proportionally for System Sounds and all apps. It will also unmute the microphone volume if it has been muted. 

If you would rather increase the volume selectively, use the following procedure: 


Using the Volume Mixer window, you can increase the volume level(s) for some apps while keeping the volume for others low or muted. To do this, use the following steps: 

Step 1: Right-click on the Volume Control icon—the Speaker icon in your System Tray—and then select ‘Open Volume Mixer’ from the context menu. This will open the Volume Mixer window showing the running applications and their audio levels. 

Step 2: To increase the volume for any of the applications, click on its slider and drag it upwards. To lower the volume, click on the solider and drag it downwards. 

Note: Changing the volume level for any of the applications on the Volume Mixer will not affect the volume level for the others. 

You can now close the window and check whether the Astro A40 microphone is working. 

Method 2: Run Windows Troubleshooter 

If increasing the volume level does not resolve the problem, use the built-in Windows Troubleshooter utility. The tool will automatically search for problems that may be causing the Astro A40 mic not to work on your computer. To run the recording audio troubleshooter on Windows 10: 

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keys on your keyboard at the same time to open the Settings menu. 

Step 2: Under the ‘Update & Security’ category, select Troubleshoot. 

Step 3: Now click on the ‘Recording Audio’ troubleshooter to open it. You should then click on the ‘Run the Troubleshooter’ button to run it. The troubleshooter will automatically scan your system for any problems relating to your recording audio hardware.

Follow the on-screen prompts to implement the recommended fixes for any problem the troubleshooter may have uncovered. 

Method 3: Allow Apps to Access and Use the Astro A40 Mic

If you recently updated the Windows 10 operating system, app access is most likely the problem. By default, Windows blocks the apps installed on your computer from accessing such components as the webcam and microphone. To fix the problem, you need to allow apps access to the audio input device, as follows:

Step 1: Press the Windows + I keyboard shortcut to open Settings. Next, click on Privacy then select Microphone from the left pane.

Step 2: Check the status of the ‘Microphone for this device’ setting on the right pane. It should read, “Microphone access for this device is on”. If it says Off, use the following step to turn it On.

Step 3: Click on the Change button and then click on the toggle button to turn it on—it should turn from gray to blue once enabled. Turning this setting on allows the apps installed in the computer to access the default microphone device.

Step 4: Just below that, check whether the ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ setting is set to On. If it is Off, click on the ‘Change’ button then click on the toggle button to turn it On. If set to Off, the Windows OS can access audio from the microphone, but the installed apps cannot. 

Step 5: Next, choose which apps are allowed to access the microphone. Click on ‘Choose which apps can access your microphone’ and look for the app you would like to access the mic on this list. Select the app you would like to give access to the microphone and then toggle it On. 

Repeat step 5 for all the apps you would like to give access to the microphone. As you can see, this list only includes the apps you recently installed from Store. Traditional apps will not appear here but have access to the mic by default—as long as the ‘Allow apps to access your microphone’ setting is On. 

Method 4: Set the Astro A40 Mic as the Default Audio Input Device 

In other cases, the A40 headset mic fails to work simply because it is not enabled or not set as the default audio input device on your Windows 10 PC. In such a case, you need to enable the Astro A40 microphone and set it as the default mic device on your PC. To do this, press the Windows + R keyboard shortcut to launch a Run dialog box. 

Next, input Control into the dialog box then presses the Enter key to run it. On the Control Panel window that just opened, clicks on the View drop-down menu to expand it, and then select ‘Large icons’. Now click on Sound then navigate to the Recording tab on the Sound window. Right-click in the entry space within the device list and check the ‘Show Disabled Devices’ option. 

Find the ‘Headphone Microphone’ device (may be listed as ASTRO A40/A50 Game) from this list, right-click on it, and select Enable. Right-click on the A40 mic device again and select ‘Set as Default Device’. Finally, click on the OK button to save the changes. 

Method 5: Check for Astro A40 Drivers on Your PC 

Having corrupted, missing, or incompatible device drivers on your computer may also cause the Astro A40 microphone device to malfunction. First things first, check whether you have the Astro A40 device drivers in your ‘Device Manager’. Here is how you should go about it: 

Step 1: Open the Device Manager 

Press the Windows + X keys on your keyboard simultaneously and then select the ‘Device Manager’ option from the context menu. Next, you need to expand the ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’ category on the Device Manager.

Step 2: Check Whether the A40 Drivers are Installed 

Now scroll down the displayed list of device drivers to find the headphone drivers—often displayed as ASTRO A40/A50 Game. If the driver is available, you should try to update it. To do this, right-click on the Headphone device driver and then select the ‘Update this device software’ option. 

You should then follow the on-screen prompts as displayed on the display to complete the software update process. Once done, close the window and check whether the Astro A40 microphone not working issue has been resolved. 

If you don’t find the Headphone device driver on your device manager, the following methods will help you install it, and possibly fix the problem: 

Method 6: Install/Update Astro A40 Mic Drivers 

If the Astro A40 headset mic not working issue is being caused by outdated, corrupted, or missing drivers, updating them or installing a genuine copy can fix the problem. You may install the Astro A40 gaming headset drivers manually or automatically using the Installation Wizard in Windows 10, as illustrated below:

Step 1: Press the Windows + X keyboard shortcut then select ‘Device Manager’ from the context menu that appears. 

Step 2: Double-click on the ‘Audio inputs and outputs’ category within the Device Manager window. You should then select the ‘Microphone’ option and right-click on it. 

Step 3: Choose the ‘Update Device Driver’ option from the context menu that just popped up. This should bring up the Installation wizard window on your display. 

Step 4: Select the ‘Search automatically for updated driver software’ option to continue. If connected to the internet, the computer will automatically search for the latest compatible audio input and output drivers. 

Now follow the on-screen prompts as displayed by your Installation Wizard to complete the installation/ update process. Once done, restart the computer and check whether the Astro A40 microphone is working. 

Method 7: Install Audio Drivers in Compatibility Mode 

If the above-described software installation/ update method does not fix the issue, you may need to install the drivers in compatibility mode. To do this, you should first navigate to the official Astro device software downloads page on your device. 

Find the latest compatible Astro A40 gaming headset driver for your computer on this page and download it. Next, navigate to the Download folder on your PC and right-click on the executable setup file you just downloaded then select ‘Properties’. 

Navigate to the Compatibility tab on the Properties window and click on the checkbox adjacent to the ‘Run this program in Compatibility Mode’ option to check it. Select the operating system version you are currently running from the drop-down menu. Follow the on-screen prints to complete the installation process. 

Method 8: Configure Microphone Settings on the Astro MixAmp App

Finally, you may need to check whether the Astro A40 headset settings are configured properly within the MixAmp application on your computer. If it is your first time using the Astro A40 mic as the input device on your computer, this is probably the problem. 

To configure these settings, launch the MixAmp app on your computer and then navigate to the Microphone tab. Next, click on the USB Mic Level on this window and drag it to the far right side to set the microphone volume to the highest. 

Now close the MixAmp application and check whether the Astro A40 mic not working issue has been resolved. 

How Fix Astro A40 Mic Not Working on Xbox Consoles 

Most Xbox One users just love its Voice chat feature that allows them to have voice communication with their friends as well as teammates. This feature uses either the built-in Kinect microphone on the console or the mic on your gaming headset for audio input. 

If your Astro A40 mic is not working on an Xbox console, you can fix it in a couple of simple steps. To begin with, ensure that the headset is properly plugged into the console. With the provided chat cable connected, you should see a headset icon appear on the lower-right corner, adjacent to the clock. 

If you press the Xbox guide button and the mic icon is slashed through, then the console is not detecting the connected headset. If detected, you should see a headset logo. The following methods will help you troubleshoot and fix the Astro A40 microphone not detected a problem on your Xbox console: 

Method 1: Restart the Console Entirely 

The external mic not working issue on your Xbox console may be triggered by corrupted temporary files—files that are normally stored on the device to facilitate faster starting and running of games and applications—on the device. Such an issue can be resolved by clearing the temporary files on the Xbox.

This can be achieved by rebooting the console. To do this, press and hold the Xbox button—positioned at the front of the console. Keep holding this button until the Xbox console shuts down completely (should take about 10 seconds). Next, unplug the power cable from the socket and leave the console unplugged for about 15 seconds. 

This allows the capacitors on the console to drain any charge they may be holding and reset the device. After 15 seconds, plug the unit back in and press the Xbox button on the console to turn it back On. After the console has booted up entirely, check to see whether the Astro A40 mic is working. 

Method 2: Update the Astro A40 Headset Firmware 

Updating the firmware on your console can also bring the headset mic back to its working order. This method is particularly useful for the Xbox Series X|S consoles. You may also need to reconfigure the firmware accordingly following the update. 

The following steps will help you update the Astro A40 headset firmware on your Xbox console: 

Step 1: Install the Astro Command Center Software on Your PC

Navigate to the Astro support site, scroll down to the Astro Command Center Software section. To download the relevant file, select either the Download ACC for Mac or Download ACC for PC option, depending on the operating system you are running on your computer. 

Next, open the download folder on your PC and run the executable file you just downloaded. This should launch the Astro Command Center Startup Wizard on your computer. Just select the relevant option and click the Next button for all the subsequent screens. 

On the last installation screen, choose your preferred installation location for the software then click on the Install button. If you get an administrator prompt inquiring whether you allow the changes, select ‘Allow’ to continue. Once installed, click on Finish to complete the Astro Command Center setup.

Step 2: Open the Astro Command Center on Your PC 

Following the successful installation of the software, in step 1 above, the Astro Command Center should automatically open on your desktop. If it does not, you need to launch it manually. You can do this by searching for Astro Command Center using Windows search then clicking on it in the search results. 

Step 3: Update the MixAmp 

Ensure that it is set to the ‘PC Mode’ using the toggle switch at the top of the MixAmp. If your MixAmp does not have the toggle switch, you need to press and hold its power button for about 3 seconds. 

Doing this will cause its light to switch to white, which indicates that the application is running in PC mode. 

Step 4: Connect the MixAmp Pro TR to the PC 

Now connect the MixAmp Pro TR to your computer using the provided micro USB cable. If connected properly, the Astro Command Center will automatically display the MixAmp settings menu. This menu will have such details as the firmware version the headset is currently running. 

If it is not the current version, the Command Center will also display a notification at the top of the window that a firmware update is available. If yours does not show the update notification, click on the heat icon—situated at the top-right corner of the menu—and then turn the ‘Check for firmware updates automatically’ option On. 

To install the firmware update, just click on the ‘Update Now’ button. Wait until you get a notification that the update has completed. When you get this notification, just click on the OK button. Once updated, the Astro A40 headset should work seamlessly when connected to the Xbox Series S and Series X integrated port. 

Step 5: Connect the Astro A40 headset to the MixAmp Pro TR 

Once the firmware update is completed, disconnect the MixAmp from the computer then connect the Astro A40 headset to the MixAmp. Next, you need to connect the MixAmp to the Xbox gaming console. Insert the auxiliary cable that comes with the headset—often referred to as the Inline Mute Cable—into the headphone jack (situated on the left earphone of the A40 headset). 

Now plug the other of the cable (the one close to the mute toggle button) into the headset. The other end of the auxiliary cable should be plugged into the headphone jack—towards the bottom of the MixAmp. Finally, connect the microphone attachment into the left earphone on your Astro A40 headset. 

Step 6: Switch the MixAmp to the Xbox Mode

If your MixAmp has a mode toggle button, use it to switch the unit back to the Console/ Xbox mode. If it does not have the toggle button, press and hold the MixAmp power button for about 3 seconds. In this regard, the light in the unit will change to red—indicating that it is running in the Console mode. 

Step 7: Connect the MixAmp to the Xbox Console 

Connect your MixAmp into one of the USB ports at the back of the Xbox console using the provided micro USB cable. You will get a pop-up message notifying you that the headset has been assigned. You may also confirm that the headset has been recognized by the console from the Accessories settings screen. 

To do this, press the Xbox button. You should then navigate to Power & System > Settings > Devices & connections > Accessories. Ensure that the microphone attachment is fully plugged in and that the toggle button on the auxiliary cable is set to enable voice communication. Now check whether the Astro A40 mic not working issue has been fixed. 

Method 3: Reconfigure the Microphone Privacy Settings 

If your Astro A40 mic is still not working following the update, check its privacy settings on the Xbox to ensure that it is enabled. From the Xbox guide menu, open Settings then select the Account option. Next, select the ‘Privacy & online safety’ option. 

You should then navigate to View details & customize > Communicate with voice and text. Enable this option to allow the console to use the Astro A40 mic as the audio input device. 

Method 4: Adjust Chat Mixer Settings on Xbox 

You also need to ensure that the chat mixer settings on your console are configured properly. From the Home screen on your Xbox console, open Settings then navigate to the ‘Display & sound’ settings. Select Volume and then select the ‘Chat Mixer’ option. 

Select the setting you find appropriate on this settings menu and then navigate back to the ‘Display & sound’ settings menu. Open the Volume menu before selecting the ‘Party chat output’ option. To complete this setup, select the Headset. 

Method 5: Check Your Account Settings (Parental Control Options)

If the settings on your Xbox One account limit voice communication, you are likely to encounter the Astro A40 microphone not working issue. In this regard, you also need to check your profile settings to see whether the mic on your account is being controlled. 

If this limitation is on a Child account, you first need to sign in using the Parent account to make the appropriate changes. You should then take the following steps to fix the Astro A40 mic not working on Xbox One:

Step 1: Press the Xbox button on your controller, select Settings, and then ‘All Settings’. 

Step 2: Select the Account option and then open ‘Privacy & online safety. 

Step 3: Now select the ‘View details & customize’ option before selecting ‘Communicate with voice and text’.

Step 4: At this point, you should select who you would like to talk to. Now check whether you can chat with the selected friend through the Astro A40 microphone. 

Method 6: Assign the Right Controller to Your Profile 

If you are having Astro A40 microphone issues on an Xbox series X or Series S console, ensure that the right controller is selected on your profile. These Xbox consoles allow you to pair your account to a wireless controller such that you have control over which account is associated with which controller. 

This is particularly beneficial when you have multiple gamers using different controllers on a console at the same time. If you happen to change controllers a lot, the controller may be trying to find an audio input device from the wrong controllers. If this happens, you will encounter the Astro A40 not working issue on your Xbox console. 

To fix the issue in this case, you need to assign the appropriate controller to your Microsoft Account. The following procedure will help you accomplish this: 

Step 1: Press the Xbox button on your controller to launch the guide on your display. Next, you should navigate to Profile & system > Settings > Devices & connections > Accessories.

Step 2: Select the controller you would like to associate with your account and then select the More options (…) icon. Select Assign to reveal the account that is currently assigned to that controller. 

Step 3: If you would like to assign this controller to a different account, select the ‘Assign to’ option. You should then select the Xbox account you would like to assign the controller to. This should pair the selected controller to this account by default. 

Step 4: If you would like the console to automatically sign you in whenever the assigned controller is connected, select ‘this controller signs in’. This should now take you to the sign-in settings for your account. 

Method 7: Update the Xbox Controller for Stereo Headset Adapter

In addition to fixing the Astro S40 mic not working issue, updating your controller firmware will offer you essential controller enhancements. You can choose to update the Xbox controller via USB or wirelessly as illustrated below: 

How to Update the Xbox Controller Firmware Wirelessly 

This method is only possible for the Xbox Wireless Controllers produced after June 2015. Only the controllers with a circular 3.5-mm at the bottom can update wirelessly. If yours does not have this port, you just have to upgrade it through a USB cable. 

If you have the stereo headset adapter, you should connect it to the bottom of the controller so that it may be updated as well. Next, plug the headset into the headset adapter for it to turn on. Once ready, press the Xbox button on the controller to open the guide. Now navigate to Profile & system > Settings > Devices & connections > Accessories. 

Select the controller you would like to update from the displayed list of devices. Select the (…) icon on the Xbox Wireless Controller screen to see the current controller firmware version. If it displays the Update option, select the latest firmware version and follow the prompts to update the controller. 

Update an Xbox Controller From Your PC 

You can also update your Xbox controller from a Windows 10 PC using the Xbox Accessories application. To begin with, you need to download and install the Xbox Accessories app on your PC. Once installed, launch the app on your Desktop then connect the Xbox Wireless controller you would like to update to the PC using a USB cable. Alternatively, you could connect the controller to the PC via the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows. 

At this point, the system will prompt you to update to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, if you are yet to do so. You will have to install the required update in order to proceed with the Xbox controller update. 

How to Update an Xbox Controller Via USB

If you have a stereo headset adapter, connect it to the bottom of the Xbox controller do that it may be updated as well. You should then plug the Astro A40 headset into the adapter. Now connect the provided USB cable to a USB port on your Xbox console. 

Plug the other end of the USB cable into the top of the Xbox controller. If the connection is done properly, the installation instructions will automatically appear on the Xbox display. If you do not get the instructions, you can also update the console manually. 

To do this, open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller. Next, you need to navigate to Profile & system > Settings > Devices & connections > Accessories, and then select the controller you want to update. Select the (…) icon to get the firmware version details. If it says Update, just select a firmware version the follow the on-screen prompts to install it.  

Method 8: Configure In-Game Chat Settings for Fortnite Chat 

Did you encounter the Astro A40 mic not working issue while trying to communicate on the Fortnite in-game chat? First check whether the mic is working on other devices or within the Xbox Party Chat. If it is working on other devices, you can fix the problem as follows: 

Step 1: Open Fortnite, access its Main Menu, and then go to Settings > Speaker icon.

Step 2: Turn the Voice Chat feature from ON to Off.

Step 3: Next set the ‘Voice Chat Method’ setting from ‘Open Mic’ to the ‘Push-to-Talk’ option. 

Step 4: Click on the Save button to save the changes then exit the settings menu. 

Step 5: From the Fortnite Main Menu, navigate to the Settings > Speaker icon once again. Now turn the ‘Voice Chat’ feature from Off to On. 

Step 6: Change the Voice Chat Method setting from Push-To-Talk back to Open Mic. Once you are done, save the changes and exit the game completely. Restart the game and check whether the Astro A40 mic not working problem has been fixed. 

Final Verdict 

The Astro A40 headset microphone can fail to work for different reasons, regardless of the platform you are using. In most cases, though, it is a result of misconfigured settings in Windows, Mac, and Xbox consoles. In either device, you should first ensure that the headset is properly connected. 

You should then toggle to mute button on the auxiliary cable of the headset to allow for audio input. If you are using the MixAmp with your Astro A40 headset, ensure that it is set to the PC mode when using it with a computer. If the MixAmp is to be used with an Xbox console, ensure that it is set to the Console/ Xbox mode. 

If these do not seem to fix the problem, you can apply the above-described methods to resolve the Astro A40 mic not working issue in Windows and Xbox consoles.