Are you a gamer wondering, ‘XBOX One 500gb vs 1tb?’ There are no performance differences between the 500GB and the 1TB Xbox gaming console variants, but one of them will certainly be able to store more games and saves. The right one will mainly depend on your gaming needs, affordability, and preferences. With regards to affordability, the 1TB Xbox consoles cost about 27% more but offer 100% more storage capacity.

Different Xbox titles require different amounts of storage. While most games only require a few hundred megabytes, there are some like Gears of War 4 that can take up to 120GB on the drive! So, It goes without saying that the 1TB Xbox offers more HDD capacity, but the 500GB version can play all the same games, maybe just not as many of them. 

When it comes to choosing the right Xbox console for you, it should be influenced by the type and number of games you would like to save on the hard drive. In this article, we will explain the memory requirements for various Xbox games and as well as how the 1TB Xbox compares to the 500GB Xbox console. We will also go over a few reasons why you should pick one version of the console over the other.

Why Do Games Require More Disk Size Than The Download File Size? 

You may have realized that different console games require more storage space than their download size after installation, right? Here are some of the things that cause Xbox games to increase in size after installation: 

Extraction Of Game Files 

Well, most of the Xbox game installer files are a  highly optimized and compressed package. The games are usually compressed to save bandwidth as well as reduce download time. 

A powerful computer—on the publisher’s side—finds the most efficient way to compress and pack the game files ready for download. During installation, the console will unpack the game files and convert them to their actual sizes. As such, a game can end up being twice as big after the installation as its download file. 

Online Updates 

Another thing that expands the game size is online updates. Even after the initial installation and setup, most AAA games will update the game the first time you launch them. They are configured to regularly check for updates online and update themselves automatically, which increases the size of the game. 

Whether meant to fix bugs or add new features to the original software, each update patch you install will increase the storage requirements of the game. Some Xbox games, especially multiplayer games, have game events that may change with time. 

This often means that you need to download and install such instances locally, which will take up even more space on your device. 

Game Recompiling 

Though few, some Xbox games are designed to optimize themselves every now and then. In so doing, the game may cache the important resources to enhance your gaming experience. This will also expand the size of the game on your device’s storage. 

The internal storage space on your Xbox console will not affect its performance in a meaningful way. However, you still need to bear these aspects in mind while shopping for the right Xbox console. 

How To Tell The 1TB And 500 GB Xbox Consoles Apart 

Different Xbox console models come in different storage options, including 500GBs, 1TB, and 2TB. As you may be aware, the different capacity Xbox consoles are identical to one another. You cannot tell them apart by just looking, as their only difference is the storage capacity.

So, how can you tell a 500GB Xbox console apart from a 1TB Xbox console of the same model? 

Registering The Console Online 

Registering your Xbox console on the official manufacturer website will let you know its storage capacity, among other product specifications. All you need to do is sign in to your Microsoft account and register the device.

Once logged into your account, provide the required device information to register it. Following a successful registration, the manufacture will display its specifications, including the internal storage capacity. 

From The Original Packaging 

If you still have the original packaging for your Xbox console, it should have the relevant device specifications. If you recently acquired a new Xbox console, it is more likely to have 1TB of internal storage. The manufacturer is no longer producing the 500GB Xbox consoles. 

It is important to check the original packaging to see whether it fits the specs of the device you ordered for. It is not advisable to base your choice on the pricing as different sellers price their consoles differently. 

Checking On The Device Itself 

If you already have the device, you could just power it on and check its internal storage capacity. With the Xbox console on, navigate to Settings, and select the System option. From the System settings menu, select Storage to check its capacity. 

This should also show you how much of the Internal storage is used, and how much is free. Normally, a new 500 GB Xbox console will have about 362GB available., if you have not stored

500 GB Vs 1TB Xbox Console, Which One Should I Buy? 

The 500 GB version of the Xbox console is only suited for players who do not wish to play a lot of games. If you would like to install and play lots of games on your console, larger storage space will come in handy. 

As mentioned earlier in this guide, a new 500GB console leaves with only 360GBs of usable space. A 1TB Xbox console, on the other hand, offers you a storage space of about 862GB. This being the case, you are likely to run out of space faster with a 500GB console than you would with a 1TB console. 

If you will be playing many games, and do not wish to delete some as you go, you should consider spending about $50 more to get the 1TB Xbox console. 

What Of The Xbox Console Model? 

The Xbox One gaming console by Microsoft is one of the premiers, and still a preferred console choice for a considerable number of gamers today. The console comes in three different models: the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Xbox One S consoles. 

All the models feature powerful graphics with a 1080p resolution for the Xbox One models, and up to 4K support for the Xbox One X, and Xbox One S models. Each of the Xbox models is offered in different storage capacities, including 500GB, 1TB, and up to 2TB for the Xbox One X. 

Regardless of the storage capacity, here is how the three Xbox models compare to one another: 

  • Xbox One – This was the very first console ever manufactured by Microsoft, unveiled back in 2013. It is only compatible with Xbox One games. 
  • Xbox One S – Released in 2016, the Xbox One S features a smaller, more compact design. It is capable of playing Blu-ray and 4K resolution videos. However, you may need to render your games at the 4K resolution while using this console. 
  • Xbox One X – This is the newest of Microsoft Xbox consoles. It comes in two RAM options; 12GB and 8GB, which guarantees a faster CPU and GPU performance. It is capable of rendering games at a 4K resolution without a problem. 

The original Xbox One console was offered in two storage options: 500GB and 1TB, and may be used to store pictures, music, videos as well as install apps and games. The manufacturer offers three storage capacities for the Xbox One S model: 500GB, 1T, and 2TB. 

The Xbox One S came with three storage options: 500 GB, 1 TB, and a special 2 TB version. The Xbox One X only comes with a 1 TB hard drive. Though more advanced, the Xbox One X console I’d only offered in the 1TB internal storage option.

Accessory Differences Between The 500 GB And 1TB Xbox Consoles 

In addition to a larger storage capacity, the 1TB Xbox One console comes with improved bumpers, an updated controller, and a built-in 3.5 mm headphone jack. With the 500GB Xbox One console, you will only get a standard controller. Again, the 500GB Xbox consoles do not have a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

In either case, you will get the Xbox One console as well as the basic accessories like the power brick, HDMI cable. You will also get a free digital download code for Halo: MC with every Xbox One purchase, regardless of its storage capacity. 


There is no significant difference in performance between the 500GB and 1TB Xbox One consoles. The gaming consoles only differ in terms of internal storage capacity, and accessories. The 500GB console features a built-in headphone jack and comes with an updated controller

Note that the 500GB storage capacity is only offered as an option in the Xbox One and Xbox One S console models. All Xbox console models offer a 1TB internal storage option, with the Xbox series S and Series X consoles having custom solid-state drives (SSDs). 

The adoption of SSD technology in Xbox consoles has been proven to reduce screen loading time significantly—allowing games to load up to 40 times faster. Other than that, your choice of the right storage capacity will depend on your individual needs, preferences and affordability.